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10th January 2024
LEM launches new CDSR to home EV charger users

 LEM has recently introduced an addition to its CDSR series of Residual Current Monitors, enhancing safety and reliability for AC wall boxes and charging cables. The latest model in the series now comes with three output options - fault output, SPI bus, and analogue output.

8th January 2024
LEM launches new CDSR for home EV charger users

LEM has launched a new product in its CDSR series of Residual Current Monitors.

27th November 2023
LEM launches 800V HAH3DR current sensor

LEM has launched the HAH3DR S07/SP42, a new compact current sensor designed for 800V three-phase power modules.

6th July 2023
Enabling fast charging station makers to accelerate deployment

Mathieu Beguin, Global Product Manager at LEM discusses the opportunities fast charging brings. 

22nd June 2023
LEM’s kWh-based charging DC energy meter for wallboxes

LEM will use PCIM 2023 to give the global e-mobility market advance notice of its new DC energy meter for DC wallbox chargers of EVs.

20th June 2023
LEM’s DCBM 400/600 billing meter for France EV charging market

As a result of intensive work with organisations that oversee certification across the whole of France, the DCBM 400/600 DC billing meter for high-power EV charging has been approved by LNE in terms of the unit’s design and quality compliance for this key market.

2nd May 2023
DC energy meter provides kWh-based charging experience for DC wallboxes

Electrical measurement technology specialist LEM will use PCIM 2023 to give the global e-mobility market advance notice of its new DC energy meter for DC wallbox chargers of electric vehicles (EVs).

24th April 2023
Full steam ahead for ‘green’ trains

On-board train metering is essential if rail companies are to ensure they have an accurate record of their energy usage. By Florent Balboni, Global Product Manager, LEM for energy metering.

28th March 2023
LEM sensor delivers charge accuracy for Li-ion EV batteries

One of the biggest issues in the EV sector is the need to develop vehicles that can travel the furthest possible distances between charges and so design engineers are continually searching for sensors that can offer the superior levels of efficiency and accuracy they require.

21st February 2023
LEM’s new current sensor delivers smallest footprint on the market

Distance and speed of charging are vital in the competitive EV sector and, like all vehicle components, high-power integrated traction inverters – which convert DC into AC and capture energy for the vehicle – need to combine superior performance with being as small and light as possible. 

18th January 2023
LEM bids to expand North American e-mobility market with UL-certified DC meter for EV chargers

Electrical measurement technology company LEM believes its UL-certified Direct Current Billing Meter (DCBM) will help accelerate the development of an extensive charging infrastructure across North America.

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