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Component Management
7th August 2017
Packaging protects against corrosion during shipping

Cortec’s VpCI packaging solutions use vapor phase corrosion inhibiting technology to safeguard metal components during shipping when extreme humidity changes can put metals at risk for corrosion. During the export journey, metal parts need corrosion protection from extreme environmental conditions and humidity swings. Electronics and items like expensive high tech medical diagnostic equipment such as MRIs or ultrasounds are  devic...

Component Management
12th July 2017
Biobased anti-corrosion coatings research paper at EuroCorr 2017

It has been revealed that several raw materials employed in the production of conventional anticorrosion coatings pose severe threat to environment and human health. The hazards have led to surge in government regulations that have restrained anticorrosion coatings market growth. Global market trends are moving towards sustainable and renewable materials as public is becoming more aware of importance of utilising environmentally safe solutions.&n...

7th June 2017
EcoCortec launches VpCI Plastics Recycling Project

Cortec has announced that EcoCortec is implementing European wide initiative to collect and recycle used VpCI films and bags. This is the first recycling program of this type implemented in Europe. Within the “Plastic Recycling Project” EcoCortec’s customers will send their waste material back to Croatian plant which will then be completely recycled and used for manufacturing a new product.

21st May 2017
Film extrusion plant to be expanded

Cortec is planning a major  expansion program at its Cambridge, Minnesota, film extrusion facility said to be the largest VpCI film extrusion plant in the world!Cortec Advanced Films (CAF) manufactures recyclable Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting films, which are used worldwide to protect metal parts and equipment from corrosion during storage and shipping. The plant is now looking at major expansions and improvements for the coming year.

Component Management
10th May 2017
Water-based rust prevention saves money

Cortec  has developed a  water-based rust preventative (RP) that reduces applied cost by 40% compared to a bestselling oil-based product. It is said to offer excellent corrosion protection while reducing carbon footprint and cutting common labour or disposal costs associated with traditional RPs.  

Component Management
7th April 2017
Environmentally safe corrosion inhibitor

Cortec’s VpCI-649 BD is a concentrated liquid formulation that protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosive solutions. In addition, this product is designed to provide long-term protection in fresh water, steam and glycol closed loop systems. VpCI-649 BD also includes preservatives against biogrowth.

Component Management
28th March 2017
Corrosion Protection at iTanks 2017

Cortec's European distributor, Presserv and its Tank Brigade division were invited by iTanks in Rotterdam to present a paper on the subject of corrosion protection for soil-side corrosion to tank floors in Above Ground Storage Tanks, (AST’s).

Component Management
22nd January 2017
Corrosion inhibiting coating gets protection

Cortec’s  VpCI-368 coating now has the addition of extra vapor phase corrosion inhibitors. Designed to   provide protection to metal substrates exposed to harsh outdoor conditions, the dark brown viscous liquid dries into a firm moisture-displacing wax-like film that can be removed by mineral spirits or alkaline cleaners such as Cortec’s own VpCI-414. The film can be used for a variety of applications where heavy-d...

25th October 2016
Desiccant pouch comes in a windowed or windowless form

Moisture can be harmful to circuit boards, optical devices, electronics, and items in museum storage. Mildew, mould, rust, and an overall decrease in product efficacy are all common effects of moisture, costing millions in returned or unusable products each year.

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