Powerful space-saving connectors for e-mobility

16th August 2022
Sheryl Miles

To expand the connector range to cover harsh environments with limited installation space, HARTING is adding Han HPR Compact hoods and housings to the series.

Han HPR is a globally recognised standard for connector housings which require special protection against environmental influences in power generation plants, rail vehicles or ships.

The series is already used for railway, and is ideal for transmitting high power, high voltage, signal or Ethernet data in exposed areas. They are suitable for bogie mounting, roof mounting and as jumper cables between carriages.

The high-density panel footprint of the Han HPR Compact can also provide a reliable alternative to plastic housing style High Voltage (HV) connectors for use on electric/hydrogen bus and truck powertrain interconnection cabling systems.

Electric drives, battery units and hydrogen fuel cells can often come into contact with potentially damaging harsh environmental conditions. Underneath a vehicle, stone damage, water, and winter salt spray can occur whilst high humidity water creepage can occur along cables behind protective access panels. On the roof, high UV levels can be a particular issue. The Han HPR Compact has been specially designed to minimise repairs and maintenance in these areas.

The Han HPR Compact requires 20% less installation space and is 25% lighter than conventional solutions. The product is available in sizes 6, 10, 16 and 24B and has a special feature that enables the housings ‘to grow with demand’, even after installation.

Up to two frame extenders can be attached to the bulkhead mounted housing, each frame expanding the height of the enclosure by 3cms, increasing the space available for connections, and reducing cable stress.

Thanks to savings in installation space and weight, Han HPR Compact housings also contribute towards sustainability by reducing energy consumption.

Han HPR Compact offers the following benefits:

  • Smaller mounting dimensions
  • High flexibility due to the use of extenders, each adding 3cm of height
  • Time savings: shorter installations in environments with limited space
  • Sixteen coding options allow safe mating process even in environments with limited space
  • The entire Han B compatible connector portfolio can be used, from standard inserts to Han HC Modular, except for the insulation body of Han HC 650 Modular

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