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Events News
29th August 2018
UV curing expertise to be showcased at FAST Live

Intertronics is exhibiting at the Fastening & Assembly Solutions and Technology (FAST) Live exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. At the show Peter Swanson, managing director of Intertronics, will partake in the show’s technical seminar by presenting a talk; Adhesives: the pros and cons of UV light curing using LEDs. The company will also launch its latest handheld LED UV curing spot lamp, the IUV101.

Component Management
17th August 2018
Tin free silicone avoids conflicting chemistries and assembly time

WACKER ELASTOSIL N9111 from Intertronics is a tin-free single part RTV silicone adhesive sealant, with a neutral cure chemistry, producing a non-corrosive seal that does not inhibit other materials such as platinum cure silicones. This, along with its UL94 V-0 rating, makes it a strong candidate for electronics manufacturing, especially for gap filling, component ruggedisation, and form-in-place gasketing. It is stocked in depth at Intertronics f...

Component Management
16th August 2018
Bringing portability, precision and power to UV curing

To improve UV curing options available for the medical, industrial, electronics, automotive and optical industries, adhesives specialist Intertronics has launched the IUV101 LED UV curing spot lamp. The new 370nm handheld spot lamp offers up to 2,000mW/cm2 intensity in a cost-effective and portable package. It enables industry to cure UV adhesives that respond to long wave UV-A wavelengths between 360nm and 380nm efficiently, economically and eas...

Test & Measurement
27th July 2018
Precision dispensing system improves quality

The automobile manufacturing industry places high demands on suppliers with regard to process reliability, quality and efficiency. To meet these challenges, a preeflow customer had to optimise his application of a two-part sealant to make a form-in-place (FIP) gasket.

20th July 2018
How to specify a dispensing robot to increase quality

Automated application of adhesives, potting compounds or encapsulants, sealants, FIP gaskets, temporary masking, lubricants, or other liquids, fluids or pastes provides productivity benefits over manual application, including consistency, speed and accuracy. As selection of a dispensing robot is sometimes a daunting task, Intertronics has compiled a short piece of guidance on how to specify a dispensing robot.

26th April 2018
Automated sealant dispensing proves a winner for golf

Based in Edinburgh, Shot Scope Technologies designs and manufactures innovative wearable technology which helps both professional and amateur golfers to improve their game. A keen golfer with a background in electronics design, CEO David Hunter set up the company in 2014 to develop the golf wearable, which collects and analyses over 100 key statistics from each round played, identifying shots, club used and GPS information. The data can then...

Component Management
20th April 2018
Affordable mixing machine for liquids pastes and powders

New from Intertronics, the Thinky ARM-310 Engineering Compounds Mixer offers an alternative to mixing by hand, with simple operation and fully homogenous results in a few minutes; results which are repeatable time after time. The bench-top machine has a compact 300x340mm footprint and costs less than £5,000.

13th April 2018
Large area benchtop dispensing robot

The new Fisnar F4500N Dispensing Robot is the latest development from Intertronics, which shares all the technical advantages of the F4000 range in an expanded format of 500x500mm, still in a convenient benchtop design. The F4500N is a full function robot that enables cost effective automation of liquid dispensing operations, allowing increased productivity and consistent output. 

Events News
2nd March 2018
Thinky mixers and precision dosing at Making Pharmaceuticals

The mixing together of liquids, pastes, powders and fillers is a critical process in many sectors, not least in pharmaceutical and cosmetics R&D and production. Getting a fully homogenous bubble-free mix of materials, especially those with different forms or viscosities, is of paramount concern. Speed and repeatability of the process will aid productivity and deliver consistent quality.

10th January 2018
This UV curing guide offers top tips

There are many advantages offered from the curing of materials like adhesives, coating, encapsulants, potting compounds, temporary masking materials or gaskets with UV light, and can deliver productivity enhancements to manufacturers. The ability of the technology to deliver full cure in seconds (rather than minutes or hours) is a prime example.

Component Management
3rd January 2018
LED curing system suitable for UV adhesives and coatings

Adhesive company, Intertronics, has announced the Dymax BlueWave MX-250 which offers all the benefits of curing using UV LED technology, in a flood lamp configuration which has the power and control suitable for production. There are significant potential advantages in using LEDs to generate UV light suitable for curing adhesives and coatings in a manufacturing environment. No bulb to change, instant on/off, minimal life-time intensity deter...

Component Management
6th November 2017
Superior adhesive performance discovered in plasma surface treatment

In recent work conducted by engineers at Intertronics’ partners Relyon Plasma, it has been demonstrated that the substantial increases in bond strength achievable with the use of plasma surface treatment, can improve adhesion on many substrates, including those which are seen as difficult to bond. Plasma surface treatment can enable otherwise impractical bonds and improve assembly performance, while saving time and money in the concept...

Component Management
3rd November 2017
The answer to upcoming aerosol restrictions

Have no fear the Techspray Vortex 360° is here, which is the answer for companies facing the restriction on technical aerosols using HFCs with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) greater than 15, which comes into effect on 1st January 2018. The EU F-Gas Regulation (517/2014) controls the use and emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases, and will prevent many of the currently used aerosol dusters from being put on the market after that date...

29th August 2017
Precision epoxy dispensing boosts quality and yield at harness maker

Parkinson Harness Technology makes bespoke electrical products for industries such as construction, agriculture, rail and defence. The company produces a variety of products including wiring harnesses, control panels, battery/power leads, PCBs and control systems mainly for use in specialist vehicle manufacture. Parkinson Harness Technology also offers engineering support services across various stages of vehicle production design and testing.

Component Management
2nd August 2017
Low viscosity conformal coating cures with light

Dymax 9452-FC from Intertronics is an electronics conformal coating formulated with a new technology as an alternative to thin, solvent-based conformal coatings. Whilst it has a very low viscosity – 20 cP – it still provides good electrical insulation and protection against humidity, plus what the company describes as very good thermal shock and corrosion resistance.

Component Management
27th July 2017
Low viscosity conformal coating cures with light

An advanced electronics conformal coating formulated with a revolutionary new technology as an alternative to thin, solvent-based conformal coatings, the Dymax 9452-FC has been introduced from Intertronics. Whilst it has a very low viscosity – 20cP – it still provides good electrical insulation and protection against humidity, plus very good thermal shock and corrosion resistance.

Component Management
19th June 2017
UV/Visible light cure maskant introduced for electronics

Intertronics have introduced the new DYMAX Speedmask 9-7001, which offers significant time saving in assembly of electronics connectors and other board level components to PCBs. Once cured in seconds with UV/visible light, the (pink) maskant enables easy visual checks, while its low shrinkage rate ensures accurate reliable coverage.

Component Management
12th June 2017
Automation-ready new ‘i’ version of plasma surface treatment

The automation-ready ‘i’ version of the Relyon Piezobrush plasma treatment unit, is the latest release from Intertronics, and is designated the PZ2-i. Enhanced for use with automated production equipment, the PZ2-i is ready to be mounted on a robot or machine for semi-automated or automated applications.

Component Management
20th April 2017
Mixing and sub-micron degassing for larger production

Intertronics’ Thinky ARV-10K Twin planetary mixer from offers the mixing and degassing capabilities of the Thinky technology in a size suitable for larger production. The planetary action on the twin 10 litre containers results in repeatable and fully homogenous mixing, combined with simultaneous deaeration and degassing down to sub-micron levels.

Component Management
13th April 2017
Mixing and sub-micron degassing in 20l quantities

Offering the mixing and degassing capabilities of the Thinky technology, the new Thinky ARV-10K Twin planetary mixer from Intertronics now comes in a size suitable for larger production. The planetary action of the twin 10l containers, result in repeatable and fully homogenous mixing, combined with simultaneous deaeration and degassing down to sub-micron levels.

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