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10th October 2018
Simple buck-boost solution for LED drivers

The latest addition to Allegro MicroSystems’ family of 62xx/808xx LED drivers for lighting, has been announced. The ALT80802 addresses a key market trend of three to four White LEDs in a single string powered from 12V battery input, which is well suited for Fog, Backup, DRL, Side Mirror and other Automotive Lighting applications. 

30th August 2018
Monolithic power monitoring IC with reinforced isolation

Allegro MicroSystems has released a fully integrated, small form factor, power monitoring IC with reinforced voltage isolation. Allegro’s ACS724 and ACS711 Current Sensor ICs are commonly used in internet connected power outlets and other IOT devices. The ACS71020 improves upon these popular ICs by including power sensing functions and by eliminating power and isolation components that would otherwise increase the cost and the size of custo...

13th August 2018
New research and development centre in the Czech Republic

Allegro MicroSystems has established a new research and development centre in the Czech Republic. This new centre is currently staffed with two dozen engineers located in Prague. These talented engineers will accelerate Allegro’s development of market leading, ICs for both the automotive and industrial markets. The team will initially focus on developing sensor ICs for electrified vehicles, green energy, and high-efficiency industrial motor...

31st July 2018
Projected growth supported with semiconductor foundry agreement

Developer of performance power and sensing semiconductors Allegro MicroSystems and United Microelectronics Corporation, a leading global semiconductor foundry, have signed a long term agreement for UMC to continue as Allegro’s primary foundry wafer manufacturer.

24th July 2018
Low EMI DC/DC buck regulators portfolio expanded

  Allegro MicroSystems has announced the A8660, ARG81880, and ARG81801, the latest additions to their Regulators Portfolio. These devices reduce EMI through switching frequency dithering and allow system noise management though external clock synchronisation.

19th June 2018
Allegro hits its billionth gear tooth sensor IC sale

Allegro MicroSystems is celebrating a milestone for its popular line of Gear Tooth Sensor (GTS) ICs, which surpassed one billion total units shipped. These revolutionary ICs were first released to market more than 15 years ago, and are staples in engine management, transmission and braking applications in advanced automobiles.

24th April 2018
New back-biased differential linear Hall sensor IC

  A new high precision back-biased, programmable Hall-effect sensor IC has been introduced by Allegro MicroSystems Europe. Allegro’s ATS344 includes differential Hall elements and is packaged in a custom back-biased package that includes an integrated magnet.

11th April 2018
AxMR tech supports broad portfolio of innovative magnetic sensor ICs

The launch of the new AxMR technology platform has been announced by Allegro MicroSystems, which the company expects to strengthen its position as the market leader in magnetic sensor integrated circuits (ICs). The launch is the culmination of more than five years of extensive research and development efforts, a sizable investment that supports Allegro’s mission to create a broad portfolio of innovative magnetic sensor ICs for hig...

27th March 2018
The latest family of fully integrated current sensor ICs

Allegro MicroSystems Europe has announced a new family of current sensor ICs that provide economical and precise solutions for AC or DC current sensing. A 200kHz bandwidth makes it suitable for motor control, load detection and management, power supply and DC/DC converter control, as well as inverter control. The 2.5µs response time enables overcurrent fault detection in safety-critical applications.

13th March 2018
Automotive sensorless BLDC fan driver IC designed for range of motors

A new sensorless BLDC controller has been announced by Allegro MicroSystems, which is the most advanced solution on the market today. Allegro’s automotive version of the A5932 is a three-phase BLDC motor controller solution that is targeted at high-power automotive fan applications with very low vibration and audible noise requirements. MOSFET gate driver outputs permit motor currents that can be scaled to fit the applications requirem...

27th February 2018
Integrated high sensitivity current sensor IC for small currents

The first fully integrated GMR-based current sensor IC from Allegro MicroSystems has been released with ultra-high sensitivity for applications that require less more than 5A current sensing. The ACS70331 current sensor IC incorporates giant magneto-resistive (GMR) technology that is 25 times more sensitive than traditional Hall-effect sensor ICs to sense the magnetic field generated by the current flowing through the low resistance, integrated p...

13th February 2018
2D Hall-effect speed and direction sensor ICs for magnetic encorders

The release of a new family of 2D Hall-Effect Latch ICs has been announced by Allegro MicroSystems, which feature both vertical and planar Hall elements. The APS12625 and APS12626 sensor ICs enable reduced system size and bill-of-materials (BOM) cost along with an increase in performance and flexibility due to 2D sensing. They were developed in accordance with ISO 26262 and qualified per AEC-Q100, making them suitable for automotive and othe...

31st January 2018
Package designed to provide turnkey solution for ferrous target

A new package offering for its wheel speed sensor product family has been announced by Allegro MicroSystems Europe. The package includes an optimised Hall-effect integrated circuit (IC), rare-earth pellet, and high-temperature ceramic capacitor in a single overmoulded package. The fully integrated solution reduces the need for external EMC protection and integration of a magnetic circuit, reducing manufacturing complexity.

16th January 2018
Power management IC designed for automotive control units

A new power management IC has been announced by Allegro MicroSystems, which integrates a buck or buck/boost pre-regulator, four LDOs, and four floating gate drivers. The pre-regulator uses a buck or buck/boost topology to efficiently convert automotive battery voltages into a tightly regulated intermediate voltage complete with control, diagnostics, and protections. 

2nd January 2018
Three-phase MOSFET driver IC has on-board regulator

A new three-phase MOSFET driver IC with an integrated low dropout regulator supplying 5V or 3.3V has been introduced by Allegro MicroSystems. The A4919 is designed for a wide range of industrial applications, and it can be controlled with block (trapezoidal), sinusoidal, or vector commutation when interfaced with a microprocessor.

22nd December 2017
High bandwidth sensors provide 3,600 VRMS isolation

Allegro MicroSystems Europe has added a new generation of high bandwidth current sensor ICs to its existing family of devices. The Allegro ACS732 and ACS733 current sensor ICs provide a compact, fast, and accurate solution for measuring high frequency currents in DC/DC converters and other switching power applications. These devices are the first 1MHz offerings from Allegro to offer 3,600 VRMS galvanic isolation ratings. The current sensor ICs ar...

6th December 2017
Full bridge motor driver designed for maximum supply voltage

  A new quad DMOS full-bridge driver has been introduced by Allegro MicroSystems. It is capable of driving up to two stepper motors or four DC motors. The AMT49701 was designed specifically for dual axis, point of sale, office automation, security, surveillance, IP cameras, as well as industrial automation applications. 

5th December 2017
Angle sensor ICs support analogue output signals

A new 0-360° angle sensor IC has been introduced by Allegro MicroSystems. It provides contactless high resolution angular position information based on magnetic Circular Vertical Hall (CVH) technology. Allegro’s A1330 devices include a System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture that includes: a CVH front end, digital signal processing, and either an analogue or digital PWM output signal.

8th November 2017
A new 0-360° angle sensor ICs has ultra-fast response time

The A1333 and A1339 are the two new 0° to 360° angle sensor ICs from Allegro MicroSystems Europe that have ultra-fast 15µs response time and support 10MHz SPI and real-time ABI and UVW outputs for fast data transmission. They also provide contactless high-resolution angular position information based on magnetic Circular Vertical Hall (CVH) technology. 

30th October 2017
Automotive bipolar stepper motor driver IC eliminates external LDO

  A new automotive bipolar stepper motor driver IC or dual DC motor driver IC that is designed for pulse-width-modulated (PWM) control of low-voltage stepper motors and dual or single high current DC motors has been introduced by Allegro MicroSystems.

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