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13th September 2023
CLPA announces gold sponsorship of TSN/A Conference 2023

The TSN/A Conference has established itself as the premier international conference for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) experts to gather to learn the latest developments of this vital technology for the future of industrial automation. 

Events News
1st September 2022
CLPA highlights real-world advantages of TSN at TSN/A Conference

The 2022 TSN/A Conference will provide a forum to showcase practical, real-world implementations of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), which is acknowledged as the key enabler for the e-F@ctories of the future.

2nd August 2022
The future of the semiconductor industry aligns with TSN

The production of semiconductors is vital to nearly all modern technologies, helping to drive key breakthroughs in the digitalisation of industries and in our daily lives.

19th May 2022
You can create automation devices with TSN now – here’s how

Companies driving their digital transformation journeys are demanding access to all data in their manufacturing systems. This is being delivered by the concept of network convergence, enabled by Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) as part of industrial Ethernet.

18th July 2018
Companion specification simplifies information transfer

It has been announced by CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) that they have completed a companion specification with the OPC Foundation (OPCF), to simplify the tasks of information transfer between plant systems and to provide high connectivity and interoperability. This is based on the CLPA’s “CSP+ for Machine” technology.

12th December 2017
CLPA pleased with SPS show after successful collaborations

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) described the recent SPS Drives show as a great success this year, as the level of interest from visitors was a high testament to the increasing global acceptance of CC-Link IE and CC-Link. Double-digit growth year on year for the last decade has seen the installed base of CC-Link IE and CC-Link devices approach the 20 million mark, and the number of partner companies has now passed 3,000, making CLPA o...

Cyber Security
16th August 2017
Addressing security for open industrial automation networks

A working group on industrial Ethernet security has been established by the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), with the aim of providing a guideline document for users looking to build secure networks around the open gigabit Ethernet CC-Link IE technologies. In particular, the document will cover strategies for users adopting the CLPA’s Seamless Message Protocol (SLMP) and CC-Link IE Field Basic where general IP communication is used ...

6th February 2017
Webinar reveals benefits of open gigabit industrial Ethernet

Link IE, has been announced by the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA). With about 17 million compatible devices installed, the CC-Link fieldbus and its Ethernet variant, CC-Link IE, are the de-facto automation standard in Asia and have a growing following in the rest of the world.

Events News
28th October 2016
Networking openness and accessibility on show at SPS 2016

At SPS/IPC/Drives 2016 the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) will be showcasing the organisation’s commitment to increasing openness and accessibility for CC-Link IE. The CLPA will be launching the latest iteration of CC-Link IE, CC-Link IE Field Network Basic, while announcing the release of the CC-Link IE/PROFINET interoperability specification along with PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI).

13th August 2015
Changes in the network security landscape

Until a few years ago, network security focused on enterprise systems and relied on firewalls to prevent viruses from arriving electronically. Now there is increasing realisation that the production control systems need to be protected too and that viruses can be uploaded by many means. Industries as diverse as manufacturing, processing, refining, power generation, and food and drink processing are all considering ways to improve the security of ...

24th November 2014
CC-Link IE leads the way to Industry 4.0

One might argue that a technology becomes mainstream when politicians begin debating it. The German chancellor, Angela Merkel made a very interesting statement about Industry 4.0 during the national IT Summit that took place in Germany at the end of October.  By John Browett, General Manager of CLPA-Europe

12th August 2013
Will Industry 4.0 be a trade catalyst?

Industry 4.0 has been the buzzword of choice since the concept was announced in Hannover earlier this year. Looking at it from an industrial networking viewpoint, it has two major implications: the first issue is its importance to international trade; the second is its potential technical impact – particularly on networking technologies such as CC-Link. Here, in the first of two blog posts, John Browett, general manager of leading open netw...

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