What makes a good adhesives partner?

26th April 2021
Alex Lynn

To help companies pinpoint what to look for in an adhesives partner, Intertronics has written up the results of a roundtable discussing the question ‘what makes a good adhesives partner?’ For UK manufacturers looking to design new or improve current adhesives processes, the outcomes of the roundtable discussion are available to read on the Intertronics website.

Every adhesives application is unique, complex and challenging. Choosing and evaluating an adhesive involves considering every aspect of the application, from design to production to processing, in line with the business’ priorities, like performance, productivity or process improvement.

Because of this, manufacturers commonly look to adhesives specialists to support them with product selection and integration. This relationship works best as a long-term partnership that covers both current and future processes, rather than one based on the transactional supply of materials.

“Every adhesives supplier will claim they are a good partner, so we wanted to get to the bottom of what this really means and how adhesives companies can prove it to potential customers,” said Peter Swanson, Managing Director of Intertronics. “To gain different perspectives on the issue, our roundtable discussion involved people from across the team, involving specialists in technical, sales, marketing and management. We hope their insights will benefit manufacturers when making this important decision.”

“What might be surprising is that we determined product offering is not the most important factor,” added Ben Swanson, Sales Manager of Intertronics. “While we offer a broad range of products from great roster of equipment suppliers, a successful partnership is built on people not products. We discussed the importance of how products are integrated, as well as how values, culture and passion help build shared understanding and trust, which are fundamental to the relationship.”

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