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Mouser Electronics – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. – is one of the industry's fastest growing global catalog and online semiconductor and electronic component distributors. Mouser is a company dedicated to supplying design engineers and buyers with the newest products and leading-edge technologies combined with unsurpassed customer service and worldwide support. With a keen focus on design engineers and buyers demanding the latest products, Mouser is redefining customer-focused distribution.

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News & Analysis
2nd September 2020
FRAMOS deal bolsters Mouser's sensor offering

Mouser Electronics has signed a global distribution agreement with FRAMOS, a manufacturer of imaging and embedded vision technologies, to offer its sensor modules and processor adaptor products.

News & Analysis
27th August 2020
Mouser signs deal that could run and run

Mouser Electronics has sealed a new distribution agreement with battery supplier Duracell.

27th August 2020
TI mmWave sensors in stock at Mouser

The new IWR6x mmWave sensors from Texas Instruments (TI) are now being shipped by distributor Mouser Electronics.

26th August 2020
Power architectures for electric vehicles

In-wheel motors are starting to find application in electric vehicle (EV) programmes. The use of this technology provides some significant space-saving benefits in EVs, such as the elimination of the differential and driveshafts. However, the approach also presents technical challenges, such as the addition to unsprung weight. By Mark Patrick, Mouser Electronics

25th August 2020
The new standard for CAD models

Over the past few decades, one of the essential tools of the trade for electronics designers has been a CAD tool to tackle the tasks of circuit schematics and PCB layout. Naturally, there is a wide choice of CAD tools. The costs of these range from “expensive” to “free”, and their levels of complexity, capability and ease of use vary tremendously. By Glenn Jarrett, Samacsys, and Marcel Consée, Mouser Electronics

3D Printing
25th August 2020
Mouser adds 3D printer maker to line card

Mouser Electronics has signed a global distribution agreement with SynDaver, an advanced bio-technology company.

21st August 2020
T1 Ethernet products allow two-wire data transmission

In stock now at distributor Mouser Electronics are T1 Industrial single pair Ethernet (SPE) products from HARTING.

News & Analysis
20th August 2020
eBook examines benefits of Wi-Fi 6

An eBook exploring the arrival of Wi-Fi 6 and the benefits of the new standard has been published by Mouser Electronics in collaboration with Qorvo.

19th August 2020
Design guide to powering tethered UAVs

The market for tethered UAVs and drones is growing at a significant rate. Predicted to grow 61% year-over-year in 2020, the growth is due to the increasing amount of applications and use cases that can benefit from a persistent aerial platform. By Mark Patrick, Mouser Electronics

18th August 2020
RF module supports Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy connectivity

The PAN1740A Series RF module from Panasonic is a device that features a fully integrated baseband processor and radio transceivers for Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy connectivity.

17th August 2020
The electronics industry and the COVID-19 rollercoaster

Mark Burr-Lonnon and Jeff Newell of Mouser Electronics take a look back on what has been an eventful first half of 2020 for the European electronics industry... to say the least!

Events News
17th August 2020
Mouser, TTI sponsor Silicon Labs smart home conference

Mouser Electronics has joined forces with TTI and the TTI Family of Companies — Symmetry Electronics, TTI Semiconductor Group, Crowd Supply, and Connected Development — to sponsor the upcoming Works With 2020 smart home conference from Silicon Labs.

17th August 2020
Devices deliver thermal management solution for lasers

Mouser Electronics is now stocking UltraTEC UTX thermoelectric coolers (TECs) from Laird Thermal Systems and the LTM4663 ultra-thin μModule TEC regulator from Analog Devices (ADI).

13th August 2020
Position sensors help deliver automotive safety

The AS5x47U position sensors from ams are on sale at distributor Mouser Electronics.

News & Analysis
13th August 2020
Mouser, Mini-Circuits go global

Mouser Electronics has elevated its distribution agreement with Mini-Circuits to global status.

12th August 2020
12-bit ADCs boast eight-channel combinations

The ADS7028 and ADS7138 12-bit analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) from Texas Instruments (TI) are now being shipped by Mouser Electronics.

11th August 2020
Resistor colour code calculator speeds design process

Adding to its credentials as a single destination for all of the technical resources and tools, Mouser Electronics has launched a time-saving resistor colour code calculator.

Events News
7th August 2020
Design Summit explores RF and power management technology

Mouser Electronics is sponsoring the Qorvo Design Summit, a free virtual online webinar series occurring Wednesdays and Thursdays in August and September 2020.

5th August 2020
Switched-capacitor converter shrinks Li+ battery conversion footprint

In stock at distributor Mouser Electronics is the MAX77932C dual-phase switched-capacitor converter from Maxim Integrated.

4th August 2020
Amphenol i2s deal bolsters Mouser’s sensor inventory

Mouser Electronics and Amphenol i2s, a supplier of intelligent sensor solutions for almost 20 years have signed a global distribution agreement.

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