Audio Precision launches new APx516B Audio Analyser

16th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

Audio Precision, part of Axiometrix Solutions, has introduced the new APx516B audio analyser.

Designed for R&D, production testing, and other audio engineering applications, the APx516B provides extensive analogue and digital audio testing in a flexible and cost-effective package.

Digital audio has become a crucial element in contemporary audio devices, from smartphones to AV receivers, marking a clear shift from traditional analogue methods. This transition offers benefits such as higher fidelity sound, advanced features, and increased data transmission capabilities. As of 2022, over 75% of new audio devices have incorporated some form of digital audio I/O.

The APx516B stands out with its ability to cover both analogue and digital audio testing, mirroring the varied nature of today's audio industry. Supported by Audio Precision's reputation for precision and cost-effectiveness, the APx516B comes with a three-year standard warranty, an optional five-year extension, and ISO 17025 accredited calibration, positioning it as a significant offering in the market.

Key features of the APx516B include:

  • Two analogue generator/analyser channels suitable for testing both consumer and professional audio devices.
  • A digital interface module slot compatible with all existing and future AP digital audio I/O modules, supporting Bluetooth, HDMI2, I2S/TDM, PDM, S/PDIF, Toslink, and AES3.
  • Seamless integration with APx500 measurement software, offering an extensive library of measurements, renowned user-friendliness, and compatibility across all APx analysers.
  • Priced competitively, making the APx516B accessible to a broader range of users, including larger R&D teams and production testing.
  • Maintaining AP's global standard for quality, service, and support, with a three-year warranty, A2LA accredited calibration, and worldwide technical assistance.

Dan Knighten, General Manager of Audio Precision, stated: "The APx516B offers electronic audio customers a budget-friendly modular solution without compromising AP's performance and service. It features a digital interface slot, allowing it to adapt to ongoing changes in digital audio. This ensures that the APx516B remains applicable, serving the needs of the extended R&D team and production test engineers worldwide."

A product design engineer at a leading consumer electronics company commented: "With the rise of digital and the global distribution of engineers, there's a pressing need for an uncomplicated, economical analyser for both digital and analogue audio. We need a dependable instrument to record and relay the audio signal, simplifying troubleshooting across dispersed teams."

The APx516B is available for order now.

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