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13th September 2019
´╗┐Wirelessly powered electronic paper displays for IoT

Ossia, e-peas, and E Ink, have announced that they have successfully developed a wirelessly-powered Electronic Paper Display (EPD) prototype system that is entirely battery-free. This system can be successfully operated and wirelessly powered at-a-distance in a dynamic environment, without the need for any wires or batteries.

25th April 2019
Energy harvesting technology enables accurate animal tracking

  Highlighting the huge application potential of the company’s advanced power management ICs (PMICs), e-peas has confirmed that its AEM10941 devices for photovoltaic energy harvesting are being incorporated into tracking equipment employed in Australian cattle ranches.

15th March 2019
Ultra-low power technology for thermally-based energy harvesting

A new power management IC specifically optimised for energy harvesting from thermal sources in wireless sensors application has been introduced by e-peas. Supplied in a space-saving 28-pin QFN package, the AEM20940 is a highly advanced device based on proprietary technology that is capable of extracting available input current up to levels of 110mA.

14th December 2017
Powering up the promotion of ultra-low power ICs

  In order to gain greater traction for its game-changing energy management technology, e-peas has begun building a supply chain network to support it. The Belgian startup has announced the first three in what will be a series of distribution partnerships that it is currently establishing, with more announcements being made in the near future.

13th October 2016
PMIC ensures more efficient energy harvesting

Belgium-based e-peas has announced the availability of its first IC, the AEM10940, which ensures higher levels of efficiency in energy harvesting applications. The AEM10940 utilises e-peas unique proprietary energy management technology in order to maximize the efficiency with which electronic hardware draws energy from the ambient environment.

24th February 2016
Evaluation board opens up opportunities for IoT deployments

e-peas has introduced the first in a series of innovative products with the objective of revolutionising power delivery in IoT applications, such as remote monitoring and building automation. The AEM10940 evaluation board showcases the company’s proprietary energy management technology - allowing engineers to experiment with the AEM10940 power IC platform and analyse its performance parameters in a controlled, laboratory-like environment.

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