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Automotive data platform to be showcased at CES 2020

6th January 2020
Lanna Cooper

Renovo, and BlackBerry have announced that they will cooperate to jointly develop and market safety-critical data management solutions for use in the next generation of connected and autonomous vehicles. As part of the partnership, BlackBerry's QNX ISO 26262 safety-certified RTOS will integrate with Insight, Renovo’s intelligent automotive data platform that accelerates development cycles, improves product performance and reduces operational costs for R&D and production fleets.

The BlackBerry QNX-Renovo partnership will deliver an innovative ADAS and AV development platform, combining over 45 years of experience and deep knowledge of embedded systems, highly scalable software platforms and mission-critical safety systems.

The companies will reveal some of the new features created through their partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020.

“QNX RTOS is a world-class real time OS providing global OEMs with the highest levels of safety and reliability. We’re immensely proud to announce our partnership with BlackBerry,” said Chris Heiser, Co-founder and CEO of Renovo. “As leaders in our respective fields, we are excited to join forces to accelerate ADAS and autonomous driving from the lab to the open road.”

BlackBerry QNX technology is embedded in 150 million cars on the road today, including many of Renovo’s own autonomous test fleet. The integration with Renovo’s platform is a critical component in creating safe, reliable in-vehicle systems with a clear safety certification path. The integration also brings the BlackBerry QNX RTOS to the Renovo platform outside the vehicle, in edge computing, equally vital to development and certification efforts.

As automakers continue to chase the £54bn market for ADAS features, this partnership represents a significant step forward for the integration of these features at a larger scale than ever before. By working together, Renovo and BlackBerry QNX hope to speed the development and implementation of these features at scale across the globe.

“Data is the lifeblood of software-defined vehicles of the future and being able to rapidly identify actionable insights is a critical problem facing the automotive industry,” said John Wall, SVP and Co-Head, BlackBerry QNX. “By combining Renovo’s data management and technology expertise with ours, we will bring a solution forward to accelerate the development of safe and secure connected and autonomous vehicles.”

Visit Renovo at the BlackBerry booth #7515 in the North Hall where a Renovo autonomous vehicle and other automotive technologies and software will be on display.

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