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13th May 2019
High power, compact, low profile TVS Diodes

Manufacturer of electronic components, Bourns, has introduced two new TVS diode surge protection series’ designed to meet the component miniaturisation required in today's highly integrated and high power density designs. Bourns Model SMF4L and Model SMF4L-Q Series are offered in a compact, low profile surface mount SOD-123FL package with a height of just 1.125mm.

7th November 2018
Sensors based on MEMS technology for harsh environments

  A new line of environmental sensors based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology has been introduced by Bourns. The initial products offered in the Bourns Precision Sensor (BPS) line are three pressure sensor model families and one humidity sensor model family. 

26th July 2018
AEC-Q200 compliant high power current sense resistor series

It has been announced that Bourns has released their latest current sense resistor families, the Model CSM2F Series. This new series is manufactured using a metal alloy element that is electron beam welded to tinned copper terminals, which gives them excellent electrical characteristics, delivers additional mechanical strength and enables ease of solderability. 

23rd May 2018
TVS Diodes designed to protect high-speed interfaces in automotive applications

Bourns, Inc. has introduced a TVS diodes series featuring low capacitance of 3pF (picofarads) making them suitable protection devices for the high-speed interfaces found in today's automotive, communication line and industrial applications. The Bourns Model CDSOD323-TxxC-DSLQ TVS diodes also offer the Bourns' lowest TVS diode leakage current of 1nA (nanoampere).

18th January 2018
Fixed resistors feature advanced thick film on ceramic technology

A new AEC-Q200-compliant, high power thick film resistor series has been announced by supplier of electronic components, Bourns. The Bourns Model PWR247T-100 series is offered in a compact TO-247 package. The product is engineered with a thick film resistive element on a white alumina ceramic substrate, the latest high power resistors from Bourns deliver low inductance advantages.

24th November 2017
Thick film chip resistors offer enhanced power ratings

Manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, Bourns, has released two new series of thick film chip resistors that offer enhanced power ratings up to 2W at 70°C. The Bourns Models CRMxxxxA and CRSxxxxA are sulfur-resistant and AEC-Q200 compliant making them well-suited for automotive driver assistant, information, entertainment and lighting applications, as well as commercial, automation, industrial, power supply and stepper-motor...

1st November 2017
Protecting against damage from ESD and transient voltage events

  The new high speed AEC-Q101-qualified Controller Area Network (CAN) protector has been announced by electronic manufacturer components, Bourns. The company has designed its latest surge protection device to protect against damage from transient voltage events such as Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), interruption of inductive loads or lightning strikes.

12th October 2017
Power inductor products achieve AEC-Q200 qualification

  Manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, Bourns, has introduced three new series of AEC-Q200 qualified high current shielded power inductor products. The Bourns models PQ2614BLA, PQ2614BHA and PQ2617BHA are designed with a flat wire winding offering low DC and AC resistance and high saturation current of over 100A.

11th July 2017
Bourns named one of four top passive component suppliers

Manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, Bourns, has announced it has received a Best Supplier of 2016 Award from Syndicat Professionnel de la Distribution en Electronique Industrielle (SPDEI), the French association of electronic components distributors. The award was given to Bourns as one of the four top suppliers of passive components supporting the French market. 

2nd June 2017
Volume-saving GDT selected for surge protection device

Manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, Bourns, has announced that Phoenix Contact has selected the Bourns Model 2017 Series FLAT GDT for its TERMITRAB Complete product, which Phoenix Contact claims is the world's thinnest surge protection device (SPD). The space and volume-saving breakthroughs made in the Bourns FLAT GDT design are a major contributing factor that enabled Phoenix Contact to significantly reduce the size and prof...

20th April 2017
Bourns recognised as a Supplier of the Year

  Named a GM Supplier of the Year by General Motors, Bourns was handed an award during GM’s 25th annual Supplier of the Year ceremony held 31st March in Orlando, Florida. Bourns supplies wheel speed sensors and transmission sensors to GM.

29th July 2013
Three Application Notes added to the Extensive Technical Library by Bourns

Bourns reveals that it has added three new application notes to its extensive technical library. Bourns continually develops new technical resources to help engineers solve design issues and select proven application solutions. The new documents offer development options to maximize LED streetlight reliability, provide an optimal circuit protection design for PoE-based systems and demonstrate the advantages of using non-contacting rotary sensors ...

24th June 2013
Bourns releases new power TVS diode

Bourns announced the release of the Model PTVS15-xxxC-TH Series high current TVS diodes. These high current bidirectional TVS diodes are designed for use in AC line protection and high power DC bus clamping applications.

14th June 2013
Bourns Releases New High Current, Shielded Power Inductor Models

Bourns introduces two additional series of High Current, Shielded Power Inductors - Models SRP5030T and SRP6540. Bourns now off ers a total of sixteen SRP models. The Model SRP5030T and SRP6540 Shielded Power Inductor Series are designed with molded construction of an iron powder core that offers a compact size, low DC resistance, high current carrying capability and magnetically shielded features.

14th June 2013
Bourns Expands Line of Surge Protective Device Products

Bourns is pleased to announce the release of several new series of Surge Protective Devices which will significantly expand the current offering of this product line.

19th March 2013
New Models Designed to Help Increase Product Life and Provide High Reliability for Applications Operating in Rugged Environments

Bourns today announced it has expanded its line of non-contacting rotary position sensors with two new models. Designed to help increase the product lifespan and reliability of applications that operate in rugged environments, the Bourns Model AMS22U and Model AMM20B utilize magnetic Hall Effect (HE) technology that helps increase operational life and reliability even in harsh environments.

23rd January 2013
Bourns Announce Transient Current Suppressors Delivering Ultra-Fast, Cost-Effective And Reliable Circuit Protection

Bourns have introduced a breakthrough line of transient current suppressor devices that provide ultra-fast and highly reliable circuit protection to very high data rate signal lines such as those used in xDSL and Gigabit Ethernet. Bourns used its extensive circuit protection expertise to innovatively design solutions that combine advanced surge protection with excellent system performance and cost-effectiveness. Designated the Bourns TCS DL-Serie...

17th October 2012
Bourns Releases Common Mode Chip Inductor Model SRF4532 Series

Bourns Inductive Components Product Line introduces the new Model SRF4532 Series of bifilar wirewound, ferrite core, common mode chip inductors. The Model SRF4532 Series offers high impedance over a broad frequency range to suppress unwanted EMI signals.

14th July 2011
Bourns to Host Renowned Guitar Technicians Dickson and Kelly in Summer NAMM Booth

Bourns announced the company will have an exhibit at the Summer NAMM Show and will host renowned guitar technicians Lee Dickson and Will Kelly in the Bourns booth.

13th May 2011
Bourns Announces New Line of Shunt Protectors Designed Specifically for Sensitive LED Lighting Applications

Bourns, Inc., has announced a new line of open LED shunt protection devices designed specifically for LED lighting applications

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