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11th March 2021
Practical testing for a productive process

Up front evaluation of the performance of materials and equipment for a manufacturing process to establish how they will perform in the real world can greatly reduce the risk of problems later down the line. One of the steppingstones to productivity is a simple, efficient and error free process when first setting up the production. Here Kevin Cook, Technical Manager at adhesives specialist Intertronics, has discussed how practical testing c...

8th February 2021
Managing blooming in an adhesives process

Cyanoacrylates (CAs) are easy to use, single-part adhesives that cure quickly at room temperature, offer good throughput and are suitable for bonding a range of substrates. Here Peter Swanson, Managing Director of adhesives specialist Intertronics, has shared his tips on how to manage and prevent blooming in your CA process.

2nd December 2020
Improve productivity by updating the adhesives process

Now that now things are tentatively back up and running, businesses are looking for ways to use their people and their equipment to be as competitive as possible in challenging markets. Here Kevin Cook, Technical Manager at adhesives specialist Intertronics, has shared insight on how manufacturers can improve productivity by updating their adhesives process.

Component Management
13th November 2020
Dispensing tips for wearables manufacturing

Consumer wearables, including smart watches and augmented reality glasses, have captured the imagination of many. Here Peter Swanson, Managing Director of adhesives specialist Intertronics, has discussed best practice for dispensing processes in wearables manufacturing.

Component Management
20th August 2020
Precise dispensing of anaerobic adhesives

Anaerobic adhesives are the most popular type in industry, and are ubiquitous in workshops everywhere, used as threadlockers and retaining compounds. Applications for anaerobic adhesives that require more accuracy and precision in dispensing can be challenging because of the unique cure mechanism. Here Peter Swanson, Managing Director at Intertronics, has presented evidence for the use of preeflow dispensers for anaerobic adhesives.

Component Management
15th July 2020
Cleaning industrial parts with pressure plasma

The cleanliness of functional and connecting surfaces is critical for the quality of subsequent processes like bonding, coating and printing. That’s why manufacturers may want to consider using atmospheric pressure plasma, an environmentally friendly cleaning technology suited to inline applications. Here Peter Swanson, Managing Director of adhesives specialist Intertronics, explains the benefits of plasma for industrial parts cleaning.

Component Management
2nd July 2020
Intertronics supplies new handheld piezobrush PZ3

Adhesives specialist Intertronics has announced that it now supplies the small plasma handheld device, the piezobrush PZ3. It efficiently uses cold atmospheric pressure plasma for the surface treatment of plastics, metals and natural materials. The plasma treatment activates, functionalises and cleans surfaces.

Component Management
18th June 2020
Dispensing: what is meant by accuracy and repeatability?

A number of the products that we offer are described as being highly accurate, precise and/or repeatable. We believe that these criteria are important to a process where consistent, high quality output is required, and they have a big impact on productivity through reduction of material waste, quality-based rejects, and rework. But what exactly do we mean when we say ‘accurate’, ‘precise’ and ‘repeatable’? ...

Component Management
12th June 2020
Intertronics supplies Born2Bond cyanoacrylate adhesives

Adhesives specialist Intertronics has been appointed as distributor of Born2Bond, a new range of cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesives suitable for bonding applications in high technology industries such as medical devices, electronics assembly, and automotive manufacturing and aftermarket.

2nd June 2020
Developing electronic textiles with UV curing

Intertronics has supported the Advanced Textiles Research Group (ATRG) at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) to develop electronic textiles that add functionality to materials and garments.

15th May 2020
Tips for the precise dispensing of two-part adhesives

When dispensing small amounts of two-part adhesives or other materials, two key considerations are whether the material is mixed correctly and the accuracy of the amount dispensed. Here Paul Whitehead, Key Account Manager at adhesives specialist Intertronics, shares his thoughts on the precise metering, mixing and dispensing of small amounts of two-part materials.

29th April 2020
What is your productivity potential?

To help British manufacturers improve their productivity and become more competitive on a global scale, adhesives specialist Intertronics has launched a new campaign. ‘What is your productivity potential?’ will highlight the ways that British manufacturers can simplify their processes, improve repeatability and reduce waste.

Component Management
21st April 2020
Precision dispensing for difficult-to-mixt materials

Adhesives specialist Intertronics has launched the preeflow eco-DUOMIX, a precision dispensing system that mixes and dispenses two-part materials. The eco-DUOMIX is advantageous in applications where two-part adhesive are required to be dispensed with volumetric accuracy down to 0.008ml, such as in medical device manufacturing and electronics applications.

2nd April 2020
Theory vs practice in the adhesives process

“It works in practice, but does it work in theory” is a phrase commonly used to describe situations in economics. But the same can be applied to adhesives processes, where the datasheet may not always give the same insights as your practical observations and tests.

Component Management
26th March 2020
Using silicone gels to protect outdoor LED signage

LED-based lighting technology is being used for manifold and diverse applications, including illuminations outside. For outdoor signage, manufacturers may need to use potting or encapsulation materials to protect LEDs against water, moisture and other environmental factors.

4th February 2020
Overcoming oxygen inhibition in UV light curing

Sometimes cured UV adhesives have a tacky or sticky surface, even after being exposed to the correct amount of UV light, due to a phenomenon called oxygen inhibition. However, with a full understanding of the process, manufacturers can achieve tack free cures. Here Matt Baseley, Senior Technical Salesperson of adhesives specialist Intertronics, has explained how to avoid a tacky surface after curing.

Component Management
7th January 2020
Three applications of plasma for glass pre-treatment

Plasma surface treatment is suitable for a range of applications on glass. Cold atmospheric plasma enables ultrafine cleaning, to remove contaminants and dust. By promoting wettability and adhesion, plasma is also suitable for preparing glass for digital printing. Here Peter Swanson, Managing Director of Intertronics, shares three successful applications of plasma surface treatment for glass.

Component Management
11th December 2019
New dispensing valve for jetting liquids and pastes

Intertronics now supplies the Vermes Microdispensing System (MDS) 1560, an easy-to use, cost effective jetting valve for a wide range of viscosities, including solder pastes. The product is based on Dynamic Shockwave Technology (DST), a pneumatic actuator technology, which optimises the valve’s yield to achieve more precise dispensing. Able to dispense very small amounts in rapid succession, the consistent actuation power delivers high...

Component Management
27th November 2019
Confirmation of adhesive placement, quantity and cure

Intertronics has announced that it is supplying the expanded product range of Dymax Encompass adhesives, a patented technology that combines the benefits of See-Cure colour change and Ultra-Red fluorescence into one light-curable product. This combination means that manufacturers can benefit from the production efficiencies associated with rapid, on-demand curing, while also safeguarding against quality issues. 

7th November 2019
How to achieve bubble-free mixing

  There are many industrial processes which require fast mixing of liquids, pastes and powders, and where the uniformity and homogeneity of these mixes is vital.  These include adhesives, inks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sealants, LED phosphors, nanoparticles, dental materials and more.

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