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22nd November 2022
Integrated supply chain solution for car interior lighting

Asteelflash, a subsidiary of USI, exhibited at electronica 2022 where it displayed its latest Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) solutions and products, including a LED module for vehicles jointly developed by the company, USI and Inova, a German semiconductor manufacturer.

2nd November 2022
Inova Semiconductors’ ADXPress for high-speed data transmission

With ADXpress, the Automotive Data Express, Inova Semiconductors is presenting a new, high-performance architecture that enables data transmission in vehicles of the future in a completely new dimension.

18th July 2022
Inova ILaS technology agreements by NXP and Microchip

Inova Semiconductors has announced that NXP Semiconductors and Microchip Technology have entered into technology agreements for the use of Inova Semiconductors’ ILaS (ISELED Light & Sensor Network) protocol in their microcontrollers, for automotive applications.

15th February 2022
Inova Semiconductors supplies new APIX3 SerDes devices

Inova expands its APIX3 SerDes family with new video interfaces and encryption technologies.

11th February 2021
APIX3 ecosystem expanded with HDMI-APIX3 converter

Inova Semiconductors has expanded its APIX3 ecosystem with a compact HDMI-APIX3 converter from partner company ARRK Engineering. APIX3 (Automotive Pixel Link) is a multichannel serialiser/deserialiser for high-resolution video applications in motor vehicles.

6th July 2020
Standalone ISELED LED driver & controller in production

In addition to its LED driver/controller die, integrated in smart ISELED LED modules, Inova Semiconductors has launched the driver chip as a standalone solution. The standalone ISELED driver is now available in volume production and is AEC-Q100 qualified.

18th February 2020
Signal integrity in high-speed designs

Ensuring signal integrity is one of the main challenges in high-speed designs. Digital transmission in the range of several Gbps is characterised by the introduction of jitter and noise into the signal. What appears at the receiving end does not match the intent at the transmission end when there is any degree of jitter and noise.

Events News
23rd August 2019
ISELED-based products debut at ISAL 2019

Innovative solutions for automotive lighting with a focus on interior lighting will be presented by Inova Semiconductors at ISAL 2019 in Darmstadt (September 23-25). The "International Symposium on Automotive Lighting 2019" is aimed at designers, engineers, scientists and decision-makers from the automotive lighting industry.

26th February 2019
Two-channel transmitters designed for infotainment systems

Two new APIX3 SerDes TWIN transmitters, each with two independent transmission channels, are now available from Inova Semiconductors. APIX (Automotive Pixel Link) is a multi-channel SerDes (serialiser/deserialiser) technology developed by Inova for high resolution video applications in motor vehicles. Typical applications for the new APIX3 chips are infotainment and entertainment systems, as well as instrument clusters and head-up displays in veh...

27th September 2018
ISELED Alliance expands to drive the ‘digital LED’

The newest member of the open ISELED Alliance that was formed to develop and market the innovative in-vehicle LED lighting concept, the ‘digital LED’, is Melexis. Melexis joins a number of existing members including Inova Semiconductors, Dominant Opto Technologies, Lucie Labs, OLSA Group, NXP, TE Connectivity, Pforzheim University and Valeo.

14th March 2018
Evaluation kit simplifies automotive LED light design

The ISELED Alliance has launched a new evaluation kit for ISELED, a digital smart RGB LED solution for automotive ambient lighting. The evaluation kit allows developers to quickly build and prototype ISELED solutions, thereby significantly reducing development time. Custom lighting effects can be easily programmed using the supplied software suite from Lucie Labs and tested on the kit’s 16 RGB LEDs. Optical measurements can be carried ...

13th March 2018
Standalone LED driver for in-car lighting

Inova Semiconductors has announced a new standalone smart RGB LED driver and controller, the INLC100Q16. This is the latest member of Inova’s ISELED family, a truly revolutionary concept for in-car LED lighting that substantially reduces costs, simplifies control and enables dynamically changing light. The next generation of in-car ambient lighting will typically comprise of 10 to 30 LEDs mounted on a flexible light strip.

27th June 2017
Frost & Sullivan recognises Inova with Award

Based on its recent analysis of the automotive ambient lighting LED controller IC industry, Frost & Sullivan recognises Inova Semiconductors with the 2017 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership. Inova’s Automotive Pixel Link (APIX) platform has proven extremely popular among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier I suppliers for meeting their demand for high-resolution in-car video applications.

23rd March 2017
Mezzanine card helps to cut time to market

A high speed mezzanine card for Intel Cyclone V FPGA boards was launched at embedded world by Inova Semiconductors. The transceiver card has been co-developed by Inova and the Intel Programmable Solutions Group, and enables engineers to easily set-up hardware for testing and system development with the APIX2 automotive video interface.

9th November 2016
Redefining automotive lighting with digital LED

At the electronica exhibition, Inova Semiconductors has unveiled a new digital LED concept for automotive applications with the first LED product to be available from Dominant Opto Technologies in Q1 2017.

11th July 2016
Infotainment system demand for in-car transmission technology

  Based on its APIX technology, Inova Semiconductors have announced that 50 million devices have now been deployed. Due to the increasing numbers of displays and cameras in today’s connected vehicles, the adoption of APIX devices is rapidly accelerating.

Events News
6th May 2016
Inova to exhibit at JSAE Automotive Engineering Expositions

At the JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition events in Yokohama and Nagoya, Japan, Inova Semiconductors will demonstrate a range of products based on its leading APIX SerDes (serialiser/deserialiser) technology for in-car video and data communications, including a new APIX transmitter device, an Altera HSMC daughtercard and a 3D ADAS demo.

23rd February 2016
HDMI will be part of APIX2 bridge chip

Inova Semiconductors announces the INAP560T, a high-speed digital multi-channel transmitter for video in vehicles. Typical applications will include infotainment, head units, rear seat entertainment systems, multimedia gateways, head-up displays and cluster instruments. The INAP560T provides transmission at up to 3Gbps, supporting video resolutions up to 720p at 60fps, or 1080p at 30fps, with up to 24-bit colour depth.

Events News
28th January 2016
High-speed multi-channel gigabit link for video & data

At the Embedded World event in Nuremberg (23rd-25th February), Inova Semiconductors will demonstrate a range of products utilising its latest APIX SerDes (serialiser/deserialiser) technology for in-car video and data communications, including a new APIX transmitter device, an Altera HSMC daughtercard and a 3D ADAS demo.

15th October 2015
12Gb/s transmission enables next-gen infotainment

A multi-channel technology for high resolution in-car video applications, Inova Semiconductors has announced APIX3, the latest version of its APIX multi-channel SerDes technology for video and data communication in vehicles. The APIX3 version supports transmission at up to 6Gb/s over a single twisted pair cable and up to 12Gb/s over a quad twisted pair connection, which is four times the speed of the previous-gen devices.

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