ETSI introduces strategy in line with ambitious vision

5th May 2021
Alex Lynn

Today ETSI has introduced its new strategy, the result of an intensive development process over the last months, validated at the ETSI General Assembly in December 2020. Titled ‘Designing tomorrow’s world’, the strategy builds on a recognition of the global importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for a sustainable development and to support the digital transformation of society.

“To design our strategy, we have taken a holistic view of the main socioeconomic, policy and technology trends characterising the ecosystem where ETSI operates and that impact our activities” stated Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director-General.

Supported by ETSI’s innovative, market driven community, ETSI’s vision is to be at the forefront of new Information and Communication Technology and to lead the development of standards that enable a sustainable and securely connected society. To deliver this vision, ETSI will follow a path marked by five Key Strategic Directions:

Being at the heart of digital

ETSI is at the forefront of the standardisation of new and existing digital technologies and the preferred point of call for ICT related standardisation. ETSI enables comprehensive end-to-end ICT architectures and technologies, including device, network and cloud.

Being an enabler of standards

ETSI provides support and a range of tools to enable the identification of the needs and requirements for standards and their production and adoption. ETSI is the enabler of standards in response to regulatory, legislative, policy and market needs.

Being global

ETSI creates standards intended for global use, with a membership from across the world and partnerships covering all regions and relevant sectors for ICT. ETSI tailors its processes to influence worldwide standards and builds on its ESO status to contribute to the European economy.

Being versatile

ETSI innovates in its working methods, creating room for wide participation, innovation, time to deployment, and the global acceptance of its standards. ETSI works with developer communities and supports the creation and maintenance of test suites and tools and additional standard-related software material.

Being inclusive

ETSI’s membership represents real market and societal needs, from local to global, leveraging the digitisation of business and industry, circular economy and the sustainable development of modern society. ETSI comprises large and small companies and research organisations, as well as other business, consumer, societal and environmental stakeholders.

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