PEI-Genesis is one of the world’s fastest assemblers of precision connectors and cable assemblies. Our proprietary automation allows us to assemble, from one of the largest inventories of electronic components, to our customer’s specific requirements. PEI develops engineered solutions that support the military, industrial, medical, aerospace, transportation and energy sectors worldwide.

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22nd July 2021
Using reverse bayonet connectors in harsh environments

Reverse bayonet connectors are one of the most reliable connectors on the market for harsh environments and can make all the difference in applications where failure is costly. Here John Skinner, European Product Manager at electrical connector specialist PEI-Genesis, has explained what has given reverse bayonets their stellar reputation as reliable and robust connectors. 

20th July 2021
Considerations for oil and gas electrical connectors

When we think of oil and gas missions, we tend to imagine huge offshore rigs or donkeys in the middle of the desert swinging tirelessly. Smaller components like electrical connectors are often overlooked, but crucial tasks like drilling or extractions would be impossible without them. Here Shaun Findley, European Director of Product and Purchasing at oil and gas connector supplier PEI-Genesis, has discussed some of the key factors to c...

16th June 2021
The benefits of using a D-Sub connector in industry

D-Subminiature connectors, commonly called D-Subs, have been around for nearly 70 years, being used in everything from aerospace and military applications, to the medical and automation sectors. Here John Skinner, European Product Manager at PEI-Genesis, explains why, despite its age, plant managers shouldn’t write off the versatile D-Sub connector.

Aerospace & Defence
16th June 2021
Durable MIL-DTL-5015 connectors for military applications

Reliability and durability are critical requirements for any electrical connectors for military applications. Whether they are utilised in military ground vehicles or essential aircraft, these connectors must withstand the extreme environments that come with any military application. With safety being of utmost importance, heavy-duty military specifications have been implemented to ensure reliable operations at all times, no matter the conditions...

13th May 2021
The D-Sub connector: the most versatile connector?

For many, the D-Sub connector reminds them of their childhood video games, for others it harks back to using big office PC screens with the signature blue VGA cable. Here John Skinner, European Product Manager at electrical connector specialist PEI-Genesis, has explored why the D-Sub is arguably the most versatile low-cost connector ever created and how it continues to be used in the most demanding engineering applications.

20th April 2021
Modular connectors for modular automation

Modular automation is changing the way plants operate. Sectors including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and food and beverage have seen an increase in the demand for customisation and smaller batch sizes. Processing plants, for example, while efficient, are less agile. Here Jonathan Parry, Senior VP and MD Europe at electrical connector supplier PEI-Genesis, has discussed how modular automation will benefit from the advent of modu...

5th March 2021
The benefits of blind mate connectors

Electrical connectors must often be mated in situations where they are hard to see or difficult to reach. Combined with the fact that they are challenging to use in harsh environment applications, installation and maintenance times are longer, leading to increased costs. Here Shaun Findley, European Director of Product and Purchasing at PEI-Genesis, has discussed how blind mate connectors can help engineers address these challenges.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment
15th February 2021
Getting to grips with connectors for food processing

Digitalisation over the past decade has meant food and beverage manufacturing and processing has become a highly automated business. The need for fast and reliable electrical connections to prevent machine downtime and disruption on the supply chain is crucial to growing this £121bn industry. Here Dawn Robinson, European Product Manager for PEI-Genesis, explores the considerations when choosing a connector for a food processing environ...

Aerospace & Defence
1st February 2021
What makes a space-worthy connector?

With amazing self-landing rocket boosters, deep-space asteroid hopping probes and the reignition of Moon missions over half a century on - the space race might be over, but the race to exploit the final frontier is just heating up. Here, Jonathan Parry, Senior Vice President and European Managing Director at PEI-Genesis, discusses the special considerations that go into space-worthy cables and connectors.

26th January 2021
Mission-critical industries need to fight the fakes

After some respite in 2019, the global shortage of electronic components worsened in 2020 due to a perfect storm of factors. Here, Jonathan Parry, Senior Vice President of Global Operations and European Managing Director at PEI-Genesis, has explained how the shortage is driving counterfeits in mission-critical sectors, and what industry needs to do to combat the counterfeits.

30th November 2020
Why are EMI resistant connectors important?

The world has never been so wireless or the air so full of electromagnetic signals. Great for many applications, this is not without consequence, because electronic equipment is sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Connectors are no exception, so here Jakub Kosinski, Product Manager at PEI-Genesis, has explained the design considerations of EMI resistant connectors.

25th November 2020
Design considerations of EMI resistant connectors

The world has never been so wireless or the air so full of electromagnetic signals. Great for many applications, this is not without consequence, because electronic equipment is sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Connectors are no exception, so here Jakub Kosinski, Product Manager at PEI-Genesis, has explained the design considerations of EMI resistant connectors.

20th October 2020
The design considerations of hot disconnecting connectors

Imagine you had to go to the breaker box and turn off your entire home’s electricity supply every time you need to plug or unplug something. Now take that inconvenience and scale it up a thousand times. Imagine a vast factory that may have to disconnect equipment thousands of times a day, possibly in explosive or hazardous atmospheres, and the problem becomes clear. Here Nick Lewis, Product Manager at PEI-Genesis, discusses hot disconnectin...

15th October 2020
What makes good connector design?

Whether they’re used in a commercial aircraft, on a military vehicle or a medical ventilator, very few components are subjected to extreme conditions in the same way as connectors. Here, Ammar Lokhandwalla, customer application engineer at connector specialist PEI-Genesis, has explained what makes a good connector design.

9th October 2020
Choosing an extreme temperature connector

When designing industrial equipment, the operating temperature of the product is often at the top of the list for design engineers. This makes sense, after all, you don’t want to keep replacing failed equipment. However, while engineers give a lot of thought to heat in the equipment itself, the performance of the connectors and cables that join different devices is often overlooked.

15th July 2020
Weathering the COVID-19 storm with a different business model

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the global manufacturing supply chain’s reliance on countries like China. Here, Mark Bailie, European Operations Manager at PEI-Genesis, explains how the company’s different business model inadvertently helped it weather the COVID-19 storm.

10th July 2020
Keeping ahead of the obsolescence wave

Obsolescence is a word that induces anxiety for many an engineer. As the world turns, technology advances, standards develop and regulations evolve, with new generations pushing the previous devices and techniques into obscurity. Here, Shaun Findley, European Product Director at cables and connectors distributor, PEI-Genesis discusses how choosing the right component supplier can dramatically reduce the pressure felt when vital parts re...

5th June 2020
Windracers ULTRA drone built using latest connector

Cables and connectors manufacturer PEI-Genesis has partnered with Windracers and Southampton University on the Windracers ULTRA (unmanned low-cost transport aircraft) project. As part of its sponsorship of the project, PEI-Genesis has provided a connector free of charge during development and test flights. The civilian drone project will see crucial NHS supplies carried to the Isle of Wight, while ferry crossings are limited.

7th September 2017
PEI-Genesis extends LEMO agreement

PEI-Genesis has expanded its distribution partnership with LEMO to cover Europe, Israel, Africa. Previously the only qualified LEMO assembling distributor in North America, PEI-Genesis is now authorised to market and sell LEMO connector solutions across the European Union, Israel, and Africa.

16th June 2017
PEI-Genesis sets sights on Israeli market

PEI-Genesis will open for business with a sales office in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 19. With Israel ranked fifth among the most innovative countries in the Bloomberg Innovation Index, expanding into this high growth area provides new opportunities for both PEI-Genesis and Israel’s “Silicon Valley,” the area in and around Tel Aviv where so many of the country’s high-tech industries are concentrated.

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