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Test & Measurement
23rd September 2015
LCR meter covers 20Hz to 300khZ frequency range

A 300kHz bench LCR meter, the 891, has been unveiled by B&K Precision. The compact, value-priced LCR meter can measure inductance, capacitance, and resistance with 0.05% best impedance accuracy over a fully adjustable test frequency range of 20Hz to 300kHz. With a 300-point linear and logarithmic sweep function, bin comparator, and versatile remote control interfaces, the 891 is suitable for characterising components in laboratory, quality co...

Test & Measurement
6th September 2015
Programmable DC power supply delivers 3000W of output power

The 9115 Series has been extended by B&K Precision with the addition of a new multi-range programmable DC power supply, model 9117. The new instrument can deliver up to 3000W of output power in any combination of voltage up to 80V and current up to 120 A within its power rating.

Test & Measurement
29th May 2015
'Practical' DC power supplies meet many applications

The 9130B Series is a new family of programmable triple output DC power supplies from B&K Precision. The new linear triple output power supply line offers three isolated outputs that can be adjusted independently or combined in series or parallel to output higher voltage or current.

Test & Measurement
30th April 2015
Programmable AC power source outputs 300VA

A new AC power source, the model 9801, has been launched by B& K Precision, expanding its AC power supply offerings. This compact 19in. half-rack single-phase AC source outputs up to 300 VA and measures AC power characteristics. Users can operate the AC source in a 0-300 V continuous sweep range or 150 V/300 V auto-switching range with adjustable start and stop phase angle control.

Test & Measurement
22nd January 2015
DC electronic loads offer transient operation up to 25kHz

B&K Precision has added a new product to its range of standalone DC load offerings. The 8600 Series programmable DC electronic loads deliver the performance of modular system DC electronic loads in a compact benchtop form factor. The series includes three models of 150 W - 250 W DC electronic loads that can sink current up to 60 A at wide voltage ranges up to 500 V.

18th December 2014
Autoranging power supplies offer greater flexibility

Further expanding the company's multi-range programmable DC power supply offerings, B&K Precision has announced the 9200 series. Including four 200-600W models, the series can deliver power in any combination of the rated voltage and current up to the maximum output power of the supply. With voltage and current ranges up to 150V and 25A, these programmable DC power supplies are suitable for electronics manufacturing, R&D, service and repa...

1st December 2014
Arbitrary waveform generators get frequency upgrade

B&K Precision has upgraded its 4075B Series of arbitrary/function waveform generators with higher frequency ranges, increased arbitrary memory, and a colour LCD. The new 4075B Series offers six new models that directly replace the previous 4075 line with single- and dual-channel 30 MHz (4075B/4078B) and 50 MHz models (4076B/4079B) along with two additional single- and dual-channel 80 MHz models (4077B/4080B).

3rd October 2014
B&K Precision Expands Compact Multi-Range Power Supply Series

B&K Precision today announced its latest multi-range DC power supply, the model 9111, expanding its 9110 multi-range supply offering. With constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes, the 9111 automatically recalculates voltage and current limits for each setting to deliver any combination of its 60 V/8 A output range within 180 W. The new DC power supply is suitable for a wide variety of uses in electronics manufacturing, service a...

Test & Measurement
28th August 2014
Compact DSO features 100MHz bandwidth, 7in colour screen

B&K Precision has launched the 2190D digital storage oscilloscope to build on the success of the discontinued analogue model 2190B oscilloscope. The compact dual-channel DSO offers several measurement functions with 100 MHz bandwidth and 1 GSa/s sampling rate.  It provides users with digital features including a 7in widescreen colour display, waveform memory up to 40,000 points, pass/fail limit testing, digital filtering, waveform record...

25th July 2014
Power supplies offer built-in solar array simulator

Three DC power supplies, the PVS10005, PVS60085, and PVS60085MR, have been introduced by B&K Precision. Delivering output power of up to 5.1kW, the PVS Series boasts excellent regulation, low noise, and fast transient response times. Offering a built-in solar array simulator (SAS) function to generate photovoltaic I-V curves, the power supplies provide high power density in a compact 2U form factor making them suited to high voltage testing u...

Test & Measurement
26th June 2014
B&K Precision Debuts New Family of Dual Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

B&K Precision today launched its new 4060 Series line of dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generators. The series includes three models that generate sine waveforms up to 80 MHz (4063), 120 MHz (4064), and 160 MHz (4065). Featuring an advanced pulse generator and high-performance 512k-point arbitrary waveform generator on one channel, these instruments are ideal for use in applications requiring high signal fidelity with extensive modu...

18th June 2014
B&K Precision Acquires Teknix S.A.

B&K Precision Corporation announced today the acquisition of Teknix S.A., a service and calibration company based in São Paulo, Brasil. Under the new name of B&K Precision Brasil, the subsidiary company will become B&K Precision’s headquarters for South American operations. Antônio Freitas, who founded Teknix S.A. in 1999 will continue to serve as the manager of calibration and service operations of B&K Precisio...

30th May 2014
1200W DC power supplies for automotive and ATE applications

Expanding the company's 9115 series, B&K Precision has introduced two multi-range programmable DC power supplies, models 9115-AT and 9116. The 9115-AT provides unique built-in automotive test functions and the 9116 offers a higher voltage range up to 150V, making them suitable for automotive and benchtop or ATE system applications.

30th January 2014
B&K Precision updates 'pwrApp’ iOS application

  Now featuring support for 9170/9180 series power supplies with LAN interface cards, B&K Precision has relaunched its iOS application, ‘pwrApp’, for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Test & Measurement
22nd November 2013
DSO family features 60MHz and 100MHz models

Four models make up the new 2510 series hand-held digitial storage oscilloscopes from B&K Precision. The new line of dual-channel oscilloscopes includes 60MHz and 100MHz bandwidth models in non-isolated and isolated designs. Suitable for general electronics, models 2511 and 2512 provide non-isolated 300 V CAT II rated inputs.

Test & Measurement
14th March 2013
B&K Precision Adds Four Channels and 7 Widescreen Displays to DSO Offerings

B&K Precision today expanded its digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) portfolio with the release of their new 2550 Series. This new series of scopes adds four 2-channel models (2552, 2554, 2556, 2558) and four 4-channel models (2553, 2555, 2557, 2559) ranging from 70 MHz to 300 MHz bandwidth with 2 GSa/s sampling rates and 24 kpts/Ch memory.

Test & Measurement
23rd January 2013
B&K Precision Launches Redesigned 7 & 12 MHz DDS Sweep Function Generators For Basic Applications

B&K Precision announce two new direct digital synthesis sweep function generators, models 4007B and 4013B, which improve upon the former models 4007DDS and 4013DDS with an enhanced user interface as well as lower prices. Models 4007B and 4013B can generate sine and square waveforms from 0.1 Hz to 7 MHz and 0.1 Hz to 12 MHz respectively.

18th December 2012
B&K Precision Debuts New Series of Programmable Dual Range DC Power Supplies

B&K Precision today announced its new 9170/9180 series of programmable dual range power supplies. These nine models provide clean and precise power up to 210 W in various configurations of voltage as high as 600 V and current as high as 20 A. Each model offers two ranges of voltage and current output along with modular interface slots for remote interface configurability.

Test & Measurement
7th March 2006
Portable Digital Sound Level Meters

Utilizing a standard 9V battery as the power source, the Model 735 and 732A from B&K are hand-held sound level meters and incorporate an easy to read, back-lit LED display for clear reading in the darkest environments.

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