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4th January 2023
OMNIVISION's 50MP image sensor for high-end mobile phones

OMNIVISION has announced its OV50H, a high-resolution 50MP image sensor with a dual conversion gain (DCG) technology powered 1.2-micron (µm) pixel in a 1/1.3-inch optical format, designed for high-end smartphone rear-facing cameras.

4th January 2023
GEO Semiconductor and OMNIVISION at CES

GEO Semiconductor and OMNIVISION announced a demonstration for simultaneously capturing and processing high-quality colour (RGB) and infrared (IR) automotive interior video from a single sensor.

7th December 2022
OMNIVISION unveils global shutter image sensor for metaverse

OMNIVISION has announced the OG0VE global shutter (GS) image sensor – a small-form-factor, high-sensitivity device for AR/VR/MR, metaverse, drone, machine vision, and barcode scanner products.

9th November 2022
OMNIVISION announces 2MP CMOS image sensor

OMNIVISION has announced the miniature 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor in square format for disposable and reusable endoscopes.

12th October 2022
2K2K square resolution CMOS image sensor pass-through cameras

OMNIVISION, a global developer of semiconductor solutions, including advanced digital imaging, analogue, and touch & display technology, has announced its first 2K2K (2048 x 2048) square resolution CMOS image sensor designed for 1:1 aspect ratio security wide-field-of-view (dome, fisheye, and doorbell) and pass-through (AR/VR/MR) cameras.

13th September 2022
High dynamic range 4K video conferencing for laptop PCs

OMNIVISION has announced the OC08X, what it says is the indusry's only 9.2-megapixel (MP) CMOS image sensor with pixel size at 0.7 microns, enabling 4K resolution in a 1/5.7-inch optical format. The OV08X can be used in the most stringent 4mm y-dimension module laptops with 16:10 (1920x1200) aspect ratio monitors. It is the first image sensor for the laptop market to integrate a four-cell color fasilter array and on-chip hardware remosaic, provid...

8th September 2022
OMNIVISION advanced cameras debut at AutoSens Brussels 2022

OMNIVISION, a global developer of semiconductors, including advanced digital imaging, analogue and touch & display technology, has announced the first-of-its-kind automotive demonstrations to be held at AutoSens in Brussels, 12th to 14th September 2022.

25th August 2022
OMNIVISION announces smallest shutter image sensor

OMNIVISION, a global developer of semiconductors, including advanced digital imaging, analogue, and touch & display technology, have announced the three-layer stacked BSI global shutter (GS) image sensor.

10th May 2022
OMNIVISION and Valens Semiconductor announce MIPI A-PHY-compliant camera

OMNIVISION and Valens Semiconductor have partnered to bring to market a MIPI A-PHY-compliant camera solution for the automotive industry.

Cyber Security
5th May 2022
OMNIVISION Debuts OAX4600 AI-Enabled ASIC at AutoSens

OAX4600 delivers seamless DMS/OMS functionality and automotive design flexibility with integrated RGB-IR ISPs and two NPUs in a small package size with low power consumption.

12th April 2022
OMNIVISION launches ‘Ready-to-Go’ reference designs

OMNIVISION has launched new laryngoscope reference designs that include a range of OMNIVISION products that help improve patient care by providing crisp, clear images for single-use video laryngoscopes.

31st March 2022
OMNIVISION’s 3-megapixel Image Sensor with OmniPixel3-HS

The OS03B10 CMOS image sensor in a 1/2.7-inch optical format allows OEMs to seamlessly upgrade from 2MP to 3MP for higher quality images and HD video in security surveillance, IP and HD analog cameras

16th February 2022
OMNIVISION develops 0.56-micron Pixel

OMNIVISION has announced an advancement in pixel technology: the claimed world’s smallest 0.56-µm pixel with uncompromising high quantum efficiency (QE) performance, excellent quad phase detection (QPD) autofocus capabilities and low power consumption.

16th November 2021
New OH08B image sensor transforms endoscope technology

OmniVision and Diaspective Vision partner to develop new medical hyperspectral imaging camera for endoscopes 

4th November 2021
OVMed high-resolution image sensor for endoscopes

OmniVision Technologies has announced the the OVMed OH0FA image sensor and OAH0428 bridge chip for endoscopes and catheters.

21st October 2021
OmniVision announce OVMed OCHSA and OCHTA cable modules

OmniVision Technologies, Inc., a developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, have announced the OVMed OCHSA and OCHTA cable modules for single-use endoscope and catheters. The fully integrated medical-grade imaging subsystems combine an exceptionally small diameter camera module with upgraded OVMed cables and mini-LED illumination for a complete, fully medically-tested assembly that provides excellent image quality and reduces development co...

26th July 2021
End-to-end interior sensing solution announced

Smart Eye and OmniVision have teamed up to provide the automotive industry with an end-to-end interior sensing solution. Through a combination of two technologies, the solution enables complete in-cabin monitoring with innovative features that bring the next generation of automobiles to a higher level of autonomy.

4th June 2021
0.61µm pixel 4K image sensor for mobile cameras

OmniVision Technologies has announced the OV60A, a 0.61 micron (µm) pixel high resolution CMOS image sensor that will enhance the capabilities of next-generation mobile phone cameras. The OV60A offers 60 megapixel (MP) resolution with the smallest pixel size in its class at .61µm. The OV60A can fit into a 1/2.8 inch optical format in either 3:4 or 16:9 aspect ratio configurations.

2nd June 2021
Small full HD image sensor for thin bezel notebooks

OmniVision Technologies has announced in advance of COMPUTEX Virtual , a 1/7-inch, two megapixel image sensor, the OV02C, for full high definition (HD) video performance in thin bezel premium notebooks, tablets and IoT devices.

10th May 2021
High-performance OAX4000 ASIC image signal processor

OmniVision Technologies has announced the new OAX4000, a companion image signal processor (ISP) that offers design flexibility for next-generation automotive single- and multicamera architectures, enabling OEMs to future-proof their designs for added functionality as market demands change.

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