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7th January 2021
IC integrates power, voltage, and current monitoring

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the launch of the ACS37800, a Hall-effect power monitoring IC for single-phase AC and DC solutions in a small PCB footprint. Allegro’s ACS37800 also has an integrated power monitoring chip that allows simultaneous measurement of power, voltage, and current for AC and DC signals with an isolation rating of up to 1480 Vpk in a small SOIC16W package, reducing the solution BOM size, cost, and complexity.

26th October 2020
Automotive gate drivers for advanced 48V battery systems

Allegro MicroSystems has introduced a portfolio of 80V motor drivers for advanced 48V automotive systems. Allegro’s 48V products effectively address the critical need for flexible and reliable solutions in electric vehicles. Allegro’s new suite of fully integrated gate drivers offer optimised architecture and performance directly impacting vehicle weight, battery/fuel efficiency, and driver safety.

9th October 2020
Allegro MicroSystems proposed initial public offering

Allegro MicroSystems has announced that it has publicly filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) relating to a proposed initial public offering of its common stock. The number of shares to be offered and the price range for the proposed offering have not yet been determined. Allegro has applied to list its common stock on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol ‘ALGM...

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1st September 2020
Allegro buys Voxtel to extend automotive market reach

Allegro Microsystems has moved to strengthen its position as a supplier to cars of the future. It has acquired Voxtel, a privately held company specialising in advanced photonic and 3D imaging technology including long-range, eye-safe Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR).

12th August 2020
Allegro MicroSystems announces General Counsel transition

Allegro MicroSystems has announced that Chris Brown has joined the executive leadership team as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Assistant Corporate Secretary. Chris is the successor to Richard Kneeland, Allegro’s General Counsel since 2007, who has transitioned to the role of Senior Vice President, Special Counsel and Corporate Secretary supporting specific corporate activities.

2nd July 2020
Really Fast. Really Efficient. Cool Current Sensors for a Brighter Future.

Enable more efficient power conversion in your higher frequency switching applications with Allegro MicroSystems’ ACS37002 - the world’s most accurate 400kHz current sensor IC with 5kV isolation rating. Eliminating compromise between speed, accuracy and power density, the new family of Hall-effect current sensors have integrated features that simplify design and reduce system size - available in three easy-to-use surface-mount package...

29th June 2020
Really cool, really efficient

  Shrinking PCB areas mean system designers are opting for smaller passive components and up-integrated sensors in switched mode power designs, says Allegro as it introduces its 400kHz current sensors.  

26th June 2020
400 KHz Hall-effect sensors boast 5 kV isolation rating

Hall-effect current sensors offering 400kHz sensing bandwidth up to 180 A with low offset and better than 1% typical total accuracy over the full -40°C to 150°C automotive temperature range have been released by Allegro Microsystems.

4th March 2020
Coreless current sensor reduces size for xEV inverters

Allegro MicroSystems has launched a standalone Hall-based coreless current sensor, the ACS37612. This new device measures currents from 200A to >1000A flowing through a PCB or a busbar with a typical accuracy of one percent and without requiring a magnetic concentrator core or a shield.

2nd March 2020
Back-biased GMR transmission sensor reduces cost

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the release of the ATS19580, a fully-integrated, back-biased GMR transmission speed and direction sensor. Achieving a high level of in-system performance for this application, the ATS19580 reduces system size, complexity and cost - resulting in improved fuel economy.

14th February 2020
Certified isolation voltage for electric vehicles

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the release of its brand-new custom SOIC16W package bringing certified isolation voltage for EVs, named ‘MC’, which marks a leap forward in current sensing capabilities for power dense applications that require high isolation with low power loss. 

27th November 2019
Magnetic gear tooth sensor IC designed for traction motors

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the ATS17501, a gear tooth sensor IC designed to provide incremental position for electric vehicle traction motors operating up to 30k RPM. The device addresses traction motor challenges, including vibration at startup and running mode, high rotational speed, mechanical space constraints, high operating temperatures, and ISO 26262 safety requirements.

26th November 2019
Low EMI DC/DC regulator to meet tightening standards

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the launch of the ARG81800, a robust, ultra-low Iq, low EMI DC/DC regulator ideal for keep-alive supply applications. The device sets a new standard, introducing features that help engineers easily achieve tightening OEM standards.

14th November 2019
Three-phase BLDC driver with integrated power loss brake

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the launch a first three-phase BLDC driver IC with integrated power loss brake (PLB) features. The A89331 code-free, sinusoidal sensorless fan driver is designed to improve thermal efficiency, which reduces energy use and data centre costs. The new PLB features also improve safety and reduce the bill of materials (BoM) in the data centre.

8th November 2019
Fully integrated current sensors for high density applications

Allegro MicroSystems has announced significant ease-of-use enhancements to its high current fully integrated ACS772/3 current sensor ‘CB’ package family. These automotive grade high voltage isolation current sensors already provide economical and precise solutions for both AC and DC current sensing up to 400A. 

7th May 2019
Coreless current sensor IC at PCIM Europe

Specialist in power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy efficient systems, Allegro MicroSystems, will show a new coreless current sensor IC and the industry’s quietest brushless DC (BLDC) motor control solution at the PCIM Europe 2019 Exhibition (Nuremberg, Germany, 7th to 9th May) in Hall 6, Booth 255.

18th April 2019
LED driver family eliminates audible noise with control method

Allegro MicroSystems has announced its latest generation of advanced LED backlight drivers, the A8060x family. The device family is designed with an innovative and patented Pre-Emptive Boost (PEB) control, eliminating noise that is typically audible. PEB control in the A8060x family substantially reduces Vout ripple and eliminates the common problem of audible noise from ceramic output capacitors during PWM dimming, while...

9th April 2019
Automotive grade current sensor IC improves safety

  Allegro MicroSystems has announced a new family of automotive AEC-Q100 qualified, monolithic Hall effect current sensor ICs. Small and energy efficient, the ACS71240 family is suitable for electric vehicle chargers, DC/DC converters, as well as industrial motor and IOT applications.

1st April 2019
Hall-effect switch and latch ICs enhance ADAS safety

Adding two Hall-effect sensor ICs to its growing portfolio of solutions for systems that require functional safety, Allegro MicroSystems has announced the release of the APS11450 and APS12450. The APS11450 is a family of unipolar switch ICs, while the APS12450 devices are bipolar latches. They are pin-compatible upgrades for existing three-wire Hall switch and latch ICs developed in accordance with ISO 26262:2011 with ASIL-B capabi...

20th March 2019
Highest speed and accuracy to date in latest current sensor IC

Allegro MicroSystems has announced its latest Hall effect current sensor IC, which delivers its highest speed and accuracy in more than 400A sensing applications to date. Suited for hybrid and electric vehicle inverter applications that need high accuracy sensing to 1000Amps or more, the ACS70310 offers a robust solution with diagnostic functions that can help improve functional safety and reliability.

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