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Quantum Tech
8th November 2022
ETSI secures critical infrastructures against attacks

ETSI secured critical infrastructures against cyber quantum attacks with new TETRA algorithms.

14th October 2022
ETSI celebrates World Standards Day

ETSI is joining the international standardisation community in celebrating World Standards Day. This year’s edition focuses on a ‘shared vision for a better world’, where the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are key enablers. Standards help to reach these goals.

16th May 2022
ETSI releases first specification on F5G Network architecture

ETSI's 5th Generation Fixed Network group (ISG F5G) has released its first specification for F5G Network Architecture ETSI GS F5G 004.

28th April 2022
ETSI releases report on the role of hardware in the security of AI

ETSI recently released a Group Report, ETSI GR SAI 006, outlining the role of hardware in the security of artificial intelligence (AI).

7th April 2022
ETSI’s standard to secure consumer IoT devices extended to Home Gateways

ETSI is pleased to announce a cyber security specification for Home Gateways, called ETSI TS 103 848 and developed by the CYBER Technical Committee.

17th February 2022
ETSI releases a report on coordinated vulnerability disclosure

ETSI has released its Guide to Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure. The Technical Report ETSI TR 103 838 will help companies to implement a vulnerability disclosure process and fix vulnerability issues before they’re publicly disclosed.

Artificial Intelligence
13th January 2022
Second release on self-adapting autonomous networks

Following on from meetings conducted in late 2021, ETSI has now completed Release 2 of its Experiential Networked Intelligence (ENI) specifications with the ETSI GS ENI 005 system architecture. 

22nd September 2021
Key implications of the digital transformation

Digital transformation is a term that is often used, and is at the forefront of many agendas. Though it is most often applied in a business context, the reach of the overall concept extends far beyond modern business practices - with the potential for creating long-lasting positive outcomes across all aspects of society. David Boswarthick, Director, New Technologies at ETSI explains further.

27th July 2021
The key implications of digital transformation

Digital transformation is a term that is often used, and is at the forefront of many agendas. Though it is most often applied in a business context, the reach of the overall concept extends far beyond modern business practices - with the potential for creating long-lasting positive outcomes across all aspects of society. By David Boswarthick, Director New technologies at ETSI

21st July 2021
Enabling MEC deployment in a multi-operator’s environment

The ETSI MEC Industry Specification Group (ETSI ISG MEC) has just released a new Group Report ETSI GR MEC 0035 to enable inter-MEC system deployment and MEC-Cloud system coordination. This Report was motivated by the mobile network operators’ interest in forming federated MEC environments and enabling information exchange in a secure manner, in the event that MEC platforms or applications belong to different MEC systems.

25th June 2021
IoT testing specifications for MQTT, CoAP and industrial automation systems

The ETSI committee on Methods for Testing and Specifications (TC MTS) has recently completed a first set of seven standards addressing the testing of the IoT MQTT and CoAP protocols, and the foundational security IoT-Profile.

17th June 2021
ETSI Open Source MANO launches Release TEN, celebrates OSM 5th anniversary

ETSI has introduced OSM Release TEN, the 11th Release of an Open-Source project which first announced its Release ZERO in 2016 with the vision of closing the gap between the traditional way of building telecom networks, and the use of cloud technologies in telcos emerging at that time. 

Cyber Security
3rd June 2021
Whitepaper release on MEC security, first initiative in this domain

ETSI has published a whitepaper titled MEC security: Status of standards support and future evolutions written by several authors participating in MEC and other related ETSI groups. This whitepaper, the very first initiative in this domain, aims to identify aspects of security where the nature of edge computing leaves typical industry approaches to cloud security insufficient.

Artificial Intelligence
18th May 2021
Mitigation Strategy Report released on securing AI

ETSI has recently released ETSI GR SAI 005, a report which summarises and analyses existing and potential mitigation against threats for AI-based systems. Setting a baseline for a common understanding of relevant AI cyber security threats and mitigations will be key for widespread deployment and acceptance of AI systems and applications.

10th May 2021
ETSI releases a white paper on future ICT trends

‘Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is an exciting and dynamic area, that is in constant innovation, through the evolution of existing concepts and technologies but also through the emergence of disruptive technologies and even sometimes unexpected new use cases’.

5th May 2021
ETSI introduces strategy in line with ambitious vision

Today ETSI has introduced its new strategy, the result of an intensive development process over the last months, validated at the ETSI General Assembly in December 2020. Titled ‘Designing tomorrow’s world’, the strategy builds on a recognition of the global importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for a sustainable development and to support the digital transformation of society.

7th April 2021
ETSI Non-IP Networks releases first reports

The ETSI Non-IP Networking group (ISG NIN) has just released its first three Group Reports. The first one, ETSI GR NIN 001, details the shortcomings of TCP/IP for fixed and mobile networks; the second Report, ETSI GR NIN 002, considers testing Non-IP Networking over 5G cellular Radio Access Networks; and ETSI GR NIN 003 describes the networking model that is the foundation for the new technology.

25th March 2021
Intercontinental testing for next-gen emergency communications

ETSI has successfully completed its international emergency communications interoperability testing event. 285 test pairings, with 87% demonstrating interoperability, were run from 22nd February to 5th March 2021, both in Europe and across the Atlantic to assess the compatibility of products for mission-critical public safety services. This remote event was a cooperation between ETSI, EENA, the European Emergency Number Association and for the fi...

18th March 2021
ETSI standard to secure digital signatures solves issue for banks

ETSI has unveiled ETSI TS 119 182-1, a specification for digital signatures supported by PKI and public key certificates which authenticates the origin of transactions ensuring that the originator can be held accountable and access to sensitive resources can be controlled.

Cyber Security
5th March 2021
Middlebox Security Protocols specification released

ETSI has announced a new specification, ETSI TS 103 523-2: Transport Layer MSP (TLMSP), Part 2 of the Middlebox Security Protocol (MSP) series, which defines a protocol for varied (fine-grained) access control to communications traffic. This specification was developed by the ETSI Technical Committee CYBER.

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