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4th June 2021
0.61µm pixel 4K image sensor for mobile cameras

OmniVision Technologies has announced the OV60A, a 0.61 micron (µm) pixel high resolution CMOS image sensor that will enhance the capabilities of next-generation mobile phone cameras. The OV60A offers 60 megapixel (MP) resolution with the smallest pixel size in its class at .61µm. The OV60A can fit into a 1/2.8 inch optical format in either 3:4 or 16:9 aspect ratio configurations.

2nd June 2021
Small full HD image sensor for thin bezel notebooks

OmniVision Technologies has announced in advance of COMPUTEX Virtual , a 1/7-inch, two megapixel image sensor, the OV02C, for full high definition (HD) video performance in thin bezel premium notebooks, tablets and IoT devices.

10th May 2021
High-performance OAX4000 ASIC image signal processor

OmniVision Technologies has announced the new OAX4000, a companion image signal processor (ISP) that offers design flexibility for next-generation automotive single- and multicamera architectures, enabling OEMs to future-proof their designs for added functionality as market demands change.

14th April 2021
Automotive image sensors compatible with NVIDIA DRIVE

OmniVision Technologies has announced at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) that it has officially joined the NVIDIA DRIVE autonomous vehicle development ecosystem. The company also unveiled the first group of OmniVision automotive image sensor families compatible with the modular NVIDIA DRIVE AGX AI computing platform for self-driving vehicles.

20th January 2021
1080p image sensor with Nyxel NIR for surveillance market

OmniVision Technologies has announced a 2.9 micron, 1080p image sensor that provides a high value option for adding the premium near-infrared (NIR) and ultra low light performance of its Nyxel and PureCel Plus technologies to mainstream surveillance cameras.

20th January 2021
Partnership for automotive viewing camera solution

OmniVision and Nextchip have announced a joint automotive viewing camera solution solution that is pre-tuned to provide high quality images for rearview cameras (RVCs), surround-view systems (SVS) and e-mirrors in low-end and midrange vehicles.

15th January 2021
Driver monitoring system ASIC with AI neural processing

OmniVision Technologies has announced the OAX8000 AI-enabled, automotive application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), which is optimised for entry-level, stand-alone driver monitoring systems (DMS). The OAX8000 uses a stacked-die architecture to provide the industry’s only DMS processor with on-chip DDR3 SDRAM memory (1GB).

13th January 2021
Automotive image sensor for cameras with 3MP resolution

OmniVision Technologies has announced during CES the OX03F10 automotive image sensor. This sensor expands OmniVision’s next-generation ASIL-C viewing camera family with higher 3MP resolution and cyber security features that are required as vehicle designers make the transition from Level 2 and 3 advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to higher levels of autonomy.

11th January 2021
Micron pixel smartphone image sensor for selfie cameras

OmniVision Technologies has announced in advance of CES the OV32B image sensor, featuring a 0.7 micron pixel size to provide 32 megapixel (MP) resolution in a 1/3” optical format. This enables smartphone designers to offer the highest possible front-facing, selfie camera resolution in the limited space available.

7th January 2021
Smartphone image sensor with de-noise technology

OmniVision Technologies has announced, in advance of CES, the OV40A, a 40MP, 1.0 micron pixel image sensor that features super high gain and de-noise technologies for low light camera performance in the 1/1.7” optical format. This sensor also offers multiple high dynamic range (HDR) options for the best quality still and video captures.

6th January 2021
Image sensor for IoT security cameras with Nyxel NIR

OmniVision Technologies has announced in advance of CES the OS04C10, the two micron pixel, four megapixel (MP) resolution image sensor for both IoT and home security cameras. When paired with the designer’s selected platform, the OS04C10 can enable a system ultra low power mode for battery-powered cameras with AI functionality.

11th November 2020
Collaboration solution on dual-mode camera applications

OmniVision Technologies, Ambarella, and Smart Eye, have announced in advance of AutoSens Detroit a complete solution for dual-mode camera applications in the automotive industry. This joint solution simultaneously monitors drivers while capturing vehicle occupants for one-way videoconferencing.

26th October 2020
OV64A image sensor with large optical format

OmniVision Technologies has announced the OV64A image sensor, offering 64 megapixel (MP) resolution with the largest pixel size in its class, at 1.0 micron, along with a class-leading optical format of 1/1.34”. Its large optics and high resolution provide premium low light performance for the wide and ultrawide main cameras in high end smartphones.

29th September 2020
OmniVision medical RGB-IR image sensor reduces endoscope size

OmniVision Technologies has announced the OH02A1S, an medical RGB-IR image sensor, which provides simultaneous white-light RGB captures and infrared monochrome captures in a single CMOS sensor. While endoscopic precancer and cancer detection procedures are performed using IR light, surgeons also need RGB light to confirm any abnormalities detected using infrared.

8th September 2020
OmniVision viewing camera solution to provide 140dB HDR and LED flicker mitigation

OmniVision has announced a joint solution that is optimised to provide high quality images for rear-view cameras (RVCs), surround-view systems (SVS) and e-mirrors. This viewing camera solution includes OmniVision’s OX03C10, which combines a large 3.0 micron pixel, high dynamic range (HDR) of 140dB for minimised motion artifacts, and high LED flicker mitigation (LFM) performance.

25th August 2020
OmniVision full HD image sensor for security cameras

OmniVision has announced the OS02G10 security image sensor, which provides the best value for mainstream, high-volume security cameras requiring 1080p resolution and excellent low-light pixel performance.

19th May 2020
Automotive image sensor for low-light performance

OmniVision Technologies has announced the expansion of its Nyxel near-infrared (NIR) technology into the automotive market with the new 2.5 megapixel OX03A2S automotive image sensor. This ASIL-B sensor is ideal for exterior imaging applications that operate in low to no ambient light conditions within two meters of the vehicle.

5th May 2020
Automotive SoC for entry-level rearview cameras

OmniVision Technologies has announced its 1.3MP OX01E10 SoC, providing automotive designers with imaging performance for entry-level rearview cameras (RVC) across a wide range of challenging lighting conditions, along with the most compact form factor and lowest power consumption.

28th April 2020
Tiny optical format sensor for smartphone cameras

OmniVision Technologies has announced the OV64B, a 64 megapixel (MP) image sensor with a 0.7 micron pixel size, enabling 64 MP resolution in a 1/2” optical format for smartphone cameras. This optical format sensor allows high end and high mainstream smartphone designers to create the thinnest possible phones with high resolution 64 MP cameras.

9th March 2020
Near-infrared CMOS image sensors for no ambient light

OmniVision Technologies has announced Nyxel 2, the second generation of its revolutionary near-infrared (NIR) technology for image sensors that operate in low to no ambient light conditions. Despite launching the first generation more than two years ago, competing mass-produced CMOS image sensors are still failing to achieve comparable NIR performance.

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