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Component Management
11th November 2016
Landmark PCB design and data management announced

Altium has announced the upcoming release of landmark PCB design and data management technologies in Altium Designer 17 and Altium Vault 3.0. These technologies will continue to drive the company’s goal of becoming the leader in PCB design software by 2020, with over 5,000 engineers having already switched to Altium Designer in FY2016.

12th October 2016
Arena partners with Altium to enable bidirectional integration

Arena Solutions, a pioneer in all-in-one cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain collaboration and quality management system (QMS) platform, announced it has teamed up with Perception Software from Altium to deliver a bidirectional integration leveraging EDAConnect for Altium/Arena. Engineers juggle many applications during the course of their work.

5th October 2016
Toolset develops performance for AURIX technology

Bringing a wealth of improvements and new features to maximise development performance for TriCore/AURIX-based applications is the new TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore release 6.1, which has been announced by Altium. The TASKINGtoolset is a complete Eclipse-based embedded development toolchain with integrated compiler, multi-core linker, debugger and safety checker for optimising every bit of Infineon’s powerful microcontroller.

31st August 2016
Altium acquires enterprise PLM integration provider

The completed acquisition of Perception Software, leading provider of enterprise PLM integration solutions, has been announced by Altium. Bringing over a decade of enterprise integration expertise and technology to the Altium portfolio, Perception Software is also helping to allow engineers and manufacturers to design, build, and support innovative products.

Aerospace & Defence
22nd July 2016
Space exploration technologies to break down barriers of space travel

Space has long been a field reserved for big spenders such as governments and large companies. However with rapid advances in electronics and information technology, Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, of El Segundo, California, seeks to break through the cost barrier with its family of low-cost Falcon launch vehicles and the Dragon spacecraft. 

15th June 2016
Project of the Summer promotes collaborative design

Altium Makers and Content Division has announced a partnership with Other Machine Co., a Berkeley, CA based manufacturer of portable desktop CNC milling machines, to run a Project Of The Summer competition during the northern hemisphere summer months. CircuitMaker users will be in the running to win the first production unit of the Othermill Pro (retail value $3,199) by completing and collaborating together on novel electronics designs in the Cir...

2nd June 2016
Project of the Summer

Hold on to your seats! This is really great news - in addition to the ongoing Project of the Month competition Altium hold, they get to run a Project of the Summer Competition as well! (Southern Hemisphericals are included too, though it's winter down under right now). How is it possible? Their friends OtherMachine Co. at are generously donating a brand-new OtherMill Pro. What's better yet, the Othermill Pro will be the very first ...

5th May 2016
Documentation-focused update to Altium Designer

Altium has announced the release of an update to their flagship PCB design platform, Altium Designer 16.1. This update continues the company’s core focus on providing engineers with the most efficient PCB design platform with several features that enhance design documentation and high-speed design workflows. Altium Designer 16.1 is available now as a free upgrade for all existing Altium Subscription customers, and can be accessed via the Al...

31st March 2016
Documentation solution for PCB design tool

Available exclusively for its PCB design platform, Designer 16.1, Altium is scheduled to release a new documentation workflow. Draftsman provides PCB designers with a unified documentation solution with customisable drawing views, documentation templates and a fully complete design to documentation workflow in Altium Designer 16.1.

Events News
24th February 2016
TASKING to showcase developments in automotive safety checking

Altium Limited is planning to showcase the latest developments in its TASKING Safety Checker technology to address functional safety requirements in automotive software applications at embedded world 2016. Altium will also be in attendance to showcase the world’s first C Compiler for the IP core-BOSCH GTM-IP MCS V3.x.

Events News
23rd February 2016
Altium to show upcoming PDN Analysis solution at embedded world 2016

Altium is scheduled to show a pre-release BETA of a new PDN analysis solution at Embedded World 2016 for its flagship PCB design platform, Altium Designer. The PDN Analyzer extension will allow engineers to easily resolve Power Distribution Network (PDN) issues as they arise in a board layout process without having to rely on physical prototypes to identify voltage and current issues.

20th January 2016
Altium Designer reduces VOX guitar amp development time by 50%

Altium has partnered with VOX, a musical equipment manufacturer, to reduce development time on the company’s electronic designs for their award-winning guitar amps. With the use of Altium Designer, VOX was able to reduce development time by 50%, citing ease of use, ECAD-to-MCAD collaboration tools and powerful productivity features as the primary catalysts for their streamlined development success.

11th December 2015
Altium announces update to TASKING toolset

Altium Limited has announced an update to their TASKING toolset for the Infineon and STMicroelectronics MCU families. v4.0r1 of the TASKING VX-toolset provides support for the popular MISRA C:2012 software development guidelines and offers a number of optimisations for embedded software development workflows. This update is available now on Windows and Linux and those interested in trying this updated toolset can request a 30 day trial.

16th November 2015
Software integrity analysis enables automotive safety applications

Altium Limited has announced that its software integrity analysis solution will be made available as a stand-alone solution for safety-related code analysis in automotive applications. The TASKING Integrity Checker is currently part of the TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore/AURIX that is available on the TASKING website.

16th November 2015
Efficiently optimise code for advanced embedded applications

Altium Limited has announced a recent release of its TASKING compiler suite for ARM, extending its support for many recent ARM Cortex-M based MCUs, including Cortex-M7 variants. This compiler suite is available now and all existing customers with a maintenance contract can upgrade to the new release for free on the TASKING website.

13th November 2015
PCB design tool update enhances productivity & automation

Altium has announced the release of a major update to their flagship PCB design tool, Altium Designer 16, which expands the platform to include several new features for enhanced design productivity and automation. This allows engineers to create complex, error-free designs in less time. Altium Designer 16 is available now as a free upgrade for all existing Altium Subscription customers.

17th September 2015
PCB design tool update speeds time-to-market

Altium Limited has announced a major update to its flagship PCB design tool, Altium Designer, at PCB West, an annual PCB design conference in Santa Clara, California. Attendees at PCB West 2015 will get an exclusive first look at all the features coming to Altium Designer 16 before its scheduled release in autumn. This update will allow engineers to realise designs quickly and free from errors, with the addition of automation and productivit...

24th August 2015
Altium to acquire Octopart & Ciiva

Altium has announced the acquisition of two electronic parts content and search providers, Octopart and Ciiva. A definitive purchase agreement has been signed to acquire Octopart, a provider of electronic parts data and specialised inventory search. In addition, a finalised agreement has been signed to acquire Ciiva, a cloud-based electronic component management system that controls and tracks components throughout the product lifecycle managemen...

12th August 2015
Toolset features enhancements for automotive application development

Altium has announced a free embedded software development toolset for Infineon’s TriCore/AURIX product line as part of their strategic partnership. This toolset was developed as part of a major update to the TASKING compiler for TriCore/AURIX, which adds a number of latest features and enhancements for advanced automotive application development. The Lite Edition of the TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore includes a one year license and can be r...

30th July 2015
Automotive MCU compiler receives major update

Altium has announced the release of a major update to its TASKING compiler for TriCore/AURIX MCUs which power advanced automotive applications. This release supports next-gen Infineon TriCore technologies and enables engineers to begin early development on advanced automotive applications before the AURIX family line is released publicly.

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