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27th February 2020
EPP and EDR capabilities with new platform enhancements

BlackBerry has announced new product enhancements to the Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) pillars of its BlackBerry Spark platform. Key features include single-agent deployment, custom role-based access controls and accelerated incident investigation with the release of CylanceOPTICS v2.4.

26th February 2020
Zero trust architecture designed for Unified Endpoint Security

BlackBerry has announced the BlackBerry Spark platform with a new Unified Endpoint Security (UES) layer which can work with BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) to deliver zero trust security.

6th February 2020
The modern workforce equipped with new digital workplace

BlackBerry has announced BlackBerry Digital Workplace, a secure robust workspace that provides users simple and secure online and offline access to corporate on-premise or cloud content including Microsoft Office 365 resources.

9th January 2020
Duo collaborate to support next generation automobiles

BlackBerry and ANSYS are joining forces to support BlackBerry QNX’s Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for connected and autonomous vehicles. As part of ANSYS’ ongoing commitment to fostering an open ecosystem that supports RTOS leaders across industries, the collaboration will empower automotive manufacturers to increase safety and reliability, reduce development cost and shorten time-to-market for next-gen automobiles and a...

Artificial Intelligence
8th January 2020
AI-based automotive solution to drive the connected future

  BlackBerry has unveiled a customisable concept solution that OEMs and fleet managers can use for vehicle health and security use cases to ‘future-proof’ their vehicles, accelerating development timelines and reducing the cost of moving projects from research to production and onto roads.

Artificial Intelligence
6th January 2020
Duo team up for new connected vehicle software platform

BlackBerry has announced it has teamed up with AWS to demonstrate a connected vehicle software platform for in-vehicle applications that combines the safety and security of BlackBerry’s QNX real time operating system with AWS’ IoT Services in the cloud and in the car. The platform enables automotive manufacturers to securely access data from vehicle sensors, and create software applications and machine-learning models for connect...

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6th January 2020
Automotive data platform to be showcased at CES 2020

Renovo, and BlackBerry have announced that they will cooperate to jointly develop and market safety-critical data management solutions for use in the next generation of connected and autonomous vehicles. As part of the partnership, BlackBerry's QNX ISO 26262 safety-certified RTOS will integrate with Insight, Renovo’s intelligent automotive data platform that accelerates development cycles, improves product performance an...

3rd January 2020
Electric superbike to revolutionise the motorcycling industry

Damon Motorcycles announced that its CoPilot advanced warning system will be powered by BlackBerry QNX technology across its entire line-up of advanced electric motorcycles. As part of the agreement, Damon has licensed BlackBerry QNX technology, including its real time operating system to serve as the safe and secure foundation for the Damon CoPilot warning system on its new flagship electric motorcycle.

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19th December 2019
Next generation of secure transportation solutions at CES 2020

  At CES 2020, BlackBerry will be showcasing the next-generation security and transportation solutions. Mapping to BlackBerry’s vision of securing a connected future, the company’s presence at this year’s conference will centre on AI-driven security innovations, and the role disruptive technologies play in the evolution of smart auto and transportation.

Cyber Security
11th December 2019
2020 cyber security predictions

Josh Lemos, VP of Research & Intelligence at BlackBerry Cylance has taken a look at the industry and given some predictions on certain trends including; uncommon attack techniques will emerge in common software – especially Steganography, the changing network topologies will challenge traditional assumptions, and require new security models, state-sponsored cyber groups are the new proxy for international relations and finally the year ...

29th November 2019
Updated UEM Software Suite features productivity and security

  BlackBerry has announced the availability of BlackBerry Secure UEM & Productivity Suites to help businesses simplify the management of their fast-changing security and complex IoT environments.

28th November 2019
BlackBerry to power Arrival’s Generation 2.0 intelligent EVs

  BlackBerry and electric vehicle company, Arrival announced that Arrival’s intelligent, autonomous-ready commercial vehicles will be powered by BlackBerry QNX technology. 

Artificial Intelligence
7th November 2019
Powering the next generation of ADAS

  BlackBerry has announced that Hyundai Autron has selected BlackBerry QNX to power its next-gen advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving software platform. 

18th September 2019
Threat hunting solution for security experts launched

BlackBerry has announced the introduction of CylanceGUARD, a managed detection and response (MDR) solution that leverages BlackBerry Cylance security experts and its native AI platform to provide continuous threat hunting and monitoring.

6th September 2019
Duo deepen partnership for intelligent vehicles

  BlackBerry and Jaguar Land Rover announced that they have deepened their partnership in developing the automotive manufacturer’s next generation vehicles.

Cyber Security
5th August 2019
Cloud-based solution leverages the power of adaptive security

  BlackBerry has announced the launch of BlackBerry Intelligent Security, the first cloud-based solution that leverages the power of adaptive security, continuous authentication and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance mobile endpoint security in zero trust environments.  

24th June 2019
QNX software embedded in more than 150 million vehicles

  BlackBerry has announced that its QNX software is now embedded in more than 150 million cars on the road today. This is an increase of 30 million cars since the company reported its automotive footprint in 2018.

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