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Mixed Signal/Analog
3rd November 2016
K-band DAC achieves signal generation up to 26.5GHz

A 6GSps Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC) has been announced by e2v. The EV12DS460 can achieve clean signal generation up to 26.5GHz. The EV12DS460 from e2v performs signal generation directly in the K-band frequency (18-27GHz), removing the need for signal up-conversion and the costly mixers that perform this task.

Aerospace & Defence
28th September 2016
e2v & GaN Systems form global alliance

A master supply agreement between e2v and GaN Systems establishes e2v as the global supplier of GaN Systems’ 100V and 650V hi-rel GaN transistor products and customer care for the A&D market.

26th September 2016
World’s first 14-bit resolution digitiser for OCT applications

SP Devices, an e2v company, has launched the ADQ14OCT, the first 14-bit digitiser for Swept-Source (SS) Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) that offers unrivalled noise and distortion performance. Built on SP Devices’ original 14-bit digitiser, the ADQ14OCT has been optimised for the SS-OCT market through variable clock input compatability of 10-1000 MHz and the addition of embedded signal processing functions in the Field-Programmable ...

Aerospace & Defence
20th September 2016
FRAC-N Phase-Locked Loop suited for commercial space applications

  The founder of RF SOI (silicon on insulator) and pioneer of advanced RF solutions, Peregrine Semiconductor Group and e2v have introduced the PE97640, an ultra-low phase noise FRAC-N Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) for commercial space applications. 

20th September 2016
The world’s first 14-bit resolution digitiser for OCT applications

Built on SP Devices’ original 14-bit digitiser, the ADQ14OCT has been optimised for the SS-OCT market through variable clock input compatability of 10-1,000MHz and the addition of embedded signal processing functions in the Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). These changes facilitate a simplified system design that increases overall system performance to match the most challenging measurement situations.

Aerospace & Defence
20th July 2016
World’s smallest computer designed for aerospace applications

e2v has partnered with French electronic design specialists, Adeneo, to develop an innovative, powerful and pocket-sized avionics computer weighing less than 300g. The computer achieves its ultra-compact size by combining e2v’s processing expertise and Adeneo’s state-of-the-art design and manufacturing capabilities.

Mixed Signal/Analog
15th July 2016
Digital-to-analogue data converter awarded certification from DLA

The latest 12-bit space grade Digital-to-Analogue data Converter (DAC) from e2v has been awarded QML class V certification from the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). e2v’s EV12DS130B DAC device family has been awarded the globally recognised space qualification of QML class V by the US DLA, increasing e2v’s portfolio of QML qualified data converters. 

13th June 2016
e2v unveils first dual channel space grade A/D converter

The EV12AD550 1.5GSps ADC from e2v supports high dynamic range at 4.5GHz and S-band direct digitisation, which enables space systems to avoid costly down conversion requirements. Future Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Earth observation systems, for example, will be able to operate this ADC at up to 5.5GHz without the need for down conversion.

4th February 2016
e2v acquires Signal Processing Devices

e2v has strengthened its investment in high performance electronic solutions with the acquisitioni of Swedish signal processing design and development company, Signal Processing (SP) Devices. SP Devices offer expertise in embedded error correction solutions for signal processing sub-systems and provides digitisers for demanding applications such as communications, radar and signal intelligence.

Mixed Signal/Analog
8th December 2015
Next gen 12-bit ADC offers 5.4GSps

e2v’s EV12AS350 is set to be the only 12-bit resolution ADC on the market that combines signal digitisation at 5.4GSps, instantaneous bandwidth in excess of 3GHz and latency as low as 26 clock cycles with a noise of -150dBm/Hz. Unlike other ADCs on the market, it will be free of non-harmonic spurs, creating a pure signal for coders to manipulate in a range of demanding applications.

2nd December 2015
Companies to launch state-of-the-art transmitter receiver board

Utilising the power of e2v’s next-generation Analogue-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC) technologies, ApisSys is developing its most advanced transmitter receiver board to date, the AV125. The prototype is scheduled for release mid-2016.

Mixed Signal/Analog
8th September 2015
DACs bring microwave capabilities

e2v’s next gen DAC, the EV12DS400, brings an advanced combination of microwave capabilities and multi-Nyquist operation and is now ready for general sampling. The EV12DS400 offers the highest levels of spectral purity, coupled with a vast analogue bandwidth, facilitating new ways to architect challenging RF and microwave systems. It provides design versatility and opens up novel and previously unimagined applications.

17th June 2015
Freescale’s T4 series MPUs now feature extended reliability

e2v has released extended reliability versions of Freescale’s T4 series of MPUs. The high-reliability series, including T4240 (24 virtual cores), T4160 (16 virtual cores) and T4080 (8 virtual cores), will be showcased at this year’s Freescale Technology Forum in Texas, 22nd to 25th June, at booth 238.

11th March 2015
MRAM device offers SRAM-compatible 35ns read/write timing

Offering a significantly decreased package footprint size, e2v has announced the release of a stacked-package 32Mb MRAM-based product, the highest density MRAM device in the industry. The EV5A16B is a stacked solution, featuring two 16Mb MRAM devices from Everspin Technologies, and is offered in a 54-pin stacked-package TSOP.

30th September 2011
e2v first to introduce 12bit 1.5 GSPS analogue to digital converter with both direct RF sampling in L-band and low input voltage range

Building on the performance of its true single core high bandwidth family of ADCs with direct RF sampling, e2v announces the launch of EV12AS200, a 12-bit 1.5 GSPS analogue to digital converter. The new ADC combines the benefits of direct RF sampling up to L band, calibration free stable performance versus temperature and a wider choice of ADC input driving options, thanks to the lowest input voltage range on the market for 12bit GSPS ADCs.

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