PMIC ensures more efficient energy harvesting

13th October 2016
Barney Scott

Belgium-based e-peas has announced the availability of its first IC, the AEM10940, which ensures higher levels of efficiency in energy harvesting applications. The AEM10940 utilises e-peas unique proprietary energy management technology in order to maximize the efficiency with which electronic hardware draws energy from the ambient environment.

This device, which is now in full scale production, is set to have major implications for the various power-frugal sensing applications currently emerging – including those covering all aspects of the IoT, wearables, home automation, industrial monitoring and wireless geolocation, etc.

“The AEM10940 will be critical when it comes to meeting the requirements of new systems that require every millijoule of energy to operate. The versatility of this device makes it possible to use it in all types of DC energy harvesting and energy storage systems,” explains Thierry Keutgen, Product Marketing Director, e-peas. “This special module allows developers to extend the battery life of their systems drastically. In many cases, it even eliminates the need for primary energy storage, which not only reduces space requirements, but also avoids maintenance costs in areas that are often difficult to access.”

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