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26th September 2022
ZF energy harvesting switch module with EnOcean RF technology

ZF offers a light switch module that can be fully integrated into existing EnOcean wireless systems.

20th September 2022
Energy Harvesting Switches from ZF detect status of windows

Is the window open or closed? For smart homes especially, this is an important question which is easy to answer thanks to the energy harvesting switches from ZF.

21st June 2022
E-Bike speed sensor targets high resolution signal

With the increasing popularity and growing trend of e-bikes, bicycle system suppliers have set goals to optimise power and performance of their drive systems.

13th April 2021
No batteries, no wires, no worries

  Offering freedom for the limitations of wired systems, wireless light switch modules help to ensure flexible lighting design, reduce maintenance costs and contribute to energy efficient, sustainable building design

3rd March 2020
Improving engine reactivity with hall-speed-sensor tech

With the increasing popularity and growing trend of E-Bikes, bicycle system suppliers have set goals to optimise power and performance of their drive systems. In order to support the driver in the best possible way, hall-speed-sensors are used to deliver the required data and thus adapt the engine's power support to the total speed.

13th August 2019
Energy harvesting frequencies and protocols

Due to the rising connectivity of mobile devices, industrial applications, smart home applications and vehicles, the importance of wireless technology for data communication increases continuously. Nearly every innovative and smart application benefits from wireless technology which is continuously improved and optimised. 

17th July 2019
E-bike sensor for for better system alignment

E-Bikes are becoming a more commonplace form of transport on our roads. The growing sales figures and increasing market share highlight their importance within the biking industry. E-Bike manufacturers are continually launching new innovations and technical advancements, such as manufacturer TQ-Systems who have initiated and established the market sector for premium class E-Bikes. 

12th November 2018
Modular speed and direction sensor kit at electronica

ZF Switches and Sensors have developed a very efficient modular approach to speed and direction sensing. The hall-effect sensor’s modular design allows customers to pre-select key sensor criteria including shaft length and output interface. Supplied with a plastic housing and mounting flange all standard parts meet the requirements of IP67, and notably IP69 for harsh environmental conditions with ingress protection at depths of 20-60mm...

9th November 2018
Energy harvesting engine paired with Bluetooth low energy

  The energy harvesting engine, from ZF Switches and Sensors, can now be combined with the RSL10 SIP –an ultra-low-power Bluetooth 5 certified System in Package from ON Semiconductor. This enables the switch to be used with the rapidly growing number of applications for Bluetooth Low Energy communications. 

19th March 2018
Wireless energy harvesting KNX light switch module

  At Light+Building 2018 in Frankfurt from 18th to 23rd March, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Business Unit Electronic Systems, presents the world’s first wireless energy harvesting KNX light switch module that is configurable via ETS (from ETS5). Visitors can experience the new device at ZF’s stand in Hall 9.0 B54 and at the KNX stand in Hall 8.0 F98.

16th February 2018
ZF Switches & Sensors receive award for support to distribution

  ZF Switches & Sensors has been awarded SPDEI award for quality of support and collaboration with its distribution network. SPDEI honoured 26 suppliers out of 110 nominees and ZF was one of three winners in ten electromechanical categories. The award is of particular value as it is voted on by the distributors themselves.

5th July 2017
Ivory Egg appointed UK distributor for KNX solutions

ZF Switches & Sensors, a leading manufacturer of electromechanical switch and sensor solutions for the industrial market sector, has named Ivory Egg as the first distributor for its KNX compatible Energy Harvesting Switching solutions.

25th May 2017
Angular position sensors target industrial markets

Manufacturer of electromechanical switch and sensor solutions for the industrial market sector, ZF Switches & Sensors, can now offer designers a complete range of angular position sensors based on Hall Effect technology which responds to magnetic fields generated by a (rare-earth) magnet. The sensors provide a linear change in voltage output corresponding to the rotation of the actuator. The ANG series of sensors are non-contact angular ...

28th November 2016
Smart homes made simpler with energy harvesting switches

In a world where the number of communication networks continues to increase, requirements for information transmission are also changing. Data transmission must be mobile and flexible while using as little energy as possible. One solution is energy harvesting wireless switches from ZF. They are simple and effective to use and are installed without cables or batteries. Technology for Smart Homes encompasses a wide range of solutions that...

20th November 2015
Rocker switches provide price-competitive IP65 protection

CHERRY Industrial Solutions KC, KF and KD round waterproof switches meet IP65 specifications and provide a cost-effective switching solution for the many applications requiring protection from water and dust ingress. Typical applications include on and off-road vehicles, industrial handling and agricultural equipment, medical systems, powered garden tools, lawnmowers and garden sprayers. Three product families are available: the KD and KC series ...

6th November 2015
An alternative to conventional electro mechanical switches

  Energy harvesting switches offer a maintenance-free, simple-to-install, long-lifetime alternative to conventional electro mechanical types. By Thomas Boethe, Product Manager, CHERRY Electronic Systems.

12th October 2015
Alternative solutions for costly metal housed sensors

CHERRY Industrial Solutions' modular system speed sensors offer a reliable and cost effective alternative to conventional sensors with metal housings. The latest CHERRY sensors feature a plastic flange-mount housing and are suitable for many industrial applications including electric drives with speed regulation, braking systems, off-road vehicles, agricultural vehicles and trailers, industrial trucks, industrial automation, conveyor technology, ...

9th July 2015
Energy harvesting wireless switches feature a radio range of 30m

CHERRY has released energy harvesting wireless switches for industrial applications in two standard versions: a rocker switch for actuation by hand or a snap-action switch for mechanical actuation typically by a machine as limit switch or position switch. Both variants are available for European (868MHz) or North-American (915MHz) frequency bands with a radio range of 30m inside buildings and a minimum life of 100,000 operations.

11th May 2015
MX keyboard switch is tested to 50m operations

An MX key module, designed to fulfill the demanding reliability requirements of computer and data input keyboards, gaming consoles and industrial control HMI systems, has been introduced by Cherry. The CHERRYMX features a high reliability mechanical switch with gold crosspoint contacts and a fast and positive actuation. Standard options include integrated LED illumination, decoupling diode or wire bridge and a 4mm actuation travel.

23rd April 2015
Energy harvesting products are wireless & battery-less

A compact yet powerful energy harvesting generator and a snap-action microswitch and rocker switch will be available from CHERRY in mid-2015.

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