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Harwin is a manufacturer of; high reliability and industry standard interconnects and associated PCB hardware.

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7th May 2020
Harwin introduces FPC assemblies with Hi-Rel connectors

Harwin has announced that it now offers both its Datamate J-Tek and Gecko high-reliability (Hi-Rel) connectors with FPC assemblies attached for situations where there is little space above the board surface.

22nd April 2020
Effects of the extended lockdown on manufacturers

The UK government announced last week that the country-wide lockdown would be extended for at least a further three weeks in order to manage the coronavirus crisis. It is uncertain at present how ministers can get industry going again to kickstart the economy without incurring a second infection wave. But what does this mean for UK manufacturers?

8th April 2020
Board-to-board connectors tested to 3Gbits/s operation

Harwin has confirmed that its Archer Kontrol 1.27mm pitch board-to-board connectors support data rates of up to 3Gbits/s. Compatible with Ethernet speeds up to 2.94Gbits/s, these connectors are optimised for modern industrial infrastructure.

News & Analysis
19th March 2020
Harwin adds Powell Electronics to EMEA distribution team

Harwin has bolstered its market presence across the EMEA region by adding Powell Electronics to its network of distribution partners.

25th February 2020
Right angle termination to 1.25mm pitch connectors

Due to popular demand, Harwin has extended its award-winning Gecko-SL (Screw-Lok) product range to include horizontal male connectors. The successful Gecko range has gained many fans amongst engineers, giving them a more compact, lightweight alternative to conventional Micro-D connectors.

18th December 2019
Highly adaptable board level shielding

Assisting engineers dealing with EMI/RFI issues in their PCB designs, Harwin has just announced the introduction of three new shielding cans. Supplied in a tape-and-reel format, these cans increase the company’s existing range of EMC products. The new can dimensions are 10x10mm, 15x10mm and 30x10mm, all with a three millimetre profile height and 0.15mm thickness material.

4th December 2019
Academy students provided with latest robotic technology

Harwin continues to show its credentials in respect to the further promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to younger generations. In order to ensure that students attending Havant & South Downs College (HSDC) have access to the hardware necessary to support their ongoing education, it is donating a robot arm - a package worth more than £30,000.

20th November 2019
Small, lightweight mixed-layout connectors support 10A

Harwin has continued to extend the scope of its high-reliability (hi-rel) connector portfolio through the introduction of mixed-layout versions of the company’s popular Gecko-SL series. By complementing the data contacts with two or four power contacts (in power/data configurations of either 1+8+1 or 2+8+2), the Gecko-MT products enable significant space and weight reductions in electronic hardware.

15th November 2019
Cable assembly offering includes compact Gecko-SL products

Fully leveraging its considerable expertise, so that customers have rapid access to simple and cost-effective interconnect solutions, Harwin has broadened the scope of its portfolio of ready-made high-reliability cable assemblies. The Gecko Screw-Lok (Gecko-SL) 1.25mm connector family builds on the options already available using the company’s popular Datamate products.

4th November 2019
Top 3: Uses for underwater drones

With advanced camera technology and deep diving capabilities, underwater drones have helped to enhance human efforts in vital oceanic activities.

1st November 2019
Lightweight connectors support 10A current delivery

  Harwin continues to extend the scope of its high reliability connector portfolio through the introduction of mixed-layout versions of the company’s popular Gecko-SL series.

28th August 2019
New apprentice training hub to boost product innovation

As part of the continued drive to address the skills gap within the engineering sector, Harwin has formally opened its Apprentice Training Hub, along with a new R&D Centre. Located at the company’s Portsmouth headquarters, construction and kitting out of the unit that will house both these operations has been completed and they are now ready to be staffed.

7th August 2019
Ready-made cable assemblies for datamate connectors

In order to provide customers with simple plug-and-play solutions, Harwin has introduced a range of off-the-shelf cable assemblies to accompany its popular Datamate series of high reliability connector components. Supplied in single- or double-ended format, with a set cable length of 150mm.

9th May 2019
Ultra-compact shield clips for space-constrained designs

Covering a surface area of just 2.3x1.2mm and with a two millimetre height, Harwin’s S0911-46R shield can clip is the smallest surface mount EMI/RFI shield clip currently available on the market. Consequently it is much better at addressing the demands being set by the latest generation of high-density electronic systems.

19th March 2019
Supporting ongoing robotic innovation

Exciting new opportunities for greater proliferation of robotics in modern society are emerging all the time. Robots are now capable of performing a wide array of different tasks. They are revolutionising the factory floor by dramatically boosting production throughput. In the form of collaborative robots (or cobots), they can work directly alongside humans in manufacturing facilities, as well as helping with the education of our children and pro...

14th March 2019
High contact density connectors in nanosatellite network

Though most of us now live in the ‘Connected Age’, it must be conceded that not everyone is quite so lucky. There are still certain areas of the planet which are simply too sparsely inhabited for it to be economically viable to justify the roll-out of terrestrially-oriented communication infrastructure – such as cellular base stations or WiFi hotspots. By Giorgio Potenza, Strategic Market Manager, Avionics Defence & Space, ...

23rd January 2019
Harwin's T-Contact enters distribution network

Following the release of its narrow-pitch T-Contact offering last year, Harwin has now secured supply chain support from leading distributors Digi-Key, Mouser and TTI. Intended for incorporation into Harwin’s flagship Datamate series, each T-Contact makes use of an innovative 6-finger mechanical design, which has been machined out of a single piece of Beryllium Copper.

10th December 2018
Connectors and cable assemblies feature 10A current capacity

In keeping with the company’s core objective of providing elevated levels of performance in the most compact of components, Harwin’s expansive M300 family comprises robust cable-to-board, board-to-board and cable-to-cable power connectors. Available in 3, 6 and 10 contact formats, these units can be accompanied by a variety of cable assembly options (with lengths from 150 to 450mm supplied).

24th October 2018
Circular sensor connector stays connected in rugged situations

An interconnect solution with the capacity to cope even in the most challenging of operational environments has been introduced by Harwin. The circular sensor connector has a current rating of 2A per contact. The members of the Vivern family come in a 10-contact 1.45mm pitch format and have an insulation resistance of over 1GΩ.

16th October 2018
Industrial connectors withstand heavy vibrations, shocks

Capable of withstanding a 10G vibrational force for a period of 6 hours, the components in Harwin’s new M225 connector series are intended for industrial deployment. These compact, high performance cable-to-board units feature a robust construction for prolonged operational lifespan, thanks to their glass-reinforced poly-phenylene sulphide (PPS) enclosures, with a 100MΩ minimum insulation resistance ensuring continued signal integrity...

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