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25th January 2024
Green and blue laser diodes from ams OSRAM

Rutronik expands its opto product portfolio with green and blue laser diodes in Metal Can TO38 and Metal Can TO56 packages from ams OSRAM.

19th October 2023

ams OSRAM has added four new LEDs to its family of OSTAR Projection Power products designed with projectors in mind.

19th July 2023
Marelli launches h-Digi microLED

Marelli, together with ams OSRAM launches a new product in automotive front lighting, introducing the h-Digi microLED module, which is now in series production.

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1st February 2023
Kamper quits Leoni for CEO role at ams OSRAM

Alexander Everke is stepping down as CEO of ams OSRAM to be replaced by former Leoni boss, Aldo Kamper.

29th June 2022
Duo develops face authentication demo for smartphones

amsOSRAM and trinamiX have developed a demonstration system that shows face authentication from behind an OLED screen with the ultra-high security performance required for mobile payments.

4th April 2022
Green laser diode as alternative to red lasers

ams OSRAM, a global pioneers of optical solutions, has introduced a green laser diode which is a brighter, easier to use, more reliable and cost-competitive replacement for red lasers in applications such as levelling, scanning, biosciences and dot projection.

31st January 2022
Belago 1.1 lights way for Luxonis’ 3D vision system

ams OSRAM, a global provider of optical solutions, has announced a new partnership with Luxonis, a developer of embedded artificial intelligence and computer vision technology. Luxonis provides 3D solutions for automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), robots, drones and more that help create high-quality 3D maps for applications such as object detection and obstacle avoidance.

29th November 2021
ams OSRAM presents infrared laser diode

In addition to its portfolio for automotive LiDAR, ams OSRAM is now expanding its product portfolio for industrial applications. Edge emitting pulse laser SPL TL90AT03 is ideal for various direct time-of-flight (dToF) applications in industrial environment. The component combines narrow emission width with outstanding performance and efficiency premstaetten.

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4th November 2021
UV-C LEDs may effectively inactivate SARS-CoV-2

ams OSRAM, global producer of optical solutions, together with the University of Padua, has presented their test results on the effectiveness of ams OSRAM UV-C LEDs against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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