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HARTING is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking, as well as in manufacturing, mechatronics and software creation. The company uses these skills to develop customised solutions and products including market-leading connectors for energy and data transmission, rail technology, renewable energy, factory automation and telecommunications.


HARTING also produces Backplanes, enclosures, cable assemblies and / or the assembly of individual or complete systems.

A full list of HARTING products is available in the eCatalogue.

The HARTING Group, founded over 70 years ago in Espelkamp, Germany, is now a global operation, with subsidiaries in 43 countries including HARTING Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

HARTING’s technology magazine can be viewed here and videos can also be viewed on You Tube.

HARTING Limited Articles

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2nd December 2022
From flat PCBs to miniature implantable 3D-Circuits

As electronic devices continue to evolve and shrink, so do their circuits and, ultimately, their components. This development has raised the demand for component miniaturisation.

9th November 2022
Han-Modular Domino modules from HARTING win award

The new Han-Modular Domino modules have received industry recognition, winning the award for ‘Cables and Connectors Product of the Year’ at the Instrumentation Excellence Awards, held at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London on Thursday 27th October 2022

16th August 2022
Powerful space-saving connectors for e-mobility

To expand the connector range to cover harsh environments with limited installation space, HARTING is adding Han HPR Compact hoods and housings to the series.

Tech Videos
6th June 2022
Han Modular Domino Modules

When Han-Modular was released in 1993, it was the first modular industrial connector to run power, signal, and data alongside each other in a single connector. Now HARTING announce the next development stage of the modular connector; the new Han-Modular Domino range.

Cyber Security
13th July 2021
High level of physical protection for POS terminals

POS terminals (point-of-sale) are not sufficiently protected against physical attacks. Attackers can access sensitive data (such as credit card number and PIN codes) using probes or mini-drills. An additional security element in the security caps of the terminals can reliably prevent such attacks.

30th June 2021
Carriers replace flexible printed circuit boards

HARTING has developed a component carrier that can be used directly with electronic components eliminating manual assembly and replacing flexible printed circuit boards. Increasing precision and reducing assembly costs.

1st June 2021
New Han-Modular connectors for energy storage

HARTING’s Han-Modular series offers numerous connectors which sustainably increase the energy efficiency of machines and systems. The latest example of this is the Han 300A module. It fits in with the classic development goal for energy storage systems by enabling more capacity with less weight.

21st May 2021
Han L32 B offers optimal use of installation space

Using an L32 B connector allows users to replace two size 16 B interfaces, saving over 40% of installation space. This makes it possible to transmit power, signals and data with fewer interfaces and fewer components. It also cuts the time required to assemble interfaces. The resulting reduced weight and space savings contribute to lower consumption and stands for sustainable product design.

14th May 2021
Combine power and data with har-modular

Device development in the industrial arena is advancing in ever shorter cycles. At the same time, devices are becoming more and more compact, presenting challenges for developers looking for the right solution for transmitting data, signals or power. Designed to help the developers' work, HARTING is offering a solution with har-modular that is opening up an entirely new scope of flexibility on PCBs.

12th May 2021
Han S gives users a complete cable assembly

Energy efficiency is an important global topic. Across their broad product range, HARTING has addressed this theme by offering specific solutions. With the Han S, HARTING has developed a series of connectors that enable customers to build energy storage systems based on battery modules.

29th April 2021
RJ Industrial MultiFeature simplifies access to the IIoT

In 2021, HARTING has announced that they are once again highlighting the right infrastructure for the road to the IIoT, including solutions such as the RJ Industrial MultiFeature, a significantly improved version of the classic RJ45.

22nd April 2021
Han HPR EMC-shielded faster wall-mounting for connectors

The metal housings in the Han EMV and Han HPR series are now available in versions that enable contact inserts to be mounted from the rear, an option that simplifies the placement of interfaces on switch cabinet walls, increases the installation speed and lowers costs in the long term.

Events News
9th November 2020
HARTING modular solutions at Smart Factory Expo 2020

HARTING has announced that it will be discussing their range of innovative connectivity and modular solutions at the online Smart Factory Expo from the 9th to the 13th November 2020. Their product and market specialists will be on hand to discuss the benefits of modularisation in the modern smart factory, including adaptable production methods, reduced maintenance downtimes and shortened set up times.

8th October 2020
HARTING discuss latest industrial technologies in webinar series

Following the success of the first Experts Camp back in May, HARTING have organised a second series of webinars to discuss the latest in industry innovations and connection technology. Below you’ll find more details of the topics HARTING’s specialists will present, including products, time-saving solutions and technologies for designing the future.

4th September 2020
Electronic assemblies without PCBs from Harting

LDS enables the production of electronic assemblies with flexible geometric shapes. This process enables electronic products (such as smart phones, sensors or medical devices) to become even smaller and more powerful. Automated manufacturing processes also make this process more economically attractive.

2nd September 2020
The HARTING Technology Group story

September 1st marks the 75th anniversary of the founding day of the family company HARTING. The manufacturer of everyday products such as waffle irons and irons has evolved into a worldwide supplier of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines of data, signal and power, a global player fielding innovative products and solutions focusing on Industry 4.0 and digitalisation. 

18th August 2020
Easy to assemble HARTING RJ Industrial MultiFeature

HARTING has presented the RJ Industrial MultiFeature series, an RJ industrial interface which is now significantly easier to assemble in the field as it no longer requires a separate tool.With the RJ Industrial in the new MultiFeature series, HARTING meets customers’ wishes and requirements for simpler operation and field assembly capability.

3rd August 2020
HARTING UK awarded IRIS Silver Quality Performance Level

HARTING UK have been awarded the Silver Quality Performance Level award from the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS). This is a globally recognised standard which evaluates management systems for the railway sector.

3rd August 2020
Han 1A rectangular connectors as a new Ethernet interface

Ethernet-based data networks have become indispensable in the industrial arena. Ethernet networks are connecting sensors, machinery, control systems, computers and data centres. HARTING has announced that it now offers expedient interfaces in the form of its Han 1A series of miniaturised industrial connectors.

23rd July 2020
Harting Han S for connections in modular energy storage

HARTING has announced that it is now offering the Han S, the first ever large-scale special connector for battery storage modules. The new Han S series meets the technical requirements set down in the latest standards for stationary energy storage systems (including UL 4128) and offers users optimal reliability for connected units. The series features housings with space for a heavy-current contact up to 200A.

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