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25th January 2021
Power quality experts join forces

CP Automation, has been appointed as a Powerside PRO partner by Power Security Solutions provider and products manufacturer, Powerside. CP Automation joins Powerside’s growing network of 44 worldwide Powerside PRO partners and will supply the company’s compact and versatile PQube 3 Power Analysers to the UK market.

2nd December 2020
Understanding utility capacitor bank switching transients

According to the IEEE Guide on the Surge Environment in Low-Voltage (1,000V and Less) AC Power Circuits C62.41.1-2002, utility capacitor bank switching transients is an issue that exists in nearly every electrical system. Here, John Mitchell, Global Sales & Marketing Director at CP Automation, offers an accessible introduction to this topic, and details why effective surge protection is the answer.

2nd October 2020
CP Automation appoints new business development manager

CP Automation has appointed Jim Rosser as business development manager to oversee the complementary products to variable speed drives (VSDs) and materials handling areas of the business. The new appointment will facilitate the strategic expansion of the company’s operations.

3rd September 2020
CP Automation acquires Magnetek’s UK elevator business

As part of its wider growth plans, CP Automation has acquired Magnetek Elevator UK. The acquisition will bolster CP Automation’s product offering in the elevator market and will ensure that existing Magnetek Elevator customers continue to access high quality products and suitable customer support in the EMEA, Australia and New Zealand markets.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment
19th August 2020
Improving surge protection

Millions of surge protection units in the field are not providing adequate protection for today’s microprocessor-based equipment. As John Mitchell, Global Business Development Manager at CP Automation explains why Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) must be brought up to speed.

20th May 2020
Why should your business monitor power quality?

On August 9th, 2019, a lightning storm caused blackouts across parts of the UK. Although the blackout lasted for less than an hour, around one million people were affected. In light of this event, John Mitchell, global sales & marketing director at supply, installation and repair specialist CP Automation, has explained why modern power quality protection is essential for your facility.

16th December 2019
Reduced energy costs for Namibian dairy farm

Biogas, consisting of approximately 97% methane, is the most environmentally friendly fuel available. However, when one dairy farm in Namibia aimed to shift its entire energy supply to biogas electricity generation, too-high electrical currents and potential power quality issues meant harmonics and surge protection specialist, CP Automation was required to help with the green-project. 

13th September 2018
The power of the port

The journey from tree to power station can be treacherous for the humble wood pellet, but there is a lot riding on the successful delivery of this biomass fuel to power stations across the world. The cornerstone of the journey of these wood pellets are the ports that import this valuable cargo to be delivered to power stations across the UK. So, what would happen if these ports where to lose mains power supply? That’s exactly what happ...

Component Management
9th February 2018
Reduce waste and increase production

CP Automation now supplies SmartMotion web guide controllers from converting industry component manufacturer, RE-spa. The controllers improve feed accuracy and reduce waste for anyone winding, unwinding or printing on paper, aluminium, plastic or card. The SmartMotion controller fuses drive technology with a stepper motor, reducing the amount of wiring and resulting in a single, compact device that can be incorporated into a new machine, or ...

17th November 2016
Don’t let the harmonics grind you down

In 1976, it was discovered that the bacteria causing Legionnaires disease, an atypical strain of pneumonia, had always been present in water, but it was the precise temperature of the water in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that facilitated the bacteria’s maximum reproduction levels. This is just one example of the unintended consequences of technology.

5th October 2016
Don’t take your IGBT for granted

In the form of a brake chopper, incorporated into the device, many drives manufacturers actually design and build their products with a seventh Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT). Global Business Development Manager of Maintenance and Repair Specialist at CP Automation, John Mitchell is going to look at the dangers of taking the IGBT for granted.

11th July 2016
Customer request produces 690V solar EMC filters

A high voltage, high performance three-phase EMC filter range from Roxburgh EMC is available at specialist distributor CP Automation The KMF3420V is specifically designed for use with high kW inverters used in photovoltaic solar power applications. The filters are fitted on inverters to minimise harmful electromagnetic noise that can damage electrical equipment or cause spurious malfunctions

13th June 2016
Think outside the box for cranes and hoists

When contemplating entering the cranes and hoists market, panel builders and system integrators need to think outside the box - not only laterally but vertically as well. Mainstream horizontal applications like conveyors cannot be shoehorned into the same category as cranes and hoists. Tony Young, owner and director of CP Automation explains the complexities of vertical lift applications.

2nd March 2016
Keeping costs down while increasing productivity

European manufacturers are estimated to spend over €400bn every year on maintenance activities. Studies show that about 30% of failed machinery can be repaired at half the cost of buying replacements, which suggests a potential 15% saving. John Mitchell, business development manager, CP Automation, discusses the issues that stop manufacturers cutting costs and improving productivity – the essence of lean manufacturing.

27th January 2016
Top 10 tips for mitigating harmful harmonics

The rise of non-linear loads in industrial environments over the last two decades has resulted in the growing problem of harmonic currents and utility-level voltage distortion. Facing a lack of awareness, the industry has struggled to implement effective mitigation techniques. Here, global business development manager of CP Automation, John Mitchell, discusses offers useful tips for mitigating harmonics.

22nd December 2014
Harmonic filter range ensures stable power quality

2014 has seen record levels of applications in which CP Automation's range of harmonic filters have been required, according to the company. The number and capacity of drives used in plant applications is increasing, and rising levels of harmonics are beginning to play havoc in industry, the most common problems including extreme stress on the electrical network, deterioration of the supply voltage quality and damage to equipment.

11th August 2014
Whitepaper explores different methods of harmonic mitigation

Authored by Jonas Persson, Product Manager, Comsys, a whitepaper exploring different methods of harmonic mitigation has been made available by CP Automation. Designed to tackle a lack of industry awareness, the paper will educate engineers on the most appropriate solutions to mitigate the damage caused by harmonic currents and utility level voltage distortion.

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