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Module expands channel count for PDM measurement

Module expands channel count for PDM measurement
Audio Precision has the PDM 16 module for the APx500 Series audio analysers. The new module offers simultaneous acquisition and measurement of up to 16 channels of PDM signals, making it the highest channel-count solution available for MEMS microphone and MEMS mic array testing.
5th November 2019

Measurement software delivered to 3rd party audio interfaces

Measurement software delivered to 3rd party audio interfaces
An audio analyser that enables the use of APx audio measurement software with ASIO-capable third-party audio interfaces or sound cards has been released by Audio Precision. With the introduction of APx500 Flex, manufacturers can cost-effectively deploy the measurement capabilities, flexibility and quality of APx software to their production lines.
1st October 2019

Audio analyser upgraded with multiple features

Improved sine generator frequency stability, lower system residual distortion, single-ended, balanced analogue output and an optional ADC test mode which provides VBias, a common mode DC Bias are features of the APx555 B Series analyser from Audio Precision. It is part of their B Series APx audio analysers.
18th December 2018

Enhanced software developed to test smart devices

The 144th International AES Convention will be the platform for the upcoming release of Audio Precision’s APx audio measurement software version 4.6.This latest edition of the test software will offer the ability to perform measurements using the log-swept sine chirp—such as acoustic response—in an open-loop configuration, an enhancement ideally suited to the test and evaluation of smart devices (e.g., smart speakers, smartphones).
22nd May 2018

Audio test software features speech intelligibility measurement

Audio test software features speech intelligibility measurement
Audio Precision announced the addition of a new speech intelligibility measurement option for APx500 audio test software based upon the ABC-MRT speech processing algorithm. Measuring speech intelligibility is an important capability for engineers designing and validating a wide range of communication systems, products and components, especially those related to public safety (e.g., police, fire, emergency) where intelligibility is critically important.
28th March 2018

Precision, convenience combine in microphone system

Precision, convenience combine in microphone system
The 376M03, a calibrated microphone system combining a 0.5in microphone cartridge with a phantom-powered preamplifier – the 426M16 – in its configuration has been added to Audio Precision’s line of measurement microphones. The preamplifier combines the precision of calibrated, standardised measurement microphones with ubiquitous mic accessories offering phantom power, balanced connections for improved immunity to induced noise, and easy connectivity via common XLR cables.
14th March 2018

VAudio precision demonstrates A2B audio test concept

VAudio precision demonstrates A2B audio test concept
Audio Precision has announced a technology demonstration of multichannel audio bus testing at the upcoming AES 2017 International Conference on Automotive Audio. Conducted in cooperation with Mentor Automotive, the test scenario will centre on the digital audio bus technology developed by Analog Devices, Automotive Audio Bus (A2B), and the concept system will incorporate AP’s eight-channel APx585 audio analyser and Mentor’s A2B Analyser platform.
7th September 2017

Analysers paired to streamline SoundWave audio test

Analysers paired to streamline SoundWave audio test
 A collaboration between Audio Precision and LnK will address the SoundWire audio test needs of MIPI Alliance member companies by Combining an APx Series audio analyser with LnK’s protocol analyser creates a closed-loop measurement system for the real-time evaluation of chipset and mobile product designs incorporating MIPI’s SoundWire interface.
19th September 2016

Trio of plug-ins enhance measurement software

A trio of new measurement plugins have been introduced for Audio Precision’s intuitive and versatile APx audio test software. Each plugin integrates directly with APx software (version 4.3 or later) and adds new capabilities while allowing users to take advantage of built-in APx features such as limits, sequencer control, derived results and reporting.
31st August 2016

Low noise accessory enhances electro-acoustic test

Low noise accessory enhances electro-acoustic test
The APx1701 Transducer Test Interface has been introduced by Audio Precision. The system integrates instrument-grade amplifiers and microphone power supplies for designers and production test engineers seeking clear insight into the behaviour of their electro-acoustic devices. With a signal-to-noise ratio of 134dB, the APx1701 provides 20dB of fixed-gain amplification from DC to 100kHz
31st May 2016

STI plug-in enhances audio test software

A Speech Transmission Index (STI) plug-in for Audio Precision’s APx500 audio test software has been released. Created for engineers developing public safety (police, fire, emergency) communications and public address systems, as well as flight recorder devices, the APx STI plug-in provides measurement capabilities conforming to international standard IEC 60268-16 (2011).
29th October 2015

Software enhances electro-acoustic and PDM testing

Version 4.2 of the APx500 audio test software and a new PDM module with advanced capabilities are available from Audio Precision. This latest software release delivers a series of new features focused on electro-acoustic and production test environments, including customisable sub-sequences, input EQ, and a dedicated production test mode.
14th October 2015

DAQ driver opens door to signal acquisition applications

DAQ driver opens door to signal acquisition applications
The release of their newest driver for National Instrument’s LabVIEW software has been announced by Audio Precision. Developed with a broad range of signal acquisition applications in mind, this driver streamlines and simplifies the integration of the APx515 analyser as a robust, high-quality front end to LabVIEW-based measurement environments.
3rd September 2015

Analyser tests performance of Dante-enabled devices

Support for audio performance testing of Dante-enabled devices is now available with Audio Precision’s APx500 Series analysers and software. The capability aids engineers in verifying the audio performance of their designs as they integrate Dante and strive to meet the growing demand for networked pro audio components, products and systems.
15th April 2015

Audio test software enhances analyser performance

Audio Precision has released version 4.1, of its APx500 audio test software. It provides enhancements, including full input bandwidth across all channels for their two-channel (APx555 and APx525) and sixteen-channel (APx586) analysers. Version 4.1 of the APx500 audio test software enables users of the APx555, APx525 and APx586 audio analysers to access their system’s maximum input bandwidth across all channels of the test system.
19th January 2015

Test software adds new features to audio analysers

As Audio Precision prepares to roll out its latest audio analyser, the APX555, the company has also released version 4.0, of its APx500 audio test software. Version 4.0 provides a multi-mode user interface for the entire APx family of analysers, adding Bench Mode to complement the software’s existing approach of user-selectable automated measurement sequences, now called Sequence Mode.
16th November 2014

Audio analyser delivers speed, accuracy improvements

Audio analyser delivers speed, accuracy improvements
Audio Precision has leveraged the modular architecture and software of the APx family to produce the APx555, the most powerful audio analyser it has developed. It delivers improved measurement accuracy, speed, flexibility, automation and ease-of-use for developers of audio components, equipment and systems.
10th September 2014

Audio Precision wins TURBOSOUND investment

Audio Precision wins TURBOSOUND investment
Audio Precision has won a significant investment in its test instruments by MUSIC Group for use in the design and production of TURBOSOUND products. Following in the footsteps of Music Group’s other industry-leading pro audio brands MIDAS and KLARK TEKNIK, British loudspeaker icon TURBOSOUND has purchased Audio Precision (AP) test instruments for use in their new UK research, development and manufacturing facility in Kidderminster.
24th March 2014

By customer request: Loudspeaker production test suite

Audio Precision has launched a Loudspeaker Production Test suite, offering a new high bar in audio test quality for loudspeaker driver production test and final QA for integrated products such as soundbars, pro-audio powered speakers, smartphones and handsfree devices.
23rd October 2013

Audio Precision answers the call for MEMS mic testing with integrated PDM I/o

Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, today announced the availability of their new PDM I/O option for its APx500 series audio analyzers. PDM (pulse density modulation) is a one-bit, high clock rate data stream used with digital MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) microphones used extensively in smartphone design. The APx PDM option allows APx500 series audio analyzers to connect directly to any device with a PDM input or output, enabling comprehensive testing of audio in the fast-moving telecom industry.
30th January 2012

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