Microwave components suit RF communications

8th February 2017
Enaie Azambuja

CEL is introducing low cost pHEMTs (pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor) targeted for Ku and Ka Band Satellite Receiver applications. These CEL pHEMTs are drop-in replacements to the Renesas pHEMTs, also offered by CEL. Typical applications are LNBs (Low Noise Block) in Digital Broadcast Systems (DBS), and downconverters in VSAT systems and 24GHz sensors. These new low noise pHEMTs are also excellent for a variety of other microwave and RF applications.

In addition to reduced noise and higher gain, CEL provides these pHEMTs at lower prices than their equivalent Renesas RF pHEMTs. CEL is manufacturing these pHEMTs in Japan with similar high quality as the Renesas pHEMTs

“Our new Microwave pHEMTs provide microwave system manufacturers with a cost-effective selection of high performance transistors,” says Marc Sheade, Vice President and General Manager, Components Business. “Whether designing for new devices or as a drop-in replacement for updating existing designs, we are providing highly reliable microwave components at extremely competitive prices.

These new microwave components include:

  • CE3512K2: Low Noise 1st stage Ku Band pHEMT
  • CE3514M4: Lowest Cost 2nd/3rd stage Ku Band pHEMT
  • CE3520K3: Low Noise 1st stage Ka Band pHEMT
  • CE3521M4: Lowest Cost 2nd/3rd stage Ka Band pHEMT

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