Toolset develops performance for AURIX technology

5th October 2016
Anna Flockett

Bringing a wealth of improvements and new features to maximise development performance for TriCore/AURIX-based applications is the new TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore release 6.1, which has been announced by Altium. The TASKINGtoolset is a complete Eclipse-based embedded development toolchain with integrated compiler, multi-core linker, debugger and safety checker for optimising every bit of Infineon’s powerful microcontroller.

Its specialised tools help streamline multi-core application design, allow functional safety verification, and develop fast and efficient embedded code. With the new 6.1 release, users in ADAS related projects will particularly benefit from the new features, which include:

New Support for AURIX Based Applications

The new TASKING TriCore VX-toolset is built specifically to help meet the highest safety standards and increased performance required of today’s multi-core based applications. Its ACT (AURIX Configuration Tool) driven technology makes it not just another compiler, but a future-proof developer platform equipped for fast-paced development.

Cross-Linking with Older Compiler Output

Cross-linking allows the user to mix compiler output from different compiler versions. With release 6.1, the TriCore toolset allows integration of legacy code from older versions while using the benefits from the latest version for other parts of the application at the same time. Such functionality will be of special interest to users of Infineon’s MCAL libraries that are ported and validated with older compiler releases.

Director of Global TASKING Business at Altium, Franz Maidl said: “With the new architectures from Infineon coming to the market, we need to support our customers in both re-using legacy code, that might be certified, and use the latest hardware and compiler technology at the same time.”

Maidl added: “This was one of the main drivers to look into cross-linking and our customers enjoy the benefits of getting the most out of new hardware with TASKING tools.”

C++11 Support for ADAS Customers

Extended C++11 support is a welcome addition to customers in the ADAS domain, allowing for simplified reuse of source code, greater productivity, early error detection and proper support of parallel programming.

Availability Details

The TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore 6.1 is available immediately with a 14-day trial version on request. Existing customers with a maintenance contract can upgrade to the new release for free. Product demos will also be available at the Altium Booth 527 in Hall A1 at the electronica show, 10th-11th November in Munich, Germany.


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