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3D Printing
5th December 2015
Disposable syringe barrels can take the heat

Nordson has introduced  30cc disposable Unity HiTemp syringe barrels which reduce the downtime and maintenance costs often associated with aluminum barrels commonly used in the pneumatic dispensing of hot melt adhesives. 

Component Management
29th October 2015
Non-contact dispensing systems

Nordson EFD has introduced a series of pneumatic non-contact dispensing systems. The P-Jet and P-Dot valves and V100 controllers jet low- to high-viscosity fluids with great precision and repeatability. They are designed for use in many types of applications and multiple industries including automotive, electronics, aerospace, and medical. 

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27th August 2015
Piezoelectric jetting technology combines speed & accuracy

Nordson EFD has introduced piezoelectric jetting technology that removes the barrier between speed and accuracy. EFD's PICO Pµlse valve and PICO Toµch controller make it possible to dispense very exact, repeatable micro-deposits as small as 0.5nL at up to 500Hz continuous, with 1500Hz maximum bursts - an industry best.

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23rd June 2015
MicroDot needle valve is 60% smaller than standard

Featuring a 60% smaller form factor than standard valves, the xQR41 series MicroDot needle valve has been introduced by Nordson EFD. It includes an exchangeable modular design for greater customisation and process control and a Quick Release (QR) clasp that allows easy removal of the fluid body to replace wetted parts in seconds.

Events News
19th May 2015
Automated fluid dispensing systems on show at FEIMAFE 2015

Nordson EFD will demonstrate its latest series of automated fluid dispensing systems at FEIMAFE 2015, at the Nordson DO Brasil Stand N488 from May 18th to 23rd, 2015. Nordson EFD's recent systems combine precise, reliable positioning with fast, easy programming and are easily integrated into any manufacturing situation from R&D to volume manufacturing. EFD's PICO line of jet dispensing valves will also be displayed.

30th March 2015
Dispensing catalogue available in digital & mobile app versions

Nordson EFD have announced the release of its Engineered Fluid Dispensing Product Catalog Sixth Edition. New this year, the catalogue is available in digital and mobile app versions on the Nordson EFD website. The catalogue, available in nine languages, is a comprehensive compilation of Nordson EFD's products.

Events News
3rd February 2015
Automated fluid dispensing systems on show at MD&M West

Nordson EFD has revealed that it will be demonstrating a series of automated fluid dispensing systems in booth #3335 at MD&M West, 10th to 12th February in California. These closed-loop systems combine precise dispensing with fast and easy programming, meaning that they ensure that the dispensing process stays in control and are easily integrated into any manufacturing operation.

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7th October 2014
Automated fluid dispensing systems integrate vision sensing

Designed for integration into any manufacturing operation, the PRO series of automated fluid dispensing systems has been released by Nordson EFD. Vision and laser height sensing is integrated with closed-loop encoding. This provides an automated solution which has advanced dispensing capabilities and is quick and easy to set up, programme and operate.

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1st August 2014
Achieve more consistent dispensing of viscous fluids

  Creating a tighter seal between the piston and the fluid than other pistons in the market, Nordson EFD has announced that the Optimum Clear Flex Piston reduces bounce. This enables the dispensing solution to achieve more consistent results when dispensing viscous fluids.

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8th July 2014
Controller provides exact time control of dispense cycle

A controller, claimed to make the production process more efficient, has been introduced by Nordson EFD. The 7160RA ValveMate provides a way to program Nordson's 782RA internal Radial Spray Valve and 7860C-RS Radial Spinner System. The controller's microprocessor circuitry provides exact time control of the dispense cycle with an improved user interface.

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15th May 2014
12 techniques for better fluid dispensing control

On Tuesday, May 20th, at 2pm EDT, Nordson EFD will host a free, one hour live webinar titled "12 Techniques to Get Better Fluid Dispensing Control in Today's Life Sciences Market". This webinar will showcase the many ways in which manufacturers in the Life Sciences industry can significantly improve their process control by changing one or more of their fluid dispensing techniques in order to reduce waste, increase productivity and get a better r...

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29th April 2014
Cordless guns dispense two-component adhesives

A line of manual, pneumatic, and cordless guns for dispensing two-component adhesives has been introduced by Nordson EFD. Making dispensing even the thickest materials easier and less cumbersome, the guns' 26:1 thrust ratio enables a lighter touch to dispense more material with each trigger pull. 

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6th March 2014
Precision valve controller improves dispensing speed

Increasing dispensing speed, throughput, precision and accuracy, the ValveMate 9000 precision valve controller has been introduced by Nordson EFD. It ensures the dispensing of precise, accurate, and repeatable amounts of adhesives, lubricants and other assembly fluids used in many advanced products, such as medical devices, automotive components and portable electronics.

13th February 2014
Seminar explores fluid dispensing technologies

The latest innovations and application solutions in fluid dispensing will be cover during a two-day free seminar and open house hosted by Nordson EFD. Engineers, plant managers, production supervisors, and other manufacturing professionals are invited to attend the event on 25th and 26th February 2014, at the Holiday Inn, 3315 Ponce by Pass, in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

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6th February 2014
Automated precision dispensing on show at MD&M West

At MD&M West Conference and Expo, February 11-13, 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, USA, Nordson EFD will have technical experts on hand to exhibit a range of advanced fluid dispensing systems available for pharmaceutical and medical bonding, sealing, filling, and spray coating applications.

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