Linear's 25 Years in High-Performance Analogue

29th November 2006
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Linear Technology Corporation, a leading supplier of high-performance analogue integrated circuits, is celebrating 25 years since its founding in 1981. Robert Swanson, founder and Executive Chairman stated, “When Linear was founded in 1981, to succeed it had to overcome a lot of what was then conventional wisdom. Investors didn’t think there was still much of an opportunity to back a new chip venture, much less an analog chip company during the dawn of the ‘Digital Revolution.’ The vision of the founding team turned out to be correct. 25 years later we can say with pride, we did it our way and the results speak for themselves.”
Lothar Maier, CEO, stated, “Linear has been successful for 25 years by sticking to one overall strategy and that is to only develop, design and market high-performance analog products. After 25 years we have perfected this skill and see no reason to change. We lead the industry by bringing to market compelling products that solve our customers’ complex analog needs; this is what Linear Technology does best.”

Linear Technology is commemorating this milestone in its 2006 Annual Report, just released, which highlights the company’s 25 years of results. As summarized in the Annual Report, “In September 2006 the company will be 25 years old. Old enough to know our craft; young enough to be driven and focused to be the best: the best products, the best service, the best financials.”

Recognized in the industry as the “analog franchise,” Linear essentially defined the market for high-performance analog. Linear Technology’s integrated circuits provide an essential bridge between our analog world and the digital microelectronics used pervasively in a broad range of industrial, computer and communications systems. The company’s thousands of analog products have proliferated in applications ranging from popular MP3 players and high-end cell phones, to cellular basestations, network routers, automotive electronics, computer, medical and industrial systems.

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