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HARTING is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking, as well as in manufacturing, mechatronics and software creation. The company uses these skills to develop customised solutions and products including market-leading connectors for energy and data transmission, rail technology, renewable energy, factory automation and telecommunications.


HARTING also produces Backplanes, enclosures, cable assemblies and / or the assembly of individual or complete systems.

A full list of HARTING products is available in the eCatalogue.

The HARTING Group, founded over 70 years ago in Espelkamp, Germany, is now a global operation, with subsidiaries in 43 countries including HARTING Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

HARTING’s technology magazine can be viewed here and videos can also be viewed on You Tube.

HARTING Limited Articles

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21st May 2020
Harting Han-Modular Flexbox connectors for energy chains

The flexible and reliable supply for fast, linearly moving components of machines and systems is made possible by the Han-Modular Flexbox – a novel interface in the modular plastic housing system from HARTING. Longer, moving cable runs for machines and machine modules are easier to install and maintain.

30th April 2020
Component carrier now replacing flexible PCBs

Flexible circuit boards offer numerous advantages. However, the mechanical fixation of these circuit boards is highly complex. HARTING has developed a new solution based on 3D-MID technology that is capable of replacing flexible circuit boards. Thanks to component carriers, cost savings of up to two-thirds can be achieved.

19th March 2020
New connector features simplify modifications

For the first time ever, users can now make customised adjustments to the housings of series-produced industrial interfaces by using the Han Configurator, the HARTING online tool for designing connectors. Cable entries can be modified and identifying letterings can be applied to hoods and housings.

Events News
5th March 2020
Latest products at Drives & Controls 2020

HARTING will be demonstrating their innovative connector and Industry 4.0 solutions at the Drives & Controls Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham from the 21st to the 23rd April 2020. On show will be the newest addition to the Han portfolio, the Han F+B, a range specially designed for the food and bottling industries, where hygiene and safety are key considerations. 

22nd August 2019
HARTING commissions new European Distribution Centre

The HARTING Technology Group has opened its European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Espelkamp. Up to 20,000 order items will be processed every day, with goods dispatched to customers on the day of order. Costing an estimated €45m, the European logistics centre is the largest single investment in the 74-year history of HARTING.

30th July 2019
Industrial connector wins German Innovation Award

The HARTING Technology Group have received the German Innovation Award 2019 for their ix Industrial range. The connector impressed the German Design Council and won the award for ‘Excellence in Business to Business’. The German Innovation Award acknowledges products and solutions that set themselves apart from conventional solutions.

29th July 2019
High temperature connectors minimise environmental effects

HARTING’s Han High Temp connectors are being used in metal die-casting production systems to minimise adverse environmental effects and reduce maintenance and service periods, line down-time and hence operating costs. Metal casting manufacturers are continually looking at ways to reduce environmental damaging emissions from their production process to satisfy increasingly more stringent environmental regulations and minimise resultant ...

12th July 2019
Troubleshooting adapter supports pre-start up verification

HARTING, HIROSE and FLUKE networks have announced the availability of an adapter supporting the ix Industrial connector for its DSX CableAnalyzer family of network cabling certification tools. The new adapter allows the DSX Series to connect to cabling systems employing the ix Industrial for the purposes of pre-start up verification and troubleshooting.

10th July 2019
Industry modular storage systems use Han interfaces

The Commeo from Wallenhorst near Osnabrück has developed a modular energy storage system that allows applications, from mobile robots to the power supply for industrial plants and factories, to run securely and uninterrupted. The Commeo units can be used as an emergency power supply or as a mains buffer to provide compensating power when required.

21st June 2019
Solutions for single pair Ethernet developed

HARTING is cooperating with TE Connectivity (TE), to set Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) as the de-facto infrastructure solution to enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The two companies will together drive solutions which will define the infrastructure for SPE.

13th June 2019
Rear mounting option available for Han metal hoods and housings

  The metal hoods and housings of the Han B, EMC and M series now offer rear mounting options for contact inserts, a solution which greatly simplifies the preassembly of interfaces for control cabinets. With the new Han metal housings, it is possible to lock the prefabricated inserts directly from the rear into the bulkhead mounting housing from the interior of a control cabinet.

30th May 2019
Duo partner to drive the infrastructure for Single Pair Ethernet

  HIROSE Electric and the HARTING Technology Group have entered into an agreement to jointly develop, standardise products and market a connection technology system for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE).

16th May 2019
Partnership for e-mobility fast charging solutions

It has been announced that the HARTING Technology group has formed a successful partnership with Swiss automotive company Rinspeed to develop a number of e-mobility solutions including an expanded e-mobility infrastructure for the automated fast charging of electric vehicles. 

15th May 2019
Fast and reliable internet solutions delivered by HARTING

Data networks in trains can now be implemented reliably and in a future-proof manner using the preLink system and EtherRail cables, which are specially designed for railway requirements. With Ethernet delivered via one pair of wires, rail operators can reduce their operating costs and optimise production. These products have been developed to meet the demands of train travellers, who now expect high performance internet access during their j...

3rd May 2019
Small, robust and flexible industrial connector

It has been announced that HARTING has introduced the Han 1A, which is significantly smaller than the previous ‘smallest’ rectangular industrial connector, the Han 3A. It achieves all the benefits of a modern network a user needs and is the optimum connector solution: The Han 1A adapts to the requirements of an ever-shrinking device world.

11th April 2019
Tailor-made 3D-MID solutions for automotive applications

A division of the HARTING Technology Group based in Biel, Switzerland, HARTING AG Biel, used the recent Geneva Motor Show to feature its expertise in 3D-MID (three-dimensional moulded interconnect device) technology solutions for the automotive industry. Applications featured included a position sensor for adaptive cruise control and a robot hand which is used to simulate human gripping processes.

26th March 2019
M12 PushPull connector solution for factory automation applications

HARTING has launched a new M12 PushPull metric circular connector solution that is compatible with the needs of factory automation applications. The new connector adds the benefits of fast and easy handling to the existing advantages of PushPull locking technology in a 'Plug&Produce' approach to sensor or control installation. The entire field of circular connectors is in transition. Manufacturers of connection technology are taking grea...

21st March 2019
PushPull connector solution for factory automation

HARTING has launched a new M12 PushPull metric circular connector solution that is compatible with the needs of factory automation applications. The new connector adds the benefits of fast and easy handling to the existing advantages of PushPull locking technology in a 'Plug and Produce' approach to sensor or control installation.

13th March 2019
Connector combines rapid termination with high mating cycle

The new Han ES Press HMC (High Mating Cycles) connector series from HARTING combines the facility to be installed quickly without tools with extremely robust construction that allows the devices to handle at least 10,000 mating cycles. The quick connect technology used in the Han ES Press HMC involves the contact inserts being equipped with a pre-tensioned cage clamp which is triggered by an actuator. 

8th March 2019
Rear-facing connector assembly simplified

It has been announced that HARTING has added an industry standard Han B size version to its Han-Eco range of robust, flexible and corrosion-resistant connectors made of high-performance plastic for use in demanding industrial environments. The addition of the new unit allows users more flexibility in configuring the Han-Eco family in industrial applications. 

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