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14th August 2006
New 2 x 3 mm DFN Package for Microchip's 6- and 8-pin Microcontrollers

Microchip has announced that all of its 6-pin PIC10F microcontroller family are now available in ultra-small 2 mm x 3 mm Dual Flat No-lead (DFN) packages for space-constrained applications. Three members of Microchip’s 8-pin Baseline PIC® microcontroller family are also available in a 2x3 DFN, providing additional I/O and functionality with the same footprint. The 2x3 DFN package requires 30 percent less board space than a SOT-23 package, at a...

7th August 2006
Microchip Offers Unique Advanced Security Features On Its 16-Bit Microcontroller Family

Microchip has announced that its dsPIC ® digital signal controllers (DSCs) and PIC24H microcontrollers (MCUs) are the first 16-bit devices on the market with advanced memory security features that allow collaborative sharing of memory, interrupts and peripherals on a single chip, without compromising individual intellectual property (IP). This memory segmentation can eliminate the need to store programs on separate chips in a multi-party design.

26th July 2006
Microchip Expands 20-pin PIC® Microcontroller Family

Microchip announces two new 20-pin PIC® microcontrollers to further strengthen its 8-bit portfolio. The PIC16F631 provides a cost-effective migration from 8- and 14-pin devices, while the PIC16F677 offers affordable hardware I2C™ & SPI capability.

10th July 2006
30 MIPS Digital Signal Controller

Microchip's dsPIC Digital Signal Controller offers a performance of 30 MIPS, self-programming capable Flash memory, and industrial and extended temperature ranges. The dsPIC30F6015 features an advanced pulse-width modulation peripheral designed for power-conversion, motor-control and lighting applications, a 1-million samples per second (MSPS) 10-bit analogue-to-digital (A/D) converter, 144 Kbytes of Flash program memory and operation at full...

29th June 2006
Digital Signal Controllers for Intelligent Power Supply Applications

Microchip has announced a new family of 16-bit Digital Signal Controllers for switch-mode power supply designs and other power-conversion applications such as power inverters and Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

14th June 2006
Online simulation tool for power management applications

Microchip has announced a Web-based simulation tool for power-management applications. Known as the Mindi simulation tool, the new software enables designers to quickly generate detailed circuit diagrams and specify associated passive components for a variety of power-supply and battery-charger applications.

12th June 2006
Full-Speed USB 2.0 PIC Microcontrollers from Microchip

Microchip has announced two Flash PIC® microcontrollers, the PIC18F2450 and PIC18F4450 - both with certified Full-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity for 12 megabits-per-second (Mbps) data-transfer rates, and 12 MIPS (48MHz) processing performance. Combined with a wide variety of on-chip peripherals, nanoWatt Technology power management, and self-programmable Flash memory, these features provide a complete solution for designers working with USB in indu...

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