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Linear Technology Corporation, a member of the S&P 500, has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad line of high performance analog integrated circuits for major companies worldwide for over three decades.

The Company’s products provide an essential bridge between our analog world and the digital electronics in communications, networking, industrial, automotive, computer, medical, instrumentation, consumer, and military and aerospace systems.

Linear Technology produces power management, data conversion, signal conditioning, RF and interface ICs, µModule subsystems, and wireless sensor network products.

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1st February 2007
Wide Input Voltage Step-Down Controller from Linear Draws Only 40uA

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC3824, a 4V to 60V input range, 100% duty cycle, low IQ, adjustable switching frequency DC/DC current mode controller. This controller is ideal for automotive applications where the 4V minimum input voltage supports cold cranking and the 60V maximum input voltage survives inductive load dumps, without the need for external clamping circuits.

30th January 2007
60V Boost Controller from Linear does not need a sense resistor

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC3872, a current mode step-up DC/DC controller with 550kHz operating frequency. The LTC3872 does not require a sense resistor, saving board space and improving efficiency. This is a compact solution for converting a 2.5V to 9.8V input voltage up to a high output voltage. VOUT as high as 60V is achievable without a sense resistor, and when a sense resistor is used, the output voltage is limited only by extern...

24th January 2007
4A 1-Cell Li-Ion SMBus Battery Charger Needs No Microcontroller

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4101, a fast, precision smart battery charger controller that operates with or without a host microcontroller. The IC is 100% compliant with Rev. 1.1 SMBus specifications and meets the requirements of Smart Battery System (SBS) Level 2 charging functions. It is optimized for 3V to 5.5V charging voltages, suitable for 1-cell Li-Ion and 3- to 4-cell nickel-chemistry batteries.

22nd January 2007
500mA Standalone Li-Ion Battery Charger in 3mm x 3mm DFN package

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4080, a multi-function IC featuring a standalone linear battery charger and a highly-efficient synchronous buck converter. The USB-compatible battery charger can charge a single-cell Li-Ion battery up to 500mA without overheating the device or surrounding components. The 300mA buck converter features selectable mode operation and synchronous rectification to achieve efficiencies up to 96%.

18th January 2007
Quad Power Supply Sequencer & Supervisor from Linear

The LTC2928 quad supply sequencer and supervisor from Linear Technology offers the flexibility to configure the power supply turn-on and turn-off sequence, monitor the supplies and diagnose supply failures. The device's simple pin-configuration approach to sequencing requires no firmware and allows the four supplies to be placed in any combination of eight time positions with configurable delay between each.

15th January 2007
Dual 36V Step-Down LED Driver Delivers up to 1.5A/Channel

Linear Technology has announced the LT3475, a dual 36V, up to 2MHz step-down DC/DC converter designed to operate as a two-channel constant- current LED driver. Each channel has an internal sense resistor and dimming control, making it ideal for driving LEDs requiring up to 1.5A of current. One channel switches 180 degrees out-of-phase with the other, reducing input ripple. High output current accuracy is independently maintained for each channel ...

10th January 2007
Step-Down DC/DC Converter Offers Quiescent Current of Only 50uA

Linear Technology has announced the LT3481, a 2A, 36V step-down switching regulator with Burst Mode operation to keep quiescent current under 50uA. The LT3481 operates within a VIN range of 3.6V to 34V, making it ideal for load dump and cold-crank conditions found in automotive applications. Its 3.2A internal switch can deliver up to 2A of continuous output current to voltages as low as 1.26V.

5th January 2007
500mA Low Noise, High Efficiency Dual Mode Charge Pumps in 3mm x 3mm DFN Package

Linear Technology has announced the LTC3203-1/B/B-1 mode-selectable, high efficiency 500mA step-up charge pumps, offered in a compact 3mm x 3mm DFN package. Featuring low-noise constant-frequency (1MHz) operation and a wide input voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V, the LTC3203B provides an adjustable output voltage, while the LTC3203-1 and LTC3203B-1 have user-selectable fixed output voltage options of 4.5V or 5V to power LEDs or logic circuitry. The ...

22nd December 2006
Boost & Inverting DC/DC Converter for CCD Bias Delivers 45mA at 15V & 90mA at -8V from Li-Ion

Linear Technology Corporation announces the LT3487, a dual channel (boost/inverter), 2MHz DC/DC converter with output disconnect. Its internal 750mA/900mA 30V switches can deliver up to 45mA at 15V and 90mA at -8V from a single Li-Ion cell, providing bias for the latest generation of CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) imagers. Its input voltage range of 2.3V to 16V enables inputs that range from Li-Ion to multiple cell alkaline/NiMH batteries. Switching...

19th December 2006
Single-IC USB Power Manager, Ideal Diode Controller & Battery Charger for Portable USB Devices

Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTC4085, a monolithic autonomous power manager, ideal diode controller and standalone battery charger for portable USB devices. The LTC4085 features PowerPath™ control that provides power to the USB peripheral device and charges the peripheral's single-cell Li-Ion battery from the USB VBUS or a wall adapter power supply. To comply with USB current limit specifications, the LTC4085 automatically reduc...

13th December 2006
High Linearity Direct Conversion Quadrature Modulator Simplifies Design for 850-965MHz Wireless Transmitters & RFID Readers

A new high performance quadrature modulator from Linear Technology is optimized for direct conversion from baseband to the 850-965MHz frequency band, providing a cost-effective solution for GSM, EDGE, CDMA2000 basestations and 900MHz RFID readers. The LT5558's I (In phase) and Q (Quadrature phase) baseband inputs offer high impedance and a common mode voltage of 2.1V, allowing high input signal drive levels and convenient baseband coupling to act...

8th December 2006
Synchronous Isolated Flyback Controller for 9 to 36V Inputs Needs No Optoisolator

Linear Technology has introduced the LT3837, a synchronous flyback DC/DC controller with precision regulation and high efficiency for 10W to 60W isolated power supplies. The controller IC has 9V to 36V input voltage operation and is ideal for industrial and instrumentation applications. The LT3837 is a current mode controller that regulates the output voltage based on sensing secondary voltage via transformer winding.

6th December 2006
Low Power Active Mixer with Bandwidth to 4GHz from Linear

A new high performance mixer from Linear Technology features low power consumption and the capability of operating from low frequency up to 4GHz. The LT5560 can be configured either as an up- or a downconverting mixer, providing flexibility for a wide range of high performance portable or fixed wireless systems, including public-safety handheld radios, WiMAX transceiver modems, handheld RFID readers, VHF/UHF transceivers, wireless headphones and ...

1st December 2006
Synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter drives two banks of white LEDs

Linear Technology has announced the LTC3452, a synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter optimized for driving two banks of white LEDs from a single Li-Ion battery. Up to five parallel LEDs can be driven at up to 25mA each for backlighting LCD panels, while two LEDS can be driven at up to 200mA each (or one LED at 400mA) for camera flash applications. The LTC3452's synchronous buck-boost topology delivers up to 90% efficiency over the entire usable ...

29th November 2006
USB Power Manager and Battery Charger in 18mm2 Package

Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4089 and LTC4089-5, each featuring an autonomous power manager, ideal diode controller and standalone high-voltage switching battery charger for portable USB devices. For high efficiency charging, their switching topology accommodates various inputs, including high voltage power sources up to 36V (40V max) such as 12V AC-DC wall adapters, FireWire ports or automotive batteries. In addition, they accept low-...

29th November 2006
Linear's 25 Years in High-Performance Analogue

Linear Technology Corporation, a leading supplier of high-performance analogue integrated circuits, is celebrating 25 years since its founding in 1981. Robert Swanson, founder and Executive Chairman stated, “When Linear was founded in 1981, to succeed it had to overcome a lot of what was then conventional wisdom. Investors didn’t think there was still much of an opportunity to back a new chip venture, much less an analog chip company during t...

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