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Alternative Energy
20th May 2020
Renewable energy ambitions face new challenges

One sector that shows no sign of disappearing in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region is renewables. While the supply chain for projects has been disrupted, and the commercial model for privately finance power plants has been upset, the region remains committed to diversifying is energy sources and lowering its costs through renewables, according to GlobalData.

Alternative Energy
4th May 2020
Switzerland attempts to lift solar PV market

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Swiss solar PV market is on the verge of experiencing a slump. To offset this threat and support the residential and commercial rooftop solar, Switzerland has offered to increase financial support through rebates by another $47m.

27th April 2020
COVID-19 disrupts demand-supply of renewable equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered market dynamics for renewables, impacting all stakeholders along the value chain. Demand-supply disruptions are at large and there will be a decrease in global investments in clean energy, risking the initiatives undertaken to mitigate long-term climate change, according to GlobalData.

8th April 2020
COVID-19 threatens to hamper India’s solar energy plans

In India, around 2.3GW of solar plants were expected to be commissioned from June to August 2020. However, the delivery of these projects has been impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, according to GlobalData.

Alternative Energy
6th April 2020
Pandemic disrupts the global solar PV supply chain

The disruption caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on Chinese solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing companies has prompted a major jolt on the global solar PV supply chain. The resulting shortage of PV components is disrupting the industry at a global level, according to GlobalData.

News & Analysis
23rd March 2020
Coronavirus consequences for the TMT industry

As the coronavirus forces the world into lockdown, there will be many consequences for the Tech, Media and Telecoms (TMT) industry. Some will fare relatively well in the short term, for example collaboration software vendors and cloud services providers.

20th March 2020
Wearable technology is maturing, but is still out of the mainstream

Wearable technology is an emerging sub-market in the Internet of Things (IoT) theme, but is yet to establish itself in the IoT mainstream due to limited interoperability and underdeveloped self-contained functionalities, according to data and analytics company GlobalData.

2nd March 2020
Can technology help with mental health issues at sea?

Isolation while at sea can mean seafarers fall prey to depression and poor mental health. While technology is often thought of as a solution for keeping people connected, it is also often the reason crew members become isolated in the first place. GlobalData Ship Technology looks at the issues. 

24th February 2020
How can AI help diagnose heart failure?

Cardiovascular (CV) diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation. GlobalData’s Pharmaceutical Technology writer Allie Nawrat explained: “Part of the challenge of reducing the mortality rate of CV conditions is that they are so inter-related with other conditions, including metabolic and renal disease. Early diagnosis is key in improving patient’s outcomes, and speeding up the proc...

31st January 2020
Criminals use coronavirus fears to launch theft malware

The presence of the coronavirus has been diagnosed in the UK for the first time as the UK’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, confirmed that two people from the same family had tested positive for the virus. It is understood the patients were staying in a hotel in Yorkshire, before being taken overnight to a specialist centre in Newcastle.

29th January 2020
Are the Huawei security risks manageable?

The UK Government's decision to allow Huawei technology into the non-core aspects of the UK’s 5G networks will have surprised some. In fact, according to a poll by GlobalData, it will have surprised a considerable number, as 47% of respondents said that they thought the Chinese tech giant was a security threat.

28th January 2020
Almost half of Brits believe Huawei to be a national security threat

The UK Government is expected to finally decide whether to allow Huawei infrastructure in its 5G network tomorrow. However, the public is divided on whether the Chinese tech giant should be trusted, according to a poll by leading data and analytics company GlobalData.

7th January 2020
Trends in drone applications in the oil and gas industry

Latest advancements in sensing and imaging technologies are enabling drones to be deployed in a wide range of settings in the oil and gas industry, according to GlobalData. The company’s latest report, ‘Drones in Oil & Gas – Thematic Research’, revealed how drones are being used to perform inspection and predictive maintenance of critical infrastructure.

17th December 2019
Low-tech solution protects railway lines from overheating

From the deployment of digital twins that replicate critical rail assets and improve train timetabling, to improved, condition-based maintenance using the industrial internet of things (IIoT), modern rail networks increasingly employ disruptive digital solutions in an effort to drive safety and efficiency. However, low-tech solutions can still be effective in tackling perennial problems, as GlobalData’s expert in railway technology, Ju...

11th December 2019
Could robots replace human tennis players?

While steeped in tradition, tennis has embraced technology on multiple fronts: coaching, umpiring and fan experiences. Since the early 2000s, the Sony-owned Hawk-Eye system has been assisting tennis umpires in making close calls. At Wimbledon, IBM’s Watson AI analyses fan and player reactions in real-time video footage from matches to create highlight reels just minutes after the end of a match.

9th December 2019
European Commission rules aim to address drone safety concerns

In December 2018, two unauthorised UAVs sighted near London’s Gatwick Airport forced the authorities there to ground aircraft for 36 hours, causing chaos for more than 140,000 commercial and business passengers, and costing the airport’s partners and stakeholders an estimated £50m. The European Commission (EC) has responded by adopting EU rules to ensure that increasing drone traffic is safe and secure on the ground and in the a...

8th October 2019
IoT devices could be 'asbestos of the future'

There are currently believed to be seven billion internet of things (IoT) devices worldwide. Forecasts vary, but the consensus is the number will grow exponentially over the coming years, with some estimates as high as 40 billion connected IoT devices by 2025.

2nd October 2019
UK 5G adoption expected to reach over 26% by 2024

The demand for 5G is robust in the UK and the technology's adoption is forecasted to reach over 26% of total mobile subscriptions by 2024, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. EE was the first network to launch 5G in the UK, but two other networks have since launched their 5G strategies to try and make it to the top spot.

30th September 2019
Power utilities are betting on robotics to enhance operations

Robots and drones now play a crucial role in the power utilities space as companies are increasingly using robotics to handle the inspection of risky, time-consuming, and hard to reach assets, as well as maintaining those assets and improving their operations, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. 

21st August 2019
Over 72% of Germany’s power needs to be non-hydro renewables

The share of renewables in Germany reached 53.4% of the country's power capacity mix in 2018 and is expected to reach 72.7% by 2030, with non-hydro renewable energy expected to meet the country’s future power demand after nuclear and coal is phased out, according to GlobalData. 

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