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30th November 2023
BWRVIP component laser scanning/3D CAD model

Newton is now providing accurate BWRVIP component laser scanning/3D CAD model services.

4th January 2023
Robotic nuclear tank inspection

Newton Labs and its NDT partner Sonic Systems have provided this underwater Nuclear Robotic Tank Inspection for more than a decade.

Test & Measurement
15th September 2020
NM200EVT-1 underwater laser scanner for PWR

Newton Labs has developed the NM200EVT-1 Scanner with built-in high-resolution radiation tolerant colour cameras and lighting to quickly and accurately perform VT-3, VT-1 and EVT-1 inspections required by MRP and ASME Section XI.

18th January 2018
Robot performs further tank inspection with VT-1 Tank Floor

Newton Labs and Framatome (formerly AREVA NP) have successfully completed a robotic examination of a third filled Condensate Storage Tank (CST) using Phased Array UT and VT-1 Visual Examination at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station. The exam satisfied requirements for license renewal and the NEI 09-14 directive on buried pipes and tanks.

19th May 2017
Underwater robot maps water storage tank

  Newton Labs and AREVA NP successfully completed a robotic examination of a filled CST (Condensate Storage Tank) using Phased Array UT and VT-1 Visual Examination at a US nuclear facility in April. The exam satisfied requirements for license renewal and the NEI 09-14 directive on buried pipes and tanks.

23rd March 2017
Newton Labs partners with Areva to provide robotic exam tech

AREVA NP signed an exclusive agreement with Newton Research Labs to make Newton’s non-destructive evaluation (NDE) inspection technology available to the U.S. nuclear industry. The combined service will be the most advanced NDE tank inspection and robotic repair service currently available in the nuclear industry. With this partnership, AREVA NP becomes the exclusive U.S. supplier for Newton’s “Inspector" robot technology f...

19th May 2016
Underwater laser scanner used for 3D measurements of steam dryer

A Newton Labs’ NM200UW Underwater Laser scanner captured precision as-built dimensions at a Midwest Nuclear Facility during a recent spring outage. A team of engineers, supported by Newton Labs, performed 3D laser scanning on the four vessel support brackets and the four associated steam dryer seismic blocks.

26th March 2015
Underwater laser scanner gathers evidence

An underwater laser scanner, developed and manufactured by Newton Labs, is proving to be an effective and critical evidence gathering tool at a construction-related special project in Germany, where the scanner measurements will used for judicial purposes. Divers from Baars-CIPRO deployed a Newton model M210UW Underwater Laser Scanner at the bottom of a water-filled construction pit to document the detailed features of a slurry wall.

24th June 2011
Highly Accurate Nuclear Fuel Assembly Mapping System by Newton Labs to Eclipse Legacy Video Micrometer Measuring Process at Exelon Facilities

A revolutionary nuclear fuel assembly core mapping system developed by Newton Labs is approved by Exelon Corporation as their primary method for determining nozzle position in PWRs. The mapping system, known as the NM200E, offers substantial advantages over the legacy video micrometer procedure in terms of accuracy and mapping time, and has been deployed during outages at both the Braidwood and Byron Generating Stations in Illinois.

6th April 2011
Newton Labs Expands Underwater Laser Scanner Line with a New Model Featuring Extended Distance and Greater Imaging Area

Time-efficient surveys and precise measurements of larger underwater facilities, from bridge and pier substructures to smaller, submerged piping and valve assemblies are now possible with a new underwater laser scanner, the M300UW developed and manufactured by Newton Labs of Seattle, Washington.

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