LEM launches new CDSR to home EV charger users

10th January 2024
Kristian McCann

 LEM has recently introduced an addition to its CDSR series of Residual Current Monitors, enhancing safety and reliability for AC wall boxes and charging cables. The latest model in the series now comes with three output options - fault output, SPI bus, and analogue output.

This new LEM CDSR product delivers an economical solution for detecting leakage currents, contributing to reduced electromagnetic interference. It plays a crucial role in preventive maintenance and bolsters the dependability of AC electric vehicle chargers, assuring users of the safety of their charging systems.

Employing LEM's advanced Fluxgate technology, known for its superior performance, the new LEM CDSR is classified as an RCM type B. It adheres to international tripping standards (IEC 62752/62955/UL 2231), making it suitable for AC charging systems ranging from 3.3 to 22 kW. Available in both single and three-phase versions, it addresses the growing need for reliable and safe home AC charging solutions for EVs.

As EVs become increasingly common, the demand for safe, home-based charging solutions has risen. EVs, equipped with high-voltage batteries and serving as high-power energy sources, require meticulous monitoring to prevent electrical shocks and protect household electrical systems, such as the RCM A that safeguards homes from electrical hazards.

The LEM CDSR family meets these requirements through highly accurate monitoring of AC and DC current leakages, capable of detecting leakages as small as 5 mA. This precision, which is about 10,000 times finer than the current in the conductor, is achieved using LEM's fluxgate technology with fixed jumpers phase current. This technology, which relies on mechanical placement for optimal performance, is the most precise contactless technology currently available.

Additionally, the unique vertical shape of the CDSR facilitates easy integration and layout in the power track design, offering isolation in a compact form. The CDSR also features an externally accessible test winding, allowing customers to easily test the sensor.

The high reliability and safety of the LEM CDSR series are crucial for manufacturers and users of AC wall boxes and charging cables, maximising the advantages of current leakage sensors. These benefits include reduced electromagnetic interference, which can impact nearby electronic devices, and an enhancement in the electromagnetic compatibility of the charger.

Furthermore, the CDSR aids in preventive maintenance by identifying potential issues early on, thereby reducing long-term repair costs. It enables the detection of minor leakages from the initial signs of deviation from normal behaviour.

By ensuring prompt detection and resolution of current leakage issues, the CDSR series significantly enhances the overall reliability of AC EV chargers, minimising unexpected downtime. It also provides EV owners with greater confidence, as the inclusion of current leakage sensors in an EV charger signals the manufacturer's dedication to safety and quality. LEM reinforces this commitment with the high reliability of the CDSR, which comes with a five-year guarantee.

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