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Eco Innovation
2nd May 2024
Embedded photovoltaic systems device data management and green energy

For decades, photovoltaic systems have been successfully deployed throughout the world to power a variety of applications, including remote weather stations, telecommunications towers, residential installations, community microgrids, and even grid-scale power plants.

2nd April 2024
Powering the Software-Defined Vehicle revolution

In the rapidly evolving world of automotive technology, software is taking centre stage. Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) offer a future of highly customisable features, over-the-air updates, and personalised experiences. This transformation, however, introduces a massive surge in vehicle data that needs to be efficiently managed in real-time.

8th February 2024
ITTIA expands embedded data computing

ITTIA, a global provider of secure high-performance embedded data management software for microcontrollers and microprocessors, announces the immediate availability of ITTIA DB IoT, a member of the ITTIA DB product family, for STM32U5, STM32H7, and STM32H5 MCUs.

30th October 2023
ITTIA DB new release for MCU Edge computing

ITTIA has announced the immediate availability of ITTIA DB IoT release 8.8 designed to amplify Edge computing.

22nd May 2023
ITTIA's modern edge database supports NXP S32G vehicle network processors

ITTIA, a global provider of secure high-performance edge data management software for embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has announced support for NXP Semiconductors’ S32G vehicle network processors.

27th March 2023
ITTIA DB supports VxWorks and Wind River Linux

ITTIA has announced the immediate availability of ITTIA DB software for VxWorks RTOS and the Wind River Linux operating system.

28th February 2023
ITTIA DB provides support for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

ITTIA, a global provider of secure high-performance time series data management software for embedded systems and real-time IoT devices, announced the immediate availability of an ITTIA DB new release with support for High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR).

16th January 2023
ITTIA DB IoT availability announced

ITTIA, a provider of time series high-performance secure embedded data management software for microcontrollers and microprocessors, announced the immediate availability of ITTIA DB IoT with support for FreeRTOS.

12th March 2021
IoT data efficiency boosted with NXP i.MX 8M

ITTIA has announced support for the i.MX 8M family of applications processors from NXP Semiconductors. The combination of ITTIA DB SQL with i.MX 8M delivers real time insights through a flexible data management foundation powered by modern edge processing hardware.

25th April 2017
ITTIA & Renesas empower intelligent IoT device development

ITTIA Database Software has collaborated with Renesas to provide data storage and analysis for Renesas RZ/A Series of microprocessors (MPUs). The combination of ITTIA DB SQL and Renesas’ advanced RZ/A MPUs enables manufacturers of embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) devices to collect, store, search and share data on at the local end-point device.

28th March 2017
Partnership enables developers to accelerate IoT innovation

In order to help manufacturers of embedded systems and intelligent IoT edge devices uncover new performance value, reduce cost, and optimise development, ITTIA and Toradex have partnered together. As sensors and IoT devices start producing a large volume of data, modern techniques for data management on connected Computer on Module (CoM) devices become a requirement to process, manage, and share data effectively.

15th June 2016
ITTIA & Micrium integrate ITTIA DB SQL and µC/OS RTOS

ITTIA and Micrium has announced the integration of ITTIA DB SQL and µC/OS RTOS, delivering high-performance data processing for mission-critical applications. The joint solution allows for data saved in relational tables on both internal and external storage to be safely shared. Information is organized in a portable format suitable for long-term storage and interoperability with standard interfaces.

15th April 2016
Autonomous vehicles demand an embedded software development platform

With solar powered cars and autonomous vehicles rapidly becoming a reality, automobile manufacturers need a solid foundation of on-board computer technologies to harness the continuous stream of information produced by high-tech components. Raw data is used by the vehicle to make intelligent decisions and provide passengers with instant feedback. Securely sharing the same data with cloud services makes it possible to visualise trends and improve ...

21st September 2015
ITTIA unites with IAR to simplify embedded data management

ITTIA has expanded support for IAR Systems' high-performance C/C++ compiler and debugger toolchain, IAR Embedded Workbench, with its flagship embedded database product. Benefits of this total solution include ease-of-use for data management with comprehensive embedded development tools. 

2nd September 2015
Taking IoT data management to the next level

ITTIA announces a release of the ITTIA DB SQL embedded database with support for the Freescale Kinetis family of MCUs. Targeting these low-power MCUs provides a robust database software platform for streamlined development of secure, connected IoT applications. Deployed in mission-critical applications that include utility, medical, consumer, and other industries worldwide, the small-footprint ITTIA DB SQL storage engine offers high performance a...

28th July 2015
ITTIA embedded database now supports Micrium RTOS

ITTIA has announced that its flagship embedded database, ITTIA DB SQL, now supports Micrium uC/OS-II and uC/OS-III RTOSes. Micrium OSes run on a large number of processor architectures, including Blackfin DSPs from Analog Devices and ARM Cortex MCUs from Freescale, that accelerate data acquisition with integrated vision, voice, sensor and packet processing hardware.

30th June 2015
Database software includes snapshot transaction isolation

Annoucing its latest release of its flagship database software, ITTIA have tailored its ITTIA DB SQL version 7 beta to the performance requirements of today's intelligent applications for embedded systems and devices. Updated features include snapshot transaction isolation, a high-performance file format and numerous optimisations for embedded systems.

25th November 2014
Joint effort aims to connect callcentre databases

ITTIA and E2S announce a joint effort to connect and mobilise call centres through database synchronisation. Using ITTIA DB Sync, Android tablets can access call centre data stored in an existing relational database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle Database. With this technology a call centre can experience time and cost savings through greater efficiency.

29th October 2014
Autonomous robots manage & analyse embedded data

ITTIA has announced that Wasserbauer has embedded ITTIA DB SQL into its next-gen robot product line, Butler. When building mission-critical embedded systems and devices, ITTIA embedded database software and services enable manufacturers to benefit from existing database skills and experience, and work with greater efficiency and accuracy.

2nd October 2014
Synchronisation adapter connects Android & big data

To enable the collection of big data on-the-go, ITTIA has introduced bidirectional synchronisation for Android apps. The company has announced that ITTIA DB SQL can handle the high volume of sensitive data that is managed and collected on mobile devices.

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