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10th June 2020
LDRA tool suite smooths DO-178C DAL A certification

LDRA has announced that Critical Software has leveraged the LDRA tool suite to perform static and dynamic analysis of software code in its client’s business jet Power Control Unit (PCU) to smooth the way to DO-178C DAL A certification.

24th February 2020
Supporting the automotive cyber security standard

LDRA has welcomed the news that ISO/SAE 21434 automotive cyber security standard has reached the Draft International Standard (DIS) stage. LDRA is committed to fully supporting the standard with enhancements to the LDRA tool suite for Automotive as dictated by formal release of the standard.

Cyber Security
12th November 2019
LDRA launches Embedded Safety & Security Summit (ESSS) 2020

LDRA, in collaboration with industry partners and associations, has announced the launch of the sixth edition of the Embedded Safety & Security Summit (ESSS) 2020 to be held on 28 July 2020, at Bengaluru, India. This international summit is an initiative that sheds light on the growing significance of implementing safe and secure practices and technologies in embedded systems.  

6th March 2019
ISO 26262:2018 training added to tool suite for automotive

Specialist in standards compliance, automated software verification, software code analysis, and test tools, LDRA, has announced the addition of training in the ISO 26262:2018 functional safety standard to its growing education portfolio. The new courses complement existing courses in the MISRA language subsets, consultancy services relating to the application of ISO 26262 and SAE J3061, and the LDRA tool suite for Automotive.

4th March 2019
Enhanced tool suite for automotive helps mitigate risk

Software quality experts in the areas of functional safety, security, and standards compliance, LDRA, has introduced an enhanced version of the LDRA tool suite for Automotive that helps customers reduce cost, effort, and time of complying with the latest release of the ISO 26262 functional safety standard. 

1st March 2019
Support for new language subsets in automotive tool suite

Specialist in standards compliance, automated software verification, software code analysis, and test tools, LDRA, has welcomed the arrival of MISRA C:2012 (3rd Edition, 1st Revision), and the announcement that two consortia in coding guidelines, MISRA and AUTOSAR, will integrate their industry guidelines for best practice in C++ into one publication.

15th February 2019
Close the verification workflow gap for embedded systems

Software quality experts in the areas of functional safety, LDRA, has partnered with Jama Software to deliver a test validation and verification lifecycle solution for safety and security-critical applications in the embedded software market. The LDRA tool suite integrates with Jama Connect enabling developers to bidirectionally trace the relationships between the various stages of application development.

Cyber Security
12th November 2018
Free technical seminars to help engineers build secure systems

To help engineers and design teams meet the challenges of increasingly connected and complex embedded systems, LDRA has teamed up with QNX and its distributor Direct Insight to present free technical seminars that teach the latest design methodologies and techniques for ensuring safe and secure embedded development.

Test & Measurement
6th March 2018
Tool suite for ISO 26262 with AUTOSAR standards compliance

Standards compliance company, LDRA, has announced support for the AUTOSAR C++14 Coding Standard within the LDRA tool suite. AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide partnership of car manufacturers and ecosystem technology members working on an open, standardised software architecture for reliably controlling the growing complexity of electrical and electronic systems in motor vehicles.

2nd March 2018
Design security into your code. Don’t just hope for the best

If someone constructed a suspension bridge by guessing the steel cabling sizes required and then loading the deck to see whether it collapsed, you would be unlikely to suggest that he was a great civil engineer. And if a lift manufacturer sized their motors by trying them to see whether they caught fire, you wouldn’t expect their electrical engineers to win many awards.

2nd March 2018
Is ISO 26262 just a pain in the ASIL?

There is an ever-widening range of automotive electrical and/or electronic (E/E/PE) systems such as adaptive driver assistance systems, anti-lock braking systems, steering and airbags.

27th February 2018
Automotive tool suite provides cyber security applications

LDRA has announced support within the LDRA tool suite for SAE International’s Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice J3061. The tool suite now provides an ISO 26262–compliant cyber security development process for critical automotive applications that must be secure to ensure safety.

25th October 2017
LDRA clears manufacturers’ path to IEC 62304 compliance

LDRA has announced LDRA tool suite for Medical Devices, a variant of its leading LDRA tool suite specifically tailored to help companies achieve IEC 62304 compliance and faster development of safety- and security-critical medical device applications. The LDRA tool suite for Medical Devices automates software quality analysis and testing while providing a traceable, auditable workflow from requirements through deployment for Class II and Class III...

27th July 2017
Tool suite supports powerPC assembler family platforms for avionics

Provider of standards compliance, automated software verification, software code analysis, and test tools, LDRA, has updated the tool suite for the PowerPC assembler language to support all 32- and 64-bit PowerPC chips used in safety-critical environments such as communication terminals, commercial and military avionics, unmanned air vehicles, and missile and space flight applications.

14th March 2017
Collaboration provides solution for verification of embedded systems

  LDRA has announced that the LDRA tool suite is now integrated with Green Hills Platforms for Automotive, Industrial Safety, and Medical Devices. This integration provides a comprehensive solution available for the development and verification of high- assurance embedded applications.

13th March 2017
LDRA tool is integrated with IBM management tool

LDRA announced that its LDRA tool suite is now integrated with the IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation requirements management tool. DOORS Next Generation equips teams with requirements definition and management capabilities, a work item system for task management and planning, and a reporting system. The LDRA tool suite integration effectively brings software analysis and verification suite into this open collaboration platfor...

7th December 2016
Companies collaborate to standardise embedded software

Richland Technologies (RTL) and LDRA have announced a close working relationship resulting in standard methodologies across multiple industries. The cooperative relationship leverages LDRA’s software verification tool suite for requirements traceability, static analysis, unit-testing and structural coverage analysis to enable high assurance embedded software for safety- and security-critical systems.

22nd August 2016
Devices that treat the patient must protect the patient

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has long mandated the use of quality systems to ensure that medical devices are safe and effective for their intended purpose for both the patient and the operator of the device. As Jay Thomas of LDRA Technology highlights, that safety and effectiveness also relies on security in the increasingly connected medical environment.

30th June 2016
Software safety company strengthens presence in India for growing markets

Responding to increasing demand from various fast-growing technology industry sectors reliant on safety and security-critical embedded-software applications, LDRA has renewed its commitment to strengthening operations in India. LDRA’s direct operations within India has grown the business five times since its inception in 2009.

28th April 2016
Security rules available in LDRA MISRA compliance offerings

With increased connectivity of applications and devices, OEMS in the automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, industrial automation, energy, and rail transportation sectors are demanding assurance that software has been developed to the highest security standards. To help customers guard against new risks and create safe and secure code, LDRA has integrated comprehensive support of the security-focused rules announced by MISRA into LDRA’s M...

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