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7th February 2024
Allegro MicroSystems introduces high-bandwidth current sensor

Allegro MicroSystems announced the launch of its new high-bandwidth current sensors, the ACS37030 and the ACS37032, which enable high-performance power conversion with GaN and SiC technologies in electrified vehicles, clean energy solutions and data centre applications.

15th January 2024
Allegro expands isolated gate driver portfolio

Allegro has announced the launch of the second product in its High Voltage Power portfolio.

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7th November 2023
Allegro MicroSystems acquire Crocus Technology

Allegro MicroSystems has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Crocus Technology for $420 million in cash.

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18th October 2023
Allegro MicroSystems and BMW Group collaborate

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. announced that BMW Group has selected Allegro as the sole Current Sensor IC supplier for BMW Group’s traction inverter systems used across the company’s entire fleet of Battery Electric Vehicles.

18th April 2023
Reverse battery protection scheme for automotive applications

Many self-contained critical electronic systems and subsystems, especially in automotive applications, use a 12 or 48V storage battery for the primary power source.

9th March 2023
Allegro MicroSystems announces industry’s first ASIL C safety rated field current sensor

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the release of samples for the ACS37601, an ASIL C safety rated, high-precision, field current sensor with best-in-class accuracy for traction and auxiliary inverter systems as well as battery management systems (BMS) in electric vehicles (EVs). 

8th November 2022
Allegro MicroSystems announces PCB-less 3D magnetic sensor

Allegro MicroSystems, a global specialist in sensing and power solutions for motion control and energy-efficient systems, has announced the A31316 3D Hall-effect position sensor, the latest addition to the company’s 3DMAG line of 3D sensors.

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28th October 2022
Allegro to showcase advancements at electronica 2022

Allegro will be attending electronica 2022 in Munich, Germany, from 15 November to 18 November.

3rd October 2022
Enabling new levels of performance and safety in magnetic sensors with xMR

Electrification in automotive and industrial applications is changing sensing requirements and creating new demands. As automotive and industrial applications advance toward greater autonomy, demand on electrical systems grows, requiring higher-accuracy, smaller-footprint, lighter-weight, and lower-power solutions. Several incumbent and emerging magnetic sensing technologies can meet the bulk of these challenges.

2nd September 2022
Allegro completes acquisition of Heyday Integrated Circuits

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the completion of its previously-announced acquisition of Heyday Integrated Circuits (Heyday). 

19th July 2022
Allegro MicroSystems-Mouser partnership announced

Allegro MicroSystems has announced that it has entered into a distribution partnership with Mouser Electronics. Allegro products are now available for sale on the Mouser website, with new ones to be added as they become available.

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25th May 2022
Allegro MicroSystems expands portfolio of gate drivers

Allegro MicroSystems has announced it has expanded its portfolio of three-phase sensorless BLDC gate drivers. Its newest offerings, the A89332 and A89332-1, are designed to meet the evolving needs of cooling systems in today’s data centers offering flexible options for designers.

17th May 2022
Allegro MicroSystems 4x4mm 50 V full-bridge gate drivers

Allegro MicroSystems announces 4x4mm 50 V full-bridge gate drivers for automotive and industrial applications, New drivers enable fewer external components and smaller footprints while improving performance

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16th March 2022
GMR crankshaft & camshaft sensors for HEV engine platforms

Allegro MicroSystems, a provider of power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy-efficient systems, announced the release of two new state-of-the-art giant magnetoresistance (GMR) crankshaft and camshaft sensors.

27th October 2021
Allegro unveils 3-phase gate driver for EV and hybrid cars

Allegro MicroSystems, a global provider of power and sensing solutions for motion control and energy efficient systems, is expanding its QuietMotion product line with the introduction of the new A89307 automotive-qualified gate driver integrated circuit (IC).

12th July 2021
Speed sensor gives transmission designers more options

Allegro MicroSystems has introduced a new, giant magnetoresistance (GMR) speed sensor that measures the rotation of ferromagnetic gears. The ATS19480 speed sensor IC provides a single-channel solution that’s suited for hybrid and pure electric vehicle transmissions, with use cases extending to two-wheelers, off-road vehicles, and industrial application designs requiring speed-only information.

19th May 2021
3DMAG magnetic position sensor enables ADAS

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the release of the A31315 sensor, the newest member of the 3DMAG family of rotary and linear magnetic position sensor ICs for automotive and industrial applications.

24th March 2021
Hall-effect current sensor for EVs launched

Allegro MicroSystems has announced a new coreless Hall-effect current sensor for demanding automotive and industrial systems, offering higher accuracy and sensitivity, additional fault detection capabilities, and user programmability.

23rd February 2021
Sensor interface IC for resistive bridge pressure sensors

Allegro MicroSystems has introduced the A17700, an automotive-grade interface IC for resistive bridge pressure sensors featuring signal conditioning algorithms. Built on automotive sensor expertise, the A17700 delivers premium performance and increased system efficiency with flexible interface options – all in a small form factor.

7th January 2021
IC integrates power, voltage, and current monitoring

Allegro MicroSystems has announced the launch of the ACS37800, a Hall-effect power monitoring IC for single-phase AC and DC solutions in a small PCB footprint. Allegro’s ACS37800 also has an integrated power monitoring chip that allows simultaneous measurement of power, voltage, and current for AC and DC signals with an isolation rating of up to 1480 Vpk in a small SOIC16W package, reducing the solution BOM size, cost, and complexity.

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