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11th October 2022
Torque friction and adjustable cabinet hinges from EMKA

As specialist manufacturers of enclosure hardware, EMKA are pleased to offer their programme of robust Torque Friction Hinges, which can serve the function of a door stay and beneficially save the cost and installation of a separate stay component, even allowing up to 180 degrees of door opening.

12th July 2022
Precision fit closure technology secures robotic controls

KUKA relies on EMKA’s precision fit closures and hinges. So, when it was developing new modular control cabinets for its robot controller and central power supply, the team at EMKA was an obvious choice.

16th June 2022
EMKA locking technology suits international enclosure OEM

Flexible design and reliable application are essential features of hardware components for large enclosure OEMs such as Rittal. In order to set up control and switchgear systems as quickly as possible and to operate them safely, system engineers need a wide range of electro-technical components that must meet a variety of requirements in order to interact.

12th May 2022
EMKA Smart lock management for SICHERT outdoor cabinets

SICHERT is a company that produces outdoor and multifunctional enclosures as part of a secure system for complex infrastructures.

23rd February 2022
Biometric locking from EMKA for server racks

EMKA have continued their work in the cabinet security industry with their biometric “at the door” system for data centre racking and other sensitive data applications across the financial and public service environments, as well as for vulnerable industrial situations.

9th February 2022
EMKA virtual exhibition tour of specialist panel hardware

EMKA’s virtual showroom provides an online tour of EMKA products and applications from an exhibition perspective.

26th January 2022
EMKA hardware for machine building and production engineering

EMKA engineers have stayed at the forefront of hardware developments by maintaining a close relationship with their customers.

11th January 2022
EMKA hardware packages for specialist industries

The arduous nature of railway carriage and lineside applications ensures a high degree of overlap with other industries such as agriculture, commercial vehicles and marine, which call for similar product characteristics.

14th December 2021
EMKA full package of air conditioning hardware

The EMKA range of Air Conditioning HVAC specialist panel hardware comprises a full program of heavy-duty vibration resistant latches, lift and turn latches, pull handles, pull with quarter turn and 180° hinges and P type gasket profiles which may be provided in continuous sealed rings.

News & Analysis
29th October 2021
EMKA 2021 main catalogue covers locking technology for cabinets and enclosures

For specialist panel builders and installers, the latest must-have 2021 main catalogue from EMKA covers their broad programme of ingenious locking technology hardware for industrial cabinets and enclosures.

2nd March 2020
Latch Locks catalogue for special sectors

The EMKA 2020 catalogue and online offering expresses renewed emphasis on hardware for niche industries where locks and latches are required to meet particular criteria appropriate to sectors such as railways, HVAC, hygiene areas and caravans/mobile homes and trailers.

13th January 2020
Electromechanical invisible internal locking for mobile homes

Externally invisible locking is offered by the new EMKA ePush-Lock, meeting the need for a comfortable non-handle locking system. This flat design style of internal locking handle is the trend for mobile homes and many other applications where it is advantageous to disguise opening panels.

3rd April 2019
Invisible gear hinge a 180° fit for railway doors

It has been announced that the new EMKA 1007 program concealed gear hinge, often referred to in the industry as ‘SOSS’ type is a hidden 180° opening unit mounted within the width thickness of the doors with a minimum dimension of 33mm. Smooth sliding action and improved appearance are additionally offered by this rugged hinge which as well as being hidden is also resistant to vandalism.

28th March 2019
Custom locking solutions for railway applications

The experienced engineers at EMKA are well aware of the varying needs of industrial markets worldwide, the Railway industry of course is one in particular where they have both a standard product and significant custom design focus. Of course, custom design is applicable to large and small production quantities, but is always targeted at achieving the best lock, latch, sealing solution for rail related applications.

20th March 2019
Railway program 1001 safety latch lock has visual indicator

As a long-time partner of the train and transport industry, EMKA is constantly working on new and innovative locking developments like their IP65 Stainless Steel Safety Latch Lock with red/green visual position indicator. This flush mounted unit is tamper and vibration proof for rear mounting on doors of 5mm thickness where fully flush appearance is required, otherwise a slight inset or upstand is presented.

27th February 2019
Flush mounting quarter-turn and compression latches for railway

EMKA’s new catalogue of Ingenious Locking Technology for the Railroad Industry includes many new approaches to the specific needs of rail installers. The Program 1057 flush mounting quarter-turn latch is one such item. Designed for rear fitting to door panels of 3.5-21mm thickness and to present a very neat flush and vandal-resistant face, this lock is partnered with its sister Program 1000 IP65 stainless steel compression latch for mountin...

10th January 2019
Stainless steel tamper-proof compression latch for railway use

Vibration and tampering are both addressed with the new Program 1000 stainless steel compression latch from EMKA for use in railway applications. This IP65 latch offers a high degree of vandal-resistance by virtue of its tube key mechanism requiring a special internally profiled key to open/close and to operate the 6mm gasket compression featured by turning the key 90° - once to close the latch and then again to compress the gasket.

7th December 2018
eCam electromechanical lock offers convenient vehicle security

The new eCam from EMKA provides a secure electromechanical locking system to prevent opening of a manually operated latch/lock even when forced from the outside. The EMKA eCam is designed especially for trailers, mobile homes and RVs where it enables multiple locking/unlocking from a remote central point.

Mechanical Components
25th July 2018
Stainless steel hinges for specialist enclosures

Stainless steel is of course known for its robust strength under arduous corrosive conditions and that is exactly why EMKA chose it for their program of high performance specialist cabinet/enclosure hinges.

5th April 2018
Gasket profiles design especially for enclosures and vehicles

Carrying an extensive stock of standard gasket profiles for enclosures, cabinets, vehicles, HVAC and similar, specialist hardware company EMKA have extruded sections which provide a simple and effective means of sealing to common IP ratings such as IP44, IP55, IP65, IP66.

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