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12th April 2024
congatec and Thomas-Krenn develop Europe-designed embedded server

congatec and Thomas-Krenn.AG, two powerhouses for embedded and edge systems and servers, have joined forces in a new collaboration.

11th April 2024
The new 3.5-inch congatec HPC/3.5-Mini carrier board

congatec has presented the first board-level product in its line with its recently introduced aReady. strategy.

11th April 2024
Eight cores unlock advanced virtualisation potential

congatec – a provider of embedded and Edge computing technology – presents new rugged SMARC modules based on the Intel Atom x7000RE processor series (codenamed Amston Lake) and the Intel Core i3 processor.

21st March 2024
COM-HPC Mini specification is now complete

congatec, a provider of embedded and Edge computing technology, welcomes the publication of COM-HPC Carrier Design Guide Rev. 2.2, which provides developers with performance specifications and a source of inspiration for the layout of modular designs on the basis of the small 95 x 70mm COM-HPC Mini specification.

21st March 2024
The new, scalable µATX server carrier board

Congatec, a provider of embedded and Edge computing technologies, has expanded its ecosystem for modular edge servers.

14th March 2024
congatec launches new product family aReady.COM

congatec has unveiled its latest innovation: the aReady.COM product family. This marks the inaugural phase of the aReady. strategy, designed to streamline the implementation of embedded and Edge computing technology.

News & Analysis
5th March 2024
congatec enhances its Computer-on-Modules portfolio

Bosch Rexroth has opened up the Linux-based ctrlX OS operating system for embedded computer applications from congatec.

15th February 2024
Newly integrated IIoT capabilities create added value

Congatec is set to unveil a series of new IIoT Computer-on-Modules at embedded world (Hall 3, Booth 241).

30th January 2024
congatec integrates Hypervisor on its x86 COMs

congatec is now including the Hypervisor in all of its new x86 Computers-on-Modules (COMs).

9th January 2024
congatec announces new COM-HPC client modules

congatec has announced four new high-end COM-HPC Computer-on-Modules based on the 14th Generation Intel Core processors (codename Raptor Lake-S Refresh).

Artificial Intelligence
15th December 2023
Next-generation AI computing for the edge

congatec is introducing its latest range of COM Express Compact modules based on the Intel Core Ultra processors. Providing a unique combination of heterogeneous compute engines, including CPU, GPU and NPU, the new modules are an ideal fit to run demanding AI workloads at the edge.

23rd November 2023
Dominik Ressing named CEO at congatec

Dominik Ressing has been named a congatec’s new CEO. He previously served as Vice President at Avnet Embedded, where he oversaw the global embedded business of the company, including the organization formerly known as MSC.  

16th November 2023
congatec new rugged 13th Gen Intel Core COMs with soldered RAM

congatec has introduced six new COM Express Compact Computer-on-Modules based on 13th Gen Intel Core processor featuring high ruggedness.

News & Analysis
24th October 2023
congatec takes on Real-Time Systems sales

congatec will now manage the global product sales for its daughter company Real-Time Systems (RTS).

10th October 2023
congatec welcomes ratification of COM-HPC 1.2 specification

congatec welcomes PICMG's ratification of the COM-HPC 1.2 specification, which introduces the COM-HPC Mini form factor. This new specification provides high-performance capabilities in a small form factor, measuring only 95 mm x 70 mm. Even devices with limited space can now benefit from the superior bandwidth and interface offerings of COM-HPC, including PCIe Gen 5 and Thunderbolt.

29th September 2023
Edge AI and vision processing in low power envelop

Congatec, a vendor of embedded and edge computing technology, has announced the launch of its latest SMARC module 2.1 Computer-on-Modules based on Texas Instruments Jacinto 7 TDA4x or DRA8x processors.

News & Analysis
15th March 2023
Building a high-performance ecosystem for Arm based SMARC modules

Congatec, a vendor of embedded and edge computing technology, is pleased to announce that it is expanding its strategic solutions portfolio in the Arm processor sector to include Texas Instruments (TI) processors.

News & Analysis
8th March 2023
Joint COM-HPC evaluation carrier board standardisation agreement

The two German embedded and edge computing heavyweights, congatec and Kontron, have concluded a cooperation agreement to standardise the design schematics of COM-HPC evaluation carrier boards from both companies, and to publish most of these schematics in public design guides.

28th February 2023
congatec introduces a new carrier board design training program

congatec announced the launch of a new carrier board design training program to impart best practice knowledge on how to design-in leading Computer-on-Module standards COM-HPC and SMARC.

9th February 2023
congatec small form factor to complete high-performance ecosystem

congatec will be presenting its comprehensive COM-HPC ecosystem at embedded world 2023 (hall 3/booth 241). The portfolio now ranges from high-performance COM-HPC Server-on-Modules to ultra-compact and brand-new COM-HPC Client-on-Modules that is hardly larger than a credit card.

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