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26th March 2020
Dynamic braking resistors and elevator efficiency

As cities continue to grow, it seems like the only way is up. Increasing urbanisation in recent decades has led construction companies to build upwards, with the construction of over 500 high-rise towers in the pipeline for the city of London alone.

14th February 2020
Electrifying the track!

Faced with growing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, European countries are increasingly making moves to power trains with electricity instead of diesel. In the UK, however, progress has often appeared hampered. Simone Bruckner, Managing Director at Cressall Resistors, looks at why the electrification of rail transport should be prioritised.

10th January 2020
Surge suppressors for extra power protection

Compact and easy to install, ZORC suppressors can halve the magnitude of steep wave-front surges by providing a matched cable terminating impedance under transient conditions, eliminating any refraction of the surges. As well as protecting motors, generators and transformers throughout their service life, the suppressors also help prevent costly equipment downtime that could occur as a result of insulation failure.

8th January 2020
Busting electric vehicle myths

Following a surprise break into the EV market, Dyson’s £2bn project came to the end of the road in October 2019. As the famed maker of vacuum cleaners and hair dryers failed to find a way to make its project commercially viable, is the EV hype fizzling out? Simone Bruckner, Managing Director of Cressall Resistors, busts some of the myths in EV uptake.

4th December 2019
Down to the wire: A resistor’s role in laying cables

While we may associate data with being up in the clouds, it’s very much in the ocean too. Beneath our seas lie thousands of cables, tasked with carrying the world’s internet traffic. These cables form a vital communications network - and the world would seem like a much bigger place without them. What is less often considered is how these cables made it to the sea floor in the first place. Simone Bruckner, Managing Director at Cr...

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15th November 2019
The impact of the latest emissions regulations on generators

Air pollution is now the biggest environmental risk to public health in the UK. As unregulated medium sized combustion plants (MCPs) and generators are a known source of significant air pollution, addressing their environmental impact is crucial. Here, Andrew Keith, product development director at power resistor manufacturer Cressall Resistors, discusses the changes to emissions regulations and what they mean for power maintenance.

29th October 2019
What’s fuelling our data?

In 2018, Chinese data centres produced 99 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) - generating the equivalent environmental footprint of around 21 million cars. With global data traffic more than doubling every four years, it’s no surprise that the environmental impact of data centres is coming under scrutiny. Here, Simone Bruckner, Managing Director of Cressall Resistors, investigates the efficiency of our data centres.

27th September 2019
The resistors made for renewable energy

In recent years, renewable energy options have become much more efficient and feasible. This has led to a large adoption of these applications, an especially poignant point in the face of current environmental issues. However, just like all other power generation methods these applications require resistors. 

4th September 2019
The critical condition of hospital power

In August 2019, Ipswich Hospital plunged into darkness after it was hit during a 15-minute UK-wide power outage. The trust revealed that the disruption caused the unit’s circuit breaker to fail, briefly cutting the electrical supply to outpatients and the x-ray department. Luckily, the hospital’s back-up generators took over and prevented risk to both patients and life-saving medical equipment. 

28th August 2019
How do you select the right resistor for harmonic filtering?

The range and complexity of electrical equipment has increased dramatically in recent years. An unwanted consequence of this rise is the creation of harmonic currents, which can cause voltage distortion and quality problems. Here Simone Bruckner, Managing Director at Cressall Resistors, has discussed the different harmonic filter resistors that are used to combat these increasing harmonic levels.

6th February 2019
Essential questions when designing an enclosure

The power resistor manufacturer, Cressall, has released an informative infographic explaining the essential questions to ask when designing an enclosure. The guide aims to support design engineers as well as resistor end users across all industries to understand the requirements of their power resistor enclosure. 

4th January 2019
Consumer reluctance and electric vehicle uptake

Power resistor manufacturer, Cressall has produced an infographic that explains the reasons why consumers are sceptical about electric vehicles, and how the industry should respond to this reluctance. By supporting design engineers to increase their understanding of consumer concerns, Cressall hopes the industry will be able to overcome many of the challenges it faces.

4th January 2019
Electrifying vehicle technologies in the modern age

Despite appearing to be a modern phenomenon, the first electric vehicle took to the road in 1832 and in 1899, outselling all other available options, including steam and gasoline powered vehicles. Since 1935, with the invention of the internal combustion engines, gasoline-powered vehicles have become the popular choice. This changed in 2016, which saw a record in the sale of electric vehicles worldwide, with 750,000 cars sold.

10th September 2018
One manufacturer’s junk is another’s gold

They say that one man’s junk can be another man’s gold and, although one may think that the saying only applies to car boot sales, the maxim also illustrates the state of the industrial power resistor market. Here, Martin Nicholls, sales director at Cressall Resistors, offers advice to manufacturers and plant managers who need to replace old or obsolete electrical resistors.

5th September 2018
Water cooling multiplies brake resistor power density

There would seem to be a world of difference between the current generation of advanced electric sports cars and the heavy industries where Leicester based electrical resistor manufacturer, Cressall Resistors traditionally operates. However, the common denominator is a lightweight 25kW water-cooled resistor, as Martin Nicholls of Cressall explains.

20th July 2018
The braking resistors that will not break

One of the most popular works of Renaissance sculpture is Michelangelo’s David, a piece that has become synonymous with human strength and beauty. Despite its seemingly perfect proportions, a basic design flaw of the statue has recently been brought to light. Recurring micro-fractures in the ankles might cause the statue to collapse under its own weight. Author: David Atkins, Projects Director at Cressall Resistors

20th June 2018
Load bank testing mitigates standby generation failure

  Companies in general and data centres, in particular, have become increasingly reliant on the security and continuity of their power supply. Simone Bruckner, Managing Director of Cressall Resistors, explains why regular load bank testing should be a crucial part of any company’s standby strategy.

24th May 2018
Electrifying vehicle technologies in the modern era

Despite appearing to be a modern phenomenon, the first electric vehicle took to the road in 1832 and in 1899, outselling all other available options, including steam and gasoline powered vehicles. Since 1935, with the invention of the internal combustion engines, gasoline-powered vehicles have become the popular choice. This changed in 2016, which saw a record in the sale of electric vehicles worldwide, with 750,000 cars sold.

27th March 2018
Research and development: industry’s road to success

Manufacturing flexibility has never been as important for industry as it is today. In a world of interconnected devices and smart factories, the ability of a manufacturer to innovate and adapt to its customers’ requirements is vital. For many manufacturers, the road to innovation starts with research and development (R&D). Here Andrew Keith, engineering director of power resistor manufacturer Cressall Resistors, discusses the role ...

23rd October 2017
The role of resistors in South America

South America’s unique geography means it has a wide diversity of wildlife unique to the continent. The llama, anaconder, anteater, agoiti and chinchilla are just some of the 40% of the world’s plant and animal species native to South America. Here, Stewart Wittering, Marketing Director for South America at resistor manufacturer, Cressall Resistors, explains how the South American geography and climate affects the resistor market.

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