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2nd December 2019
Beam management principles in 5G NR

  This webinar from Anritsu focused on beam management principles and test methods in 5G NR. It covered the technical aspects of Sub6 GHz and mmWave frequencies. Delegates were able to gain an understanding of beam management in the context of massive MIMO and Channel Emulation.

28th November 2019
Anritsu claims lead in 5G protocol coverage

Anritsu says it is leading the way in both 5G protocol and RF carrier acceptance test (CAT) coverage for a Tier 1 U.S. operator. Anritsu has achieved leading 5G protocol coverage, with more than 200 test cases now available. The only other approved test vendor is validated for 81% of Anritsu’s total, giving Anritsu an advantage at mobile device manufacturers planning to use the operator’s carrier acceptance tests.

Test & Measurement
7th November 2019
Module enables error-free measurement of PAM4 signals at 116Gbit/s

The PAM4 Error Detector (ED) is a new module for the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyser-R MP1900A series. It achieves error-free measurement of PAM4 signals at 116Gbit/s. Combined with the previously released MP1900A series PAM4 Pattern Generator, the new module supports high-accuracy BER measurements of PAM4 signals.  

Test & Measurement
22nd October 2019
Signal analyser wins PCI Express 4.0 test approval

Anritsu’s Signal Quality Analyser-R Series MP1900A has been approved by PCI-SIG as a compliance test measuring instrument for PCI Express 4.0 (PCIe Gen4). The MP1900A is already approved as an R&D test instrument supporting Gen3 compliance tests and is now approved for the Gen4 test standards.

Test & Measurement
24th September 2019
Portable spectrum analysers address mmWave applications

Extended broadband frequency coverage from 9kHz – 170GHz is now available on Anritsu’s Spectrum Master MS2760A ultraportable spectrum analyser series. The company has also introduced a new series of higher sensitivity models – the Spectrum Master MS2762A - with coverage from 6GHz to 170GHz for demanding sensitivity requirements.

Test & Measurement
23rd September 2019
Upgrade enables 5G NR fading tests on one instrument

Upgraded 5G Protocol Test functions have been added to Anritsu’s MT8000A Radio Communication Test Station. The upgrade uses NR (New Radio) Fading software when implementing built-in baseband fading tests, making the MT8000A to provide support for 3GPP TS 38.521-4 B.1/B.2 V15.0.0-compliant 5G NR channel (TDL) model tests using NR Fading software implementing built-in baseband fading tests.

Events News
16th September 2019
EuMW 2019: 5G, satellite test solutions on parade

Leading-edge test solutions for emerging 5G, satellite and signal integrity applications will be showcased by Anritsu at European Microwave Week (EuMW) in Paris (October 1-3). Also highlighted will be its vector network analyser (VNA) technology. These solutions meet the testing requirements to verify chipsets, components, and systems associated with today’s high-speed, high-frequency commercial and military applications.

Test & Measurement
9th September 2019
The error detector for signal quality analyser at ECOC 2019

Anritsu announced that visitors to ECOC 2019 will see demonstrations of the brand new 64,2GBaud NRZ / 58,2GBaud PAM4 Error Detector for the MP1900A Signal Quality Analyser-R. The MP1900A series is a high-performance Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) that accurately measures communications equipment, next-generation high-speed electronic and optical devices, including those for M2M and IoT applications, and optical transceivers used in high-end servers...

Test & Measurement
3rd September 2019
Error detector with high PAM4 Rx sensitivity at ECOC

With what the company believes to be the world’s highest operation bit rate and Rx sensitivity, this new ED module for Anritsu’s popular Signal Quality Analyser-R MP1900A Series PAM4 BERT supports high-accuracy Bit and Symbol Error Ratio measurement of PAM4 signals when combined with the previously released PAM4 Pattern Signal Generator.

Events News
9th July 2019
PCI Express 5.0 technology demoed in Santa Clara

PCI Express (PCIe) 5.0 technology has been demonstrated using the Anritsu Signal Quality Analyser-R MP1900A high-performance Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) and Synopsys DesignWare IP for PCI Express 5.0 during the PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2019.

Test & Measurement
13th June 2019
Frequency option enhances vector network analysers

A 43.5GHz frequency option has been released by Anritsu for its 2- and 4-port ShockLine MS46122B, MS46322B, MS46522B, and MS46524B vector network analysers (VNAs) with guaranteed specifications using Anritsu’s Extended-K type connectors and components.

6th June 2019
Korean mobile firm chooses Anritsu for 5G NR testing

South Korea’s leading mobile operator, KT Corporation, has selected the Anritsu Field Master Pro MS2090A RF handheld spectrum analyser to test the world’s first 5G nationwide network in the sub-6GHz band.

12th April 2019
Optical spectrum analyser halves evaluation times

A spectrum analyser which has been developed for evaluating the output characteristics of optical active devices used by optical communications systems has been unveiled by Anritsu. The MS9740B keeps the same measurement-sensitivity performance, functions, and size as the predecessor MS9740A.  

4th April 2019
Active antenna systems and beamforming in 5G NR

  Did you know that 5G is the ‘fifth generation in mobile networks’ and is already being rolled-out in some parts of the world?

Test & Measurement
31st March 2019
Four-channel scope delivers BER test for 100G/400G optical modules

A four-channel (4ch) sampling oscilloscope option for the BERTWave MP2110A has been announced by Anritsu, enabling integration of multi-channel oscilloscope and BERT (Bit Error Rate Tester) in an-all-in-one unit. Backbone networks and data centres increasingly use 100G Ethernet to meet anticipated traffic demand for services such as 5G and are considering implementing 400G Ethernet.

5th March 2019
Understanding 3GPP Release 15 5GNR

  The webinar is focused on details of 3GPP 5G NR specifications for R15. It will focus on 5G key concepts and protocol stack specification across all the layers. 

Test & Measurement
4th March 2019
PAM4 options enhance signal quality analyser

The Signal Quality Analyser-R MP1900A BERT from Anritsu has been enhanced with the introduction of four PAM4 BERT options adding multichannel synchronisation, multilane FEC pattern generation for 400GbE, Inter Symbol Interference (ISI) stressed signal generation to simulate transmission path losses, and application software for capturing device under test (DUT) error counts.

Test & Measurement
27th February 2019
5G tester hooks up to 5G USB device for MWC demo

A joint demonstration of Anritsu’s MT8000A 5G tester with TCL Communication’s first 5G USB device is being staged at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona (February 25-28). The TCL Communication 5G USB device is a high-speed internet access point supporting 3GPP Rel. 15 with 2-Gbps downlink and 1-Gbps uplink data rates, providing consumers with a convenient link for Cloud office applications and games.

Test & Measurement
27th February 2019
5G test demo verifies 28GHz device to 3GPP standard

Anritsu has showcased its 5G test prowess in a joint demonstration with Inseego, a 5G and intelligent IoT device-to-cloud solutions pioneer at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In the demonstration, the Anritsu Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A will verify that the performance of an Inseego 28GHz (n261) 5G device meets the 3GPP standards for 5G New Radio (5G NR) operating at millimeter (mmWave) frequencies.

Test & Measurement
24th February 2019
Spectrum analyser delivers versatility for field engineers

Wireless test engineers out in the field can now access frequency coverage up to 54GHz with Anritsu’s Field Master Pro MS2090A RF handheld spectrum analyser launched today (February 26) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 25-28). Real-time spectrum analysis bandwidth is pushed up to 100MHz.

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