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24th July 2013
Creating a Drawbot with ARM Cortex-M3 EFM32

A Drawbot is a robot that can draw pictures using a pen, much like a plotter or a printer. However, there are subtle differences. Unlike a regular printer or plotter, speed is not important. Part of the fun is watching a picture get drawn very slowly over the course of a day, or even a week! The Drawbot is not only an art drawing machine; it can be a part of the art itself, by being mounted on a wall.

24th July 2013
Alf-Egil Bogen explores the shift to 32-bit MCUs in the embedded world

Alf-Egil Bogen, Chief Marketing Officer of Energy Micro, talks about the migration from AVR to ARM based microcontrollers over decades. It is interesting to see how microprocessor architectures have gone from being a significant differentiator to being a “not important” factor. Being one of the inventors of the AVR the transition to ARM has been a long journey. How long will this trend last and what is next?

24th July 2013
Low power solution for the Internet of Things

Some buzzwords are sizzling hot at the moment and show up in nearly any semiconductor press release, blog or announcement. Terms like IoT, smart sensors, smart grid and smart energy infrastructure, share some common challenges; they are all demanding energy-efficient processing and wireless connectivity technology.

19th June 2013
Energy Micro et ses MCU Combinent Traitement De DonnéEs Complexes Avec Fonctionnement Basse Consommation Dans La Gestion Du DiabèTe

Energy Micro, l’entreprise aux microcontrôleurs et circuits radio économes en énergie, divulgue son rôle rendant possible une solution tout-en-un pour la gestion du diabète. Brighter One est le premier appareil de poche au monde qui intègre toutes les fonctions nécessaires pour contrôler la glycémie et injecter de l’insuline. Cette solution brevetée enregistre automatiquement les doses d’insulines et les niveaux de glucose et prop...

19th June 2013
Energy Micro MCU combines complex data processing with low power operation in diabetes management solution

Energy Micro announces its role in enabling an all-in-one solution for the management of diabetes. Brighter One is the world’s first pocket-sized product that integrates all the functions needed to monitor blood glucose and inject insulin. This patented solution logs insulin doses and glucose levels automatically and offers diabetics an easier and more convenient way to manage their daily routines and enjoy healthier and longer lives.

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12th June 2013
Exclusive Interview With Silicon Labs' CEO On Energy Micro Acquisition

Watch this exclusive interview with Silicon Labs´ President and CEO, Tyson Tuttle, on the history behind the acquisition, the teams and the future.

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5th June 2013
A Perfect Day For Hack-a-Gecko Microcontroller Activity...

This video from Energy Micro shows a short teaser trailer for the next Hack-a-Gecko day which is coming up shortly...

21st May 2013
Measuring Change With Energy Micro

Replacing mechanical switches with capacitive sensors may provide benefits in terms of improved ergonomics and reliability but a potential downside could be increased energy consumption from the electronic circuits needed to continually monitor the sensor inputs. Anders Guldahl, Application Engineer at Energy Micro, discusses in this ES Design magazine article.

16th May 2013
Les MCU Cortex-M4 d’Energy Micro tirent profit du processus à faibles fuites de TSMC

Energy Micro annonce ce jour avoir travaillé étroitement avec TSMC afin de vérifier les avantages du processus eLL (Extreme Low Leakage) du fondeur pour la fabrication de ses microcontrôleurs éco-énergétiques Cortex-M de prochaine génération. En se rapprochant étroitement de TSMC, Energy Micro a bénéficié d’un accès anticipé à sa technologie afin d’améliorer encore la performance de son portefeuille de MCU.

15th May 2013
Energy Micro Cortex-M4 MCU Benefits From TSMC eLL Process

Energy Micro has revealed that it has been working closely with TSMC to verify the benefits of using the TSMC Extreme Low Leakage process to fabricate its next generation of energy efficient Cortex-M microcontrollers. By aligning closely with TSMC, Energy Micro has benefitted from early access to the process technology to further enhance its MCU portfolio.

14th May 2013
Le MCU Faible Consommation EFM32 Wonder Gecko A Cœur ARM Cortex-M4 Est Disponible Chez Mouser Et Digi-Key

Energy Micro a commencé à livrer ses microcontrôleurs Wonder Gecko, les plus récents et les plus avancés de la famille EFM32 et pour lesquels les composants et les kits de conception sont maintenant disponibles. L’EFM32 Wonder Gecko intègre le processeur ARM Cortex-M4, qui fournit un jeu d’instruction DSP complet et une unité à virgule flottante (FPU) dédiée. De plus, ce MCU utilise la technologie silicium eLL (extreme low leakage)...

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13th May 2013
800 fps Footage Of The EFM32 Wonder Gecko Cortex-M4 FPU And DSP MCU

We just had some fun shooting some slow motion footage of the ARM Cortex-M4 based EFM32 Wonder Gecko microcontrollers. Geeky and nerdy, we know! EFM32 Wonder Gecko MCUs have a FPU floating point unit and dsp instructions to boost performance, and the well known Gecko Technology for extremely efficient sleep modes.

13th May 2013
Energy Micro Announces Energy Efficient EFM32 Wonder Gecko MCU

Energy Micro is shipping its latest and most advanced microcontroller yet, the EFM32 Wonder Gecko, with devices and development kits available immediately. The Wonder Gecko MCU includes the ARM Cortex-M4 processor that provides a full DSP instruction set and a dedicated floating point unit. The EFM32 Wonder Gecko also utilises the extreme low leakage process for ultimate low-power operation in active and sleep modes.

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30th April 2013
Decades Of Cores - From AVR To ARM

Alf-Egil Bogen, Chief Marketing Officer at Energy Micro, talks about the migration from Atmel's AVR to ARM microcontrollers over the decades.

30th April 2013
Energy Micro Chosen As ARM University Education Partner

Energy Micro has been selected by ARM to help extend its long-running university program through a focus on the ARM Cortex-M series processors. ARM has chosen Energy Micro to be one of its first partners in this new initiative in recognition of Energy Micro’s strong commitment to the ARM Cortex architecture and the training, tools and support it already offers to its customers.

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25th April 2013
Hack-a-Gecko Project: Beer Temperature Tester

How can you tell which beer is cold enough and others are not? The project is designed to find which beer has the best temperature to drink at the moment. The team used 24 LM35 Precision Centigrade analog temp-sensors mounted at the bottom of the beer case to measure the beer can temperature. The sensors were then connected to the EFM32 Giant Gecko development kit.

12th April 2013
ARM Keil RTX RTOS Offers Power-Saving Mode On Energy Micro EFM32 Cortex-M MCUs

Energy Micro announces the immediate availability of the Keil RTX real-time operating system as part of its Simplicity Studio tool suite. The Keil RTX, which has been optimised for ARM Cortex-M processors to provide flexible scheduling and high-speed operation, has been extended by Energy Micro to enable an ultra-low power, deep-sleep mode between tasks.

Automotice Microsite
9th April 2013
Le système d’exploitation ARM temps réel RTX de Keil apporte aux MCU Cortex-M EFM32 d’Energy Micro un mode tickless économe en énergie

Energy Micro annonce la disponibilité immédiate du système d’exploitation temps réel (RTOS) RTX de Keil dans sa suite d’outils Simplicity Studio. Optimisé pour les processeurs ARM Cortex-M, le noyau RTX de Keil offre une fonction souple d’ordonnancement des tâches (scheduling) et une grande réactivité ; Energy Micro lui ajouté un mode sommeil profond d’ultra-basse consommation, utilisable entre l’exécution des tâches.

26th February 2013
Energy Micro Appoint AVR MCU Co-Inventor, Alf-Egil Bogen, as Chief Marketing Officer

Energy Micro announces the appointment of Alf-Egil Bogen as Chief Marketing Officer. Bogen, one of the inventors of the successful AVR microcontroller, has been in the microcontroller industry for over 20 years and most recently served as VP of Marketing and CMO with Atmel Corporation where he was based in San Jose, CA, for the last 4 years.

13th February 2013
Energy Micro Offers High-End Touch Graphics Solution For Energy Efficient MCU Applications With TouchGFX

Energy Micro has partnered with Mjolner Informatics to demonstrate a smartphone-like graphical user interface running on its EFM32 Giant Gecko microcontroller. This demonstration, developed using Mjolner's TouchGFX technology and featuring full touch control, can be seen on Energy Micro's booth at Embedded World later this month. Mjolner will also present a paper in one of the conference sessions at this event to explain more about the features a...

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