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4th August 2023
Securing EV power systems

Developments in the electric vehicle (EV) market are advancing at a rapid pace, with consumer uptake on the increase and the end of the road for newly manufactured ICE vehicles fast approaching.

4th July 2023
Are EVs too heavy?

In June 2023, the Institution of Structural Engineers published a report suggesting that the weight of our cars is too much for many multi-storeys built in the 60s and 70s.

15th June 2023
Are we on track to meet solar power targets?

In April 2023, a report published by the House of Commons stated that, at the UK’s current pace of change, it will miss its target of decarbonising the power sector by 2035.

10th May 2023
Cressall Resistors to exhibit at The Battery Show Europe

Automotive resistor manufacturer, Cressall Resistors, is exhibiting its range of products and services for the automotive industry at The Battery Show Europe 23—25 May 2023.

9th May 2023
Breaking down the biggest misconceptions surrounding EVs

Despite the expected shift towards electric and zero emission vehicles, there’s still a lot of controversy surrounding them. Are they really any cheaper to run? What’s their true environmental impact?

11th April 2023
Fuel cell versus battery trucks

By 2040, all new heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) sold in the UK must be zero-emission.

24th March 2023
What’s still holding back EV sales?

In his 2022 Autumn Statement, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced that electric vehicle owners will have to pay road tax from 2025. Critics say the move will further hinder consumers from purchasing an EV sooner than they need to. But, even as EV adoption continues to climb, what are the other reasons holding people back from making the switch? Here, Simone Bruckner, Managing Director of Cressall outlines the three reasons why consumers remain reluc...

Cyber Security
1st February 2023
Cressall Resistors gets Cyber Essentials certified

Resistor manufacturer, Cressall Resistors, has recently received a Cyber Essentials certification – a government-backed scheme developed by the National Cyber Security Centre and delivered by IASME Governance.

Eco Innovation
9th August 2022
The hydrogen catalyst to the EV revolution

From charging stations to electricity generation, projects across the UK are appearing, fuelled by new regulations and investment pledges across all stages of the EV supply chain.

13th June 2022
Improving electric vehicle efficiency at The Battery Show Europe

Cressall Resistors is exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe from June 28 to 30, 2022 at Messe Stuttgart, Germany.

24th May 2022
Dedicated to the load bank cause

High power resistor manufacturer Cressall Resistors has launched a new division specifically for its load bank range, Power Prove.

12th May 2022
The role of resistors in powering icebreaker ships

Sea ice covers around 12% of the world’s oceans, blocking the path for ships attempting to travel across the Earth’s coldest regions.

Alternative Energy
12th April 2022
All aboard: how railways can lower transport emissions

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that passenger and freight transport activity will more than double by 2050. Railway transport provides an efficient solution to meet growing transport demand, and electrification offers a way to meet expectations with minimal environmental impact. Here, Simone Bruckner, Managing Director of Cressall, explains how rail transport can help lower transport’s emissions.

13th September 2021
What is regenerative braking?

Imagine if you could reclaim some of the energy you lose throughout the day, without needing to rest. Did you know that electric vehicles (EVs) are able to do this through regenerative braking?

26th August 2021
A zero carbon transportation system

In July 2021, the UK Government unveiled its plan to decarbonise the entire domestic transport system to align with the net zero by 2050 target. All forms of domestic transport will be decarbonised - on land, air and sea. Simone Bruckner Managing Director of automotive resistor manufacturer Cressall, investigates how transport manufacturers can support these plans and cut out transport’s carbon reliance.

12th August 2021
The hydrogen future of Europe’s automotive market

April 2021 saw the latest collaboration in support of fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) uptake, with automotive manufacturer Nikola announcing plans to create a hydrogen pipeline and refuelling system across Europe. What technology is required to make hydrogen a viable option both in terms of sustainability and automotive efficiency? Here Simone Bruckner, Managing Director of automotive resistor manufacturer Cressall Resistors, investigates hydro...

20th July 2021
Load bank manufacturer launches power control chopper

In response to growing demand for more precise power dissipation, load bank manufacturer Power Prove has launched a dedicated IGBT-based electronic power control chopper, for continuous regulation of its load bank product offering. The power control chopper can be easily integrated into load banks to achieve high power dissipation and a degree of precision superior to that offered by any competitor.

7th July 2021
Electrifying the UK heavy vehicle market

The Department for Transport Statistics reports that there were 485,900 heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) licenced in the UK in 2020, but only 400 of these were battery electric powered. With HGVs being a significant contributor of carbon emissions, will we see an increase in electric power? Here, Simone Bruckner, Managing Director of power resistor manufacturer Cressall, has explored the potential of electrifying the UK heavy vehicle market.

Alternative Energy
23rd June 2021
The role of generator choice in consistent wind power

The Danish government recently made history with the commission of the world’s first energy island. The island will house 200 giant wind turbines to power three million households across Denmark, and could support neighbouring nations such as Germany and the UK. Although wind is abundant, ensuring a consistent, high-quality power output can be challenging. Here, Simone Bruckner, Managing Director of Cressall Resistors explains the importanc...

9th June 2021
Powering the shift to electric mines with resistors

The development of mining vehicles has taken many twists and turns throughout its 500-year history — from wooden carts to diesel-fuelled trucks and most recently, electric vehicles (EVs). Increasing environmental, financial and governmental pressures are driving the mining industry towards electrification. Here, Simone Bruckner, Managing Director of Cressall Resistors has investigated the benefits of electrified underground mining and ...

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