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Aerospace & Defence
23rd January 2023
RTEMS Qualification Data Package for safety-critical space missions

The RTEMS real-time operating system has been established in industry and especially spaceflight for decades.

Test & Measurement
23rd January 2023
"SaLTShaker" development platform puts long-term availability on the fast track

SaLTShaker aims to protect development investments through its long-term producibility.

Aerospace & Defence
20th January 2022
RTEMS qualifies for the space domain

A major boost for many RTEMS (real-time executive multiprocessor systems) applications has been achieved: The European Space Agency ESA certifies the open-source real-time operating system RTEMS in the SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) configuration for Criticality Category C and D.

Aerospace & Defence
26th February 2021
Perseverance rover reaches Mars with RTEMS

After years of preliminary work by NASA and a traversed flight distance of 292 million miles, the Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars on 18th February 2021. One of the main goals of the Mars mission is to search for signs of primeval microbial life. The rover will analyse the geology of the planet and the climate of earlier times, and will be the first mission to collect and store Martian rocks and regolith (broken rocks and dust).

9th January 2019
Gigabit data logger for high-speed and ADAS applications

For the development and validation of systems for autonomous vehicle management, real traffic scenarios are usually simulated and tested in the laboratory. Since pre-processing is carried out directly in the sensor front end with modern radar sensors, this can result in a gap in coverage during the testing and validation of object detection. In addition, the optimisation of algorithms for testing in real traffic is very complex and seldom reliabl...

Events News
19th May 2017
Symmetric multi-processing for presentation at DASIA 2017

  embedded brains will hold a lecture on the SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) extension of the open-source real time RTEMS operating system on May 31st 2017, at this years DASIA (Data Systems in Aerospace) conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.  

Events News
31st March 2017
Embedded brains to lecture at data systems in aerospace conference

At this years´ DASIA - Data Systems in Aerospace - conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, embedded brains will hold a lecture on the SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) extension of the open-source real-time RTEMS operating system on May 31, 2017. The presentation will be held by the software architect Sebastian Huber and will focus on the SMP-specific extensions and the time response scaling.

6th May 2015
ADAS or Autonomous Vehicles?

Many analysts are secretly consulting their crystal balls to predict the automotive future. Regardless of what it will bring; high tech sensor systems will definitely play a decisive role. By Thomas Doerfler, Managing Director, embedded brains GmbH.

1st December 2014
Can wireless sensors enable tomorrow's homes?

How can wireless sensors enable the autonomous homes of tomorrow? By Christian Mauderer, System Design Engineer, Software and Hardware Development, embedded brains.

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