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19th January 2012
High-power (>100mW), 532nm-wavelength Compact Green Laser Module with High Efficiency and High-Speed Modulation Capability

QD Laser Inc., the Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics, the University of Tokyo, and Fujitsu Laboratories Limited today announced the successful development of a high-power 532nm-wavelength compact green laser module with high efficiency and high-speed modulation capability. Combining the near-infrared high-power single-mode laser based on proprietary semiconductor DFB (Distributed feedback) laser technology with wavelength convers...

24th June 2011
World’s First 1.3μm Wavelength Quantum Dot Laser Capable of Operating in High-Temperature Environments that Exceed 200°C

QD Laser, Inc., Fujitsu Laboratories Limited, and the Institute for Nano Quantum Information Electronics, the University of Tokyo today announced the world’s first successful operation of a 1.3μm wavelength semiconductor laser at temperatures over 200°C. This was accomplished by utilizing quantum dots—nanometer-sized semiconductor artificial particles. By enabling a broader range of semiconductor laser applications, this technology show...

15th April 2011
QD Laser, Inc. Commercializes a 1064-nm DFB Laser Module with Excellent Single-Mode Oscillation Property

QD Laser, Inc. today announces the commercial release of its latest leading-edge technology innovation, the QLD1061, a single-mode distributed feedback (DFB) laser module emitting at the wavelength of around 1064 nm.

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