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28th March 2019
UV-C LEDs for a wide range of disinfection applications

A new family of Deep UltraViolet (UV-C) LEDs has been announced by CEL, for a wide range of sterilisation and disinfection applications including consumer goods such as self-disinfecting holders for toothbrushes and kitchen utensils as well as sterilising wands for items such as smartphones, tablets and keyboards. 

5th June 2018
CDK enables fast advanced camera system development

THine Electronics and California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) have announced launching a CDK, Camera Development Kit, which provides an ease-of-design tool to advanced camera system developers. More advanced camera systems require specialised co-dependency of multiple components, resulting in more complicated design challenges.

21st April 2017
High power RF switch family suits wireless applications

CEL has announced the availability of CEL CG2409 family of high power RF switches. RF switches are microwave devices that route high frequency signals through transmission paths and can be used for diverse range of applications including WLAN, Mobile Communications, Wireless Security, Wireless Home Automation, Digital TV and many other RF products. The CG2409 is available in two packages X3 and M2.

29th March 2017
How to stop worrying and love the gateway

This article will help you navigate through the deluge of IoT information and identify which technology choices will have the biggest positive impact on your upcoming product plans. Selecting the optimal protocol stack for your IoT solution is critical. However, in order to that, we need to talk about the Gateway. By “Gateway” I really mean “Let’s have a discussion about the ideal IoT network architecture.” We a...

8th February 2017
Microwave components suit RF communications

CEL is introducing low cost pHEMTs (pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor) targeted for Ku and Ka Band Satellite Receiver applications. These CEL pHEMTs are drop-in replacements to the Renesas pHEMTs, also offered by CEL. Typical applications are LNBs (Low Noise Block) in Digital Broadcast Systems (DBS), and downconverters in VSAT systems and 24GHz sensors. These new low noise pHEMTs are also excellent for a variety of other microw...

18th January 2017
High performance RF switches ideal for communication applications

CEL is introducing a variety of RF switches that have been designed as easy drop in replacements for a wide range of existing RF products as well as for new designs. Target markets include test and measurement systems as well as Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Bluetooth routers, sensors, appliances, and other radio equipped products. RF and microwave switches are used to route high frequency signals through transmission paths.

14th December 2016
Designers create vision systems with fewer cables

  A semiconductor company focusing on high speed serial interfaces, THine, has announced an AEC-Q100 (Grade 2) compliant single chip solution (THCV241-Q) that integrates the MIPI CSI-2 interface with THine’s well established V-by-One HS product family.  

16th November 2016
IoT connectivity suite earns two technology awards

Two major technology awards have been awarded to CEL's Cortet IoT Connectivity Suite. The company’s solution received both the Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award and the 2016 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award. 

5th October 2016
CEL launches Cortet IoT wireless connectivity platform

  CEL announced that it has added new features for its Cortet Connectivity Suite - a turnkey wireless solution that bridges the gap between 'things' and the cloud. Cortet enables building automation, lighting control, smart home, industrial and machine to machine (M2M) product manufacturers to confidently link their physical 'things' to the digital world.

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