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5th February 2019
Real-time clock module with tiny dimensions for wearables

  Small and highly precise are the key characteristics of the new RTC-module RV-8263-C7 from Micro Crystal. Accepting a large supply voltage range and the small current consumption are ideal for wearable and IoT applications. 

23rd June 2017
Low-ESR crystals enhance oscillators

Provider of quartz crystals, oscillators, OCXOs and real time clocks for the electronics industry, Micro Crystal, now offers the popular 32.768kHz Crystal also with low ESR. The low impedance Crystals extends the oscillator safety margin, where standard crystals are on the limit. 

9th March 2017
Advanced crystal geometry puts oscillator in tiny package

An oscillator in the advanced tiny package of just 1.2 x 2.0 x 0.7 mm has been announced by Micro Crystal, a leading provider of quartz crystals, oscillators, OCXOs and Real-Time Clocks for the world's leading electronics industry now offers the popular. This hermetically sealed package hosts the integrated circuit together with the XTAL. It withstands harsh environmental condition.

22nd April 2015
Expensive batteries to be replaced by temperature compensated RTC

  The RV-8803-C7 from Micro Crystal is claimed to be the first temperature compensated RTC to replace expensive batteries and super caps with low-cost MLCCs for battery backup operation.

17th December 2012
C3 RTC Module in Miniature Package from Micro Crystal

Micro Crystal has added a new, smaller package size to its Real Time Clock Modules product line portfolio. The new C3 Package Real Time Clock Modules with embedded 32.768 kHz crystal are available either with integrated temperature compensation or as an ultra-low power consumption version. Both are the smallest RTC Modules of their kind currently available on the market.

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